Dragon God System Chapter 4: Fruit of the sun


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As he walked towards the cave, Alan felt an extremely dense energy, he didn't know what it was, but the energy was far beyond the spiritual realm.

As he entered the cave, he moved towards this powerful energy and was in a state of shock. He could see a tree with a single red fruit that gave off a strong heat, the heat emitted was very strong because it burned all the grasses and plants in the area. But he was not reached by this heat thanks to his body of the Dragon God. But what was most shocking was the egg next to the tree, it was not affected by the heat at all. The egg was the source of that strong energy he had rather felt.

"Why does the egg release such an aura when it is not born? thought Alan as he looked at this mysterious egg.

"I see that the egg feeds on this fruit, but what beast can resist such heat. Could the system identify this egg? Alan asked, because the system knew everything and that was the best way to find out.

In response to the host, it is a Phoenix egg with a holy bloodline.

Alan was shocked, he was the descendant of the legendary Phoenix, but Alan didn't understand why he had only one holy bloodline. When he was looking for other bloodlines, the phoenix had a divine bloodline.

"Why is the Phoenix bloodline not divine but holy?

[By responding to the host, Phoenix has many subspecies of birds, all of which have a strong affinity for fire. Like dragons who have subspecies like the Wyverns or others who have a small amount of blood from divine bloodline.]

Alan then understood why, it was a bird with a small amount of Phoenix blood, so a small part of his bloodline. If he were the chosen one, he could even become a phoenix himself with the true divine bloodline.

When the egg hatchs, does he still need the fruit? asked Alan because he was very interested in this fruit, he didn't know what the fruit was, but he could perhaps give it a fire attribute, which would increase the power of the "dragon's breath".

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[Ding!] The egg is in the terminal phase, there are about 2 days 18 hours and 21 minutes left before hatching, the egg no longer needs to bear fruit because the fruit is too powerful to be totally absorbed by an animal still in the egg]

Upon hearing this, he was delighted to have this fruit and to have a powerful pet. He approached the tree and took the fruit. Holding it in his hand, he could see a large amount of fire energy surrounding him. "System what is this fruit? "Alan asked because he had never seen this fruit before.

[Ding!] In response to the host, it is a fruit of the sun of high rank sky, this fruit makes it possible to attribute the attribute fire to the one who eats it. Usually, you have to be in the earth's domain to resist the heat emitted by this fruit, but since the host has the body of the Dragon God, he will not feel any pain.]

"He was shocked, spiritual fruits were very rare, much rarer than herbs. In Yan's empire, the herbs of heavenly rank would provoke a war, even those of lower rank, and there he has just found a spiritual fruit of high heavenly rank.

"Am I lucky or unlucky? "thought Alan because luck is always bad luck.

Without further ado, he swallowed the fruit, closed his eyes and was able to grow it. In his body, amazing changes occurred, the veins turned red, the bones had a reddish tinge and a red seed had grown in his Dantian.

After 5 hours of absorption, he opened his eyes, when his golden eyes opened, you could see a small flame in his pupils that quickly disappeared.

When he got up, he looked at the egg, seeing that it had not hatched, he sighed with relief, at least the absorption had lasted less than 3 days.

"System, how long did it take to absorb it? Alan asked because the spiritual fruits of lower rank earth take about 1 to 5 days to absorb.

[Ding! It took the host 5 hours 23 minutes to absorb.]

"5...5 hours 23 minutes, how is that possible, I would have taken at least 2 days even if my body was invulnerable to fire," Alan thought with amazement, if anyone knew, he would end up in a laboratory.

To respond to the host, the greater amount of energy from the fruit was absorbed by the egg, so absorption was much faster. If the fruit was perfect, it would have taken the host 4 days to absorb it.]

Alan understood, he had forgotten this detail, that's why his attribute fire and weak and the seed is small. "I'm going to have to increase my fire attribute" Pensa Alan, because the stronger its attribute, the greater the damage will be.

While waiting for the egg to hatch, Alan decided to stay in the cave and cultivate his method of the Dragon God. By cultivating this technique, all the energy surrounding him was attracted to him, in a few hours he was at the top of the kingdom of the refinement of the 3rd body. As he stretched, he smiled, his cultivation was quite stable and could soon swallow another original pill.

As he left, he decided to train with the dragon's breath and claw to control the energy put into this attack because he no longer wanted to have the same experience.

Finding a large boar on the 4th level, he used the dragon's claw with as little energy as possible, a claw pierced the sky and fell on the boar, the power was incomparable with the previous claw, the claw that injured the boar was small and much weaker, but at least he did not have to flee his own attack. He used 8% of his energy for this claw, which was very good at hurting the boar's body.

For his next attack, he decided to use the dragon's breath, it was the first time he had used it so he didn't know his power and how to hold it back. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and a powerful ray spread, the ray was thin at first, but it became bigger and bigger as he moved away from Alan. The dragon's breath pulverized the boar without a trace and swept dozens of trees behind him.

[Ding!] The host defeated the three-horned boar and received 100 system points.]

[Ding! The host defeated the horned spider and received 80 points from the system]

Alan was shocked to have killed a beast without even seeing it, the breath was much too powerful. After his return to the cave, he collapsed, almost all his energy was exhausted by his breath, he needed to sleep.

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