Dragon God System Chapter 32: Golden opportunity


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Last night, Alan stayed with Yan Fei to sleep with her. Upon waking up, he saw that Yan Fei was still sleeping, he did not disturb her and got up as quietly as possible.

As he left the room, Alan walked towards a balcony. Looking at the view of the city, Alan was in the middle of an interrogation. He was thinking about the war that was coming, he knew he would have to kill a lot of people, the smell of blood, the massacre. He didn't really want to face this, but he thought that each person killed would bring him system points. Which would be a lot of money at the end.

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"The more people I kill, the more experience I gain, I wonder if I would become a devil by force... "The path of a martial artist is filled with cruelty and blood, but many martial artists have become too used to this and have become killing machines. Alan didn't want to be like that.

Suddenly, he heard steps behind him, turned around, he saw that it was his mother who looked at her with a smiling face. Strangely enough, when he saw this, Alan had already forgotten what he thought before.

"Mother, what are you doing so early in the morning?" Alan asked himself, it was barely daylight, people were sleeping at this time.

Mu Qianqian looked at Alan and said, "I came to see you, I had the impression that you were thinking about something that made you depressed". When she said that, Mu Qianqian had a sad face. She didn't want Alan to be depressed, she knew Alan was thinking about the upcoming war. She too could not sleep, she was stressed, thinking that her son who was always innocent for her will go to war and kill people.

When Alan heard his mother's words, he couldn't help but be shocked, his mother really knew everything. He looked at Mu Qianqian and said, "It's true, I think about the war to come, it's a good thing for me, it will temper me, it will strengthen my mind, but there are also bad things like becoming bloodthirsty, even if I think that with my mind I would not become bloodthirsty with a few thousand people dead.»

When Mu Qianqian heard his words, she ran towards Alan and took him in his arms. Alan was not prepared for his mother's sudden movement, Alan followed his mother's movement and hugged her.

After a few breaths, Mu Qianqian spoke, "Please Alan, even if you have to kill thousands, millions of people, never forget that you have me and Yan Fei. We'll always be with you.

The words Mu Qianqian had just said woke Alan's disordered mind. Everything that worried him before immediately faded away, he said to himself, "It's true as long as I think about my mother and Yan Fei, I would never become a killing machine. »

Alan looked at his smiling mother and said, "Thank you mother, thanks to you my mind is free"

After that time, Alan left the balcony and his mother to improve his cultivation until the afternoon. Alan refine the energy of the energy fruit. There was so much energy. A few hours later, Alan had improved his strength, he thought to himself if he had to rely on the energy of the energetic fruit and the method of the dragon god, reaching the 6th stage would take him a few days, if the ancestors of the continent and even those of the higher realm learned the speed of Alan's cultivation, he would probably spit blood. This speed was simply unheard of. It should be known that the blessed geniuses of the sky of the 3 empires take months to increase by one level and even those of the other 2 empires take months. Alan was only taking a few days.

After all this, Alan took a shower. He decided to leave the palace to go to the city store where the pills and spiritual fruits were located, he didn't want to spend system points because he thought he had a lot of gold, he could surely find fire element fruits and others.

When Alan arrived at the Medicine Pavilion, he entered, when he entered, he created a wave of shock because of his appearance. He had completely forgotten to hide his appearance. As he sighed, he ignored the shocked faces fixed on him and looked at the fruits and pills in the shop. Most of the pills were one star, both stars were very rare. Besides, the pills weren't perfect. It had a purity level of 50%, which is considered excellent in a small empire. The pills in the system were all 100% pure, a perfect quality without any poison. You have to know that each pill had poison if it wasn't perfect, if you consume too much of it, it will reduce the efficiency of the cultivation and the speed, but Alan didn't care.

Alan no longer looked at the pills but concentrated on the fruits, suddenly he made a fixette on a dark blue fruit, in his memory the fruit was called "Ice Fruit" It was a fruit that increased the person's ice attribute, the darker the color, the higher the level of the fruit, when analyzing the color, he saw that he almost turned dark blue, so he deduced that the fruit went to earth grade. Which was excellent, if he had to buy it in the system, it would be a few thousand points.

He asked the store manager "Madam, I would like to buy this fruit".

When the manager heard her words, a big smile formed on her face, she had been looking at Alan from the beginning. When Alan said he wanted to buy this fruit, the manager was really happy, it was a fruit that no one dared to buy because of the cold he released. But Alan had said that he wanted to buy this fruit and considering how close he was, the cold didn't bother him.

"Sir, this fruit is a fruit that a mercenary to be found in the frozen region of the Chang continent, he said he was selling it for 100 gold pieces because it is a fruit that is almost at the terrestrial stage! »

Alan smiled and threw 100 gold pieces at the manager. The manager was surprised, he threw 100 gold pieces as if it were water.

Alan didn't notice the shocked look, he took the fruit and threw it into his little world, he intended to grow it. After that he said goodbye to the manager and left the shop. The manager let him leave reluctantly. After that, He told himself that he had to buy back a herb from the sky, he hadn't bought back any since the gluttonous bird had eaten it. The grass from the sky was very beneficial because it increased the speed of cultivation, he bought 2 low earth grade grass in the system, he was shocked, the earth grade cost 15 000 system points.

At the time in his little world, there were 3 fruits and 1 herb to cultivate and it was the fruit of the titan, the ice fruit and the energetic fruit. The grass was good on the grass in the sky.

He prepared to return to the palace, he was happy with his harvest.

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