Dragon God System Chapter 34: Go to the section of the nine swords


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When he saw this, he was incredibly happy, he had completely forgotten the excruciating pain he had experienced. He was shocked not for his cultivation but for his body cultivation, it increased from a divine dragon with 1 claw to a divine dragon with 2 claws. It's a big difference, he says to himself that even with his body someone at the beginning of the basic foundation would not be a problem for him, which was something very important, especially during this period of war.

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Alan got up, he came out extremely quickly without anyone seeing him and rushed to the hills a few kilometers from the capital. When he arrived at this place where there was no one, Alan released all this force. He punched purely with physical force on the hill opposite.

"BOOM! "The hill exploded, it should be known that this hill was about 50 meters high and a few tens of meters wide, but it was reduced to powder simply with physical force.

"What a strength! "Alan couldn't believe it, he couldn't believe it was him who did it, he was just too happy, it was like a dream that had just come true for him. When he was a child, his mother told him stories where martial artists could break hills, ravage forests and there he just reproduced the stories that his mother told him.

Returning to the capital Alan was much faster, he suddenly noticed that he had moved to the 4th level of the nine lightning movement.

[Nine Lightning Movement] Level 4/9=(5/1000)

Alan was never happier when he came back to the capital, he was in a very good mood. He went to Yan Fei's room to tell her all about it.

When he arrived in the room, he entered, he found Yan Fei at the foot of the bed with the little tiger playing. When Yan Fei saw Alan, she couldn't help but think back to the kiss Alan gave her.

Alan sat next to Yan Fei and wrapped his arm around his waist to let Yan Fei put his head on his shoulder. Yan Fei did not resist and enjoyed her moment of happiness, then she looked up and looked at Alan who was extremely happy, she wondered why and therefore asked the question.

"Alan, you seem really happy today, what happened?"

Alan looked at Yan Fei and then explained to Yan Fei why he was really happy today, of course he didn't say that he had reached the body of the dragon with 2 claws, and that he levelled on his movement technique. He just said that he had moved on to the 7th stage of spiritual refinement and that he had an understanding of his movement skill that allowed him to break through.

Yan Fei was completely stunned, increasing by 2 small realms in a few hours? It was simply unreal for her, she had also eaten the energetic fruit, but had only refined a small part, so she had not made a breakthrough. But she was very close, she thought that today she could break through. Yan Fei looked at this young man who had changed her life and her vision of the world and thought that he was really too mysterious, but this man who was totally invincible for her was her man.

Then Alan thought of something, he thought about the sect of the nine swords, he thought maybe he could meet the patriarch and try to break through on his sword technique, because at that moment, he knew he wouldn't make much effort anymore because he was missing a few things. So he says to Yan Fei "Tell me, would you like to accompany me to the sect of the nine swords, I would like to meet the patriarch so that he can help me cross because I am blocked. »

Yan Fei knew that Alan was a sword cultivator, and so he accepted with joy. Together, they left the palace and moved towards the sect of the nine swords. On the road, they attracted a lot of attention but no one dared to approach them, moreover Yan Fei had regained his princess appearance of the empire. Alan didn't care, he didn't even pay attention to the looks anymore.

When he arrived in front of the sect, you could see a large building in the center, the building had a sword shape, Alan was amazed, when he looked at the sword, he felt like he was facing a sword that could split the world in two. It was a feeling he didn't understand.

When he arrived at the front door, Alan and Yan Fei attracted a lot of people. Suddenly a person came up to Alan and Yan Fei, he was a handsome young man with a noble aura, from his appearance, one could say that he was part of a big family.

When he arrived, the young man had an enchanting smile, but he was eclipsed by Alan, but hiding his hatred for him. He came in front of Yan Fei and said, "Princess, it's been a long time since we've seen each other."

Many people were surprised, Xiao Yang was the number 1 of the Nine Swords Sect, it is said that he has the talent to reach the realm of the basic foundation and perhaps understand the intention of the sword. He was already in the 5th stage of spiritual realm and was the worthy successor of the sect.

But Xiao Yang's surprise of bending down in front of this lady quickly disappeared because he had just said "princess" What did the princess mean in the country? She was a farming genius who had already reached the 5th stage at the age of 20. No one could compare to her. And above all it was someone from the royal family, even if almost no one had seen it, she was extremely popular, only the geniuses had seen it.

After that all the people bowed down and even some people put one knee on the ground to show their loyalty, Alan was a little surprised by all these events.

Yan Fei sighed at this event, she didn't like this kind of thing, for her everyone was the same, he didn't need to bow down or bow down. Seeing Yan Fei like that, Alan understood and then nonchalantly said "Let's go"

Yan Fei nodded and prepared to leave with Alan, but suddenly a scream was heard, "Stop! »

Alan turned around and saw Xiao Yang looking at him with anger, he looked at him and asked "What do you want?

When Xiao Yang looked at Alan, he felt like an ants in front of him, but evacuated that thought and said, "How dare you not respect the princess, talking to her like that, it's a royal crime! »

Alan looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot, he turned around and left, Yan Fei followed him smiling, seeing that he was being ignored, he couldn't help but bear it, he blocked Alan's path.

Alan looked at him with a deadly look that made him shiver and then said, "You have 5 seconds to get out of my way. »

Xiao Yang was afraid but trying to stay firm like a man, he thought that this man was only 16 years old, how could he be more powerful than him? He looked at Alan and said, "You disrespected the princess, you have to bow down to her and apologize to her." After that he looked at Alan, but when he looked at Alan, he heard.

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After that, a wave of energy emerged from Alan's body. He swung his hand with his physical strength towards Xiao Yang, throwing him a few dozen meters away. The spectators were shocked, just a movement of the hand and the most talented genius of their sect was projected a few tens of meters away, it was unrealistic.

Alan looked in Xiao Yang's direction and said, "Why should I bow or apologize to my wife, you idiot?

When Xiao Yang, who was angry to be humiliated as it heard his words, spit out a sip of blood. Since he met the princess, he was madly in love with her, he worked hard to get her to take an interest in him, but now he just heard that he was the princess' husband? Unable to withstand the shock, he fainted.

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