Dragon God System Chapter 35: A mysterious sect leader


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After that, Alan and Yan Fei continued on their way, everyone let them pass, now no one dares to even look at the princess for fear of Alan humiliating them.

When they arrived in the sect, all the buildings had a sword shape. It was really incredible, Alan was amazed by this sect

Unfortunately, they did not have time to visit, the war was about to begin, he must improve his strength, even if with this current strength, a small empire would not pose any problem to him. But he knows that in foreign countries, there are geniuses who, at his age, were much stronger than him. Even if going from the 1st stage of bodily refinement to the 7th stage of spiritual refinement in less than a month was totally impossible for them, even with the divine resources of their clan.

Alan and Yan Fei headed for the main building, which had the appearance of a sword that could cut the world off. He was sure that it was where the leader of the cult resided. Upon arrival at the scene, he was arrested by two middle-aged men, probably elders.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Asked one of the elders.

Alan measured them, he saw that their cultivation was in the 9th stage of spiritual realm, he was shocked, they were just elders but already had such strength. He then muttered," as the rumor has it, this sect is really mysterious. »

Alan looked at them calmly and said, "We came to see the sect leader, I have something to ask him.

The two elders were surprised, he wanted to see the head of the sect? It should be known that they had met the head of the sect only once a few decades ago, no one was allowed to enter, the head of the sect was a very mysterious man with an unfathomable force. And the one kid just said he wanted to see the head of the cult?

Despite this, the two elders did not laugh because he could not measure the strength of this young man and the woman next door had reached the 5th stage of spiritual realm at his age, which was a genius rarely seen.

One of the elders looked at him and said, "We are sorry, but even we are not allowed to enter the building and the head of the sect does not meet anyone. »

Both were surprised, even the elders did not have permission to enter the building. Who was really the head of the sect? Alan was really eager to meet him. But he should not force it, he did not know the man behind the sect, he felt that it was not simple.

Alan nodded, before leaving, he looked at the building again, looking at it, his body shaking uncontrollably, a kind of force was spreading in his body, he felt weak against this force attacking him, he quickly turned his head not to look at the building, he was soaked with sweat.

Looking at Alan like that when he was looking at the building. Yan Fei looked at him, but felt nothing, she turned around to look at Alan and said, "What happened to you? Why were you shaking when you looked at the building? »

Alan looked at her and said, "Nothing, let's go."

At the top of the building, there was a middle-aged man, if anyone saw him, he would be surprised because this man was flying in the air meditating.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, when he opened his eyes, a ray of light cut the wall in half, just with these eyes, he could cut things. Then he looked down and said, "Finally, I'm looking for someone who can do this for 1000 years. "After saying that, he disappeared from the building.

Alan and Yan Fei were not aware of this, Alan and Yan Fei left the sect to return to the palace, Alan was a little disappointed but was not someone who would force things.

When Alan returned to the palace, he left Yan Fei to train, Yan Fei wanted to stay with him but Alan told him to cultivate because the war was coming and even if she was not involved, he planned to take her with him to travel the world. Especially to create her sect with her and bring her to the top of the world together.

Alan went to the forest to train in techniques, they planned to train with the "celestial hammer" because it would be used a lot during the war because it was an area attack.

After a few hours, Alan managed to condense a hammer that could decimate a dozen trees, he was rather proud. He then looked to see when he could evolve it

[Heavenly Hammer] Level 1/? = 148/500

"I'm only 148/500 and it's already so powerful, I wonder if one day I'll cultivate it to the max, what strength will it have? »

It was getting dark, Alan was getting ready to go back to sailing, but before he could leave, a middle-aged man arrived in front of him.

What surprised Alan was not his sudden appearance, but that he was in the air, that is, that the man in front of him was at least a martial artist from the sky. It was a stadium that almost no one in the 5 empires knew, a legendary realm.

Alan looked at him and kept calm and said, "Senior, what can I do for you?

The middle-aged man looked at him, smiled and said: "Interesting, even when you meet someone who flies, you can stay calm! Worthy of someone who has been chosen by the sword of the Sovereign".

Alan was a little surprised by his words, he looked at the man and said, "Sir, what is she the sword you're talking about? »

The man looked at Alan and laughed as he said, "HAHA... You trembled when you looked at that building in the sect of the nine swords, didn't you? But it is not a building, it is a treasure that fell from the sky more than 80,000 years ago. The last person to own it was me. Nobody knows its origin, nor what treasures it is, what I know is that inside, there are 7 floors, I could only open the 3rd floor because my talent is mediocre, whereas I am someone who has reached the top of the world, you know what I mean, don't you? »

Alan was surprised, he is in fact the master of the Nine Swords Sect! But the worst part is that he said he was at the top of the world, which means he reached the martial emperor! But what is a martial emperor doing here? So many questions sweeping his brain.

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"You mean you're someone who's reached the martial emperor? "Alan was really curious, the martial emperor was an ultimate stage of mortal realm, only the chosen can do it.

"Haha, you're in such a remote place on the continent and you know the stage of culture, you're really interesting, and you're a genius rarely seen. This is not your realm of cultivation because in the highest parts of the continent, this stage at your age is not worth mentioning. But you are able to fight with someone much stronger than you, which is extremely rare. "The man looked at Alan with an expression of shock, because the hammer he had seen, Alan had used only 20% of his strength and he could already kill a martial artist in the final phase of spiritual refinement.

Alan looked at the man, even though he had not answered his question, he did not deny it either. Although he knew he was weak compared to the geniuses of the highest families, he did not expect to be unworthy of mention. But he quickly forgot this because he had only cultivated for a month.

The man looked at Alan and said, "Come to the Nine Sword sect tomorrow, I will give you this treasure and help you in your art of the sword. »

After saying that, he disappeared without a trace, just the echo of his voice was heard in the forest.

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