Dragon God System Chapter 38: Sword of Chaos


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Alan followed the spirit of the tower until he arrived in front of the building, the spirit came in and signaled to Alan to follow him.

Alan nodded and followed the spirit to entered the building. He was shocked as the energy was at least 10 times denser than outside.

The spirit looked at Alan and then spoke, "This is the first level of the sword tower, the spiritual energy is 10 times denser than on the outside, it will increase by 10 on each floor. Your sword cultivation will increase 5 times, it will increase 5 times on each floor. Each floor has a spiritual energy mixed with millions of intention of the sword, making it a rich spiritual energy for a sword cultivator.

"What Alan didn't know was that his mind released the full potential of the sword tower because with his previous owners, it was limited it to 3 times denser than on the outside and 2 times denser for the intention of the sword.

Alan was happy, as reaching to top in sword art would be much shorter with sword treasure, now he had the method of the Dragon God and the sword tower. Two supreme treasures were with him, he also had his little world. He could not feel the spiritual energy in his little world because it was only his consciousness that could go into the little world. So he couldn't compare the energy here and in his little world.

But the dragon god said it was an energy as dense as that of the divine realm. So he wondered what was the densest, the tower on the seventh floor or its little world? But he stopped thinking about that because right now his eye were on a chest in the middle of the building.

The spirit noticed Alan's gaze on the chest in the middle of the room, so he said, "This is the reward for the first floor, it's an antique sword, it was carried by the gods during the realms war. It is a sword that will evolve with the one who owns it. It will always be higher than your strength. For example your strength is in the 7th stage of spiritual realm, the sword will be in the beginning heaven rank. When you reach the base foundation, it will be in the middle of heaven. Of course, even if it evolves with the owner, it always keeps its hardness, so no matter what the weapon is, even if it is 5 grades higher, it will still be unbreakable. »

Alan was stunned, realms war? Antiquity? Legends that have been told from generation to generation, but in fact it was true! In front of him, there was a weapon that was carried by the gods tens of millions of years ago, it was just crazy. Alan rushed and opened the chest, suddenly he saw an extremely beautiful sword, it shone like a star. "System analyze this for me! »

[Sword of chaos

Rank: Scalable

A weapon carried by the gods, it was made by more than 1800 minerals the rarest and hardest of all realms. It's a legendary weapon that could reignite a war between the realms.]

Alan had his mouth wide open, he recovered only a few minutes later. He looked at the sword that could completely destroy the planet from which he came. Suddenly he took the sword. When he took the sword, the sword changed and as the spirit had said, the sword was at the beginning of heaven. Alan was happy, he only had a high-grade earth weapon but now he had a low-grade sky weapon. It should be known that a weapon is extremely important in a battle, if two martial artists of the same strength clash, the one who has a better weapon has a much better chance of winning.

Alan put the sword in his storage ring and prepared to leave because he wanted to see Yan Fei and his mother.

But before leaving, the spirit spoke, "The tower of the seven divine swords can only protect you if the opponent's cultivation is only one realm above you, otherwise you will be removed from the tower by force and will take all the damage. Of course this is only for the first floor, the more you climb the floors, the more the tower will protect you, because you have to deserve to be protected. "After saying that, spirit disappeared without a trace.

Alan was a little stunned by his words, actually, he had never thought about using this tower to protect himself. He no longer wanted to be someone who would need others to protect himself, but someone whom he would protect himself.

After that, he left the tower, leaving, he felt a little uncomfortable because the difference in spiritual energy is huge, but it only lasted a few seconds. Alan left his room and went for a walk in the mansion.

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He obviously attracted the attention of many people, especially women, but he didn't care, he headed straight for Yan Fei's room.

When he arrived in front of Yan Fei's room, Alan knocked on the door and then entered because it was not closed. When he came home, he saw Yan Fei and his mother.

The two looked at Alan and smiled, Alan sat in between and asked, "What are you talking about? »

Yan Fei wanted to talk but Alan's mother was faster saying "We're talking about the war, you knew we had a lot of worries for you, especially Yan Fei, she can't even sleep, you should take care of your wife a little, hmph! »

Yan Fei looked at Mu Qianqian completely stunned. They are not talking about that at all, but about the clothing and jewellery stores in the capital.

Alan was not aware of their previous conversation, so he believed it, looked at both and said, "Mother, Yan Fei, don't worry, my strength has increased enormously and in addition this morning I met the master of the Nine Swords Sect, thanks to him I think I will soon make a breakthrough on my sword path. "What he said is true, thanks to the tower of the seven divine swords, he was convinced that making a breakthrough would be much easier.

Mu Qianqian happy with what she had just done left the room laughing, Alan didn't understand why she was laughing, then he looked at Yan Fei who had a red face.

Yan Fei who hadn't expected Mu Qianqian to say that was happy when Alan said that, even though she was talking about stores and jewelry, both knew she worried about Alan. But she could only blush in front of Alan's eyes.

Then Alan said, "Tonight I'll sleep with you, I want you to sleep and not worry about me.

Yan Fei nodded, they had already slept together a few times, Alan was not someone who would take advantage of her, moreover it was the one she loved, her future husband, she was naturally happy to be able to sleep with him and feel safe.

Then suddenly Alan noticed something, "Yan Fei, you crossed over! "Alan noticed that Yan Fei had moved to the 6th stage of spiritual realm.

Yan Fei nodded happily that Alan noticed it and then said, "Yes, and in addition I have reached the 5th transformation of the ice, the "frozen petals" it allows me to create hundreds of petals that are very thin and as sharp as razors.

Alan was surprised and at the same time very happy for her, he approached her and kissed her on the forehead. Yan Fei did not prepare at all for this blushes, but closed her eyes as if she wanted to ask for more.

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