Dragon God System Chapter 36: Jiang Continen


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Alan was surprised, he hadn't noticed anything at all, "Worthy of someone at the top of the world". sighing, he went back to the palace to think about all that had just happened.

The next day, Alan woke up quite late, he had slept very well, one can say that he was tired of all that had just happened the day before.

He left the palace without warning anyone and went to the Nine Swords Sect, he didn't want to alert everyone so he used his movement skills.

We could vaguely see a silhouette wandering at a mad speed through the city until reaching the sect of the nine swords.

When he arrived at the sect of the nine swords, he didn't even have time to enter the sect until he found himself in a house inside the sect, surprised by what had just happened, he looked around him and saw the man who had come yesterday.

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"greeting sir" Alan greeted him with great respect, because someone at the top of his world deserves respect.

The man nodded and said, "Do you know the world you come from? »

Surprised by this question, Alan didn't know, the dragon god's memories dated back millions of years, he only had memories of fruits, treasures and others.

So Alan answered "No"

The man was not surprised by Alan's answer, so he replied "In this world there are 3 continents governed by 3 dynasties, they all have about the same strength. They are all level 9 forces. This continent where we are is called the Jiang continent, the continent has been governed by the Jiang dynasty for several tens of thousands of years. Under the Jiang dynasty, there are 10 forces of the same level, they are called the protective forces because they protect the continent from others. There are 4 sects, 4 sacred lands and 2 empires.

Alan was surprised, his world is very big, moreover the 10 forces are all level 9 forces, so that means that there are 11 level 9 forces. A level 9 force contains many martial emperors and martial kings. It is a force at the top of the world.

Seeing Alan the man's surprised look continued, "You must know that in his forces, there are geniuses who can crush this empire just by moving his arm, right? »

Alan nodded not at all surprised by this.

"In our continent, there are 10 divine geniuses, they are the favourites of the sky, they all come from the 10 forces, you must tell yourself that one is missing because there are eleven level 9 forces, right? »

Alan nodded again, thinking that even if there would be eleven level 9 forces, there would be one weaker than the others.

The man continued to speak "It is not that the strength is weaker than the others, it is that this genius cannot be classified, it is the son of the emperor of the Jiang dynasty. He cannot be ranked because he defeated all 10 geniuses at the same time without any effort. They say he was born with an immortal physique. This physique makes it possible to ignore the bottlenecks until reaching the top of the martial emperor. It is said that having this physique gives you a 50% chance of piercing the martial emperor and becoming an immortal. At the age of 8, he reached the spiritual stage, at 10 the basic foundation, at 12 the realm of the earth, at 15 the summit of the realm of heaven. The others are all at the beginning of the realm of heaven and they are all older than him. But the other continents also have a genius like him, even if they do not have the immortal physique, they have a physique of equal value.

Alan had his mouth wide open, this genius was his age but, he had reached the top of the realm of heaven, it was much too far for him. But after that, he thought that if he had the system at birth, he would have exceeded that domain long ago.

The man looked at Alan who was thinking, interrupted him and said, "You must wonder why I'm telling you all this. But I have a good reason, you're like the geniuses of the 4 sects, they have a superior fighting force to theirs. For each of them has a divine bloodline flowing through them. These are the geniuses of the White Tiger sect, the Azure Dragon sect, the Black Turtle sect and the Vermilion Bird sect. Even if their bloodline has been diluted for thousands of years, it is said that the 4 of them have a 70% pure bloodline while the others are around 40%.

Alan was a little surprised when he heard this, there were divine bloodlines in the continent. In addition there was the bloodline of the blue dragon, Alan laughed inside, he was eager to meet the owner of this bloodline and show him who the real dragon is.

After that the man spoke again "After telling you all this, you have to ask yourself why I am in a small empire and looking for someone to inherit this treasure? »

Listening to his words, Alan nodded, wondered why, with all his geniuses, he would be in a weak empire like the Yan Empire and build a sect there.

"Our clan is an extinct clan. He was annihilated by that sword when it fell from heaven, at the time I was only a son of a woman and a man of no value in the clan. I was born with great talent, which upset others, so they killed my family and kicked me out of the clan, at that time I was no longer thinking about anything, I was like a dead man wandering the world.

A few years later, I returned to the clan to pay tribute to my parents, that's when the sky tore before my eyes, a gigantic sword was directed towards the clan that destroyed it in a few breaths. Surprised by what I had just seen, I headed towards the clan, our clan was isolated so it alerted no one. When I arrived, all that remained was a sword in the middle of the clan. At that moment I was happy, they who had killed my family were dead. After that, I approached the sword, looking at it, my body trembled, a mysterious force poured into me.

Since I had nothing more to lose, I let them do what she wanted. After a few hours, I opened my eyes and the sword was gone. Shocked to see that the sword was no longer there, I checked my body and found the mysterious sword in my Dantian. By trying to get her out. The sword came out of my body, I could control it. And especially to control its size, I could see that the sword was in fact a building, when entering it, there was a sign "There are seven floors, the more floors you increase, the more your cultivation will accelerate and the more your understanding of the sword will increase. "I could only access the 3rd floor in over 1000 years, and I reached the middle of the martial emperor, I wondered, "if someone reaches the 7th floor, what stage will they reach? "Since then I have been looking for someone who could feel what I experienced when I looked at the building but I didn't meet anyone, not even its geniuses.

From then on, I walk around the world and create a sect specializing in the art of the sword with the divine sword in the middle to see if anyone will have the same experience as me. And I settled here, then finally I meet someone who can have the same experience as me by looking at the sword.

Alan listened to this with great attention, He changed his expression many times during the story. But Alan was happy, if he could have this treasure, wouldn't his sword art become invincible?

The man broke Alan's dream by saying, "After all this, it's time to make you the new master of his treasure, I hope you can reach greatness that I wouldn't dare reach myself.

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