Dragon God System Chapter 30: What a good feeling !


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When he arrived near Yan Fei's room, Alan could see that it was far from everything, Yan Fei was really alone during all his years.

When he arrived in front of the door, Alan toqua. Suddenly he heard a cold but beautiful voice at the same time.


Of course that voice came from Yan Fei, Alan smiled when he heard that cold voice and then replied "That's how my little princess welcomes me"

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After saying his words, the door opened, Alan saw Yan Fei dressed in an extremely thin dress, Yan Fei could not help but smile with tears in her eyes when she saw Alan, she had not seen her for 3 days. She felt empty, didn't know what to do, she suddenly realized that she could no longer live without this man.

Yan Fei was always lonely, she thought that her nature would never change, but since the meeting with Alan, if she was no longer with Alan. Yan Fei felt that he missed something. She had experienced the best moments of her life since her mother left her, we could say that he gave her a second life.

Seeing Yan Fei like that with bright eyes because of the tears ready to fall, Alan couldn't help but hug her.

A stream of warm air spread through Yan Fei's body, a feeling of comfort she hadn't felt in a few days. She closed her eyes and enjoyed feeling unwilling to leave him.

Suddenly Alan smiled maliciously, he took Yan Fei by surprise and carried her in his arms, approached the bed and threw her on it.

"AHHH" Prit by surprise Yan Fei had not even had time to react, as soon as she opened her eyes she was on the bed.

She looked at Alan who was smiling perversely. She couldn't help but blush by closing her eyes and saying to herself, "If it's him, he can do what he wants."

Alan lay down on the bed, then looked at Yan Fei who had a red face and closed his eyes waiting for it to happen.

Alan wrapped his arms around Yan Fei and said, "I won't do anything to you if you're not ready, I just want to talk to you about what's next.

When she heard his words, Yan Fei opened her eyes, she turned to look at Alan while blushing again. But the words Alan had said to her made her feel warm.

Alan seeing Yan Fei return to normal spoke up and said, "Yan Fei, the war between the Yan empire and Zao is near, I will participate in the war and I don't know when I will come back, the soldiers of the Zao empire is no problem, but people in the basic training stage is not yet something I can manage and I feel that since the Zao empire has accepted the war, the empire must have a person at least in the intermediate stage of basic training or in the 3rd stage of basic training, which is for our unmanageable empire. So I don't know what's going to happen during this war, but I hope I'm wrong in saying that, otherwise it's going to be much harder than expected. »

Alan had a very serious expression when he said that. The realm of basic training was not something he could manage even with his bloodline and techniques. He could fight someone at the first stage but had no chance of victory, he hoped that thanks to this war his skills would improve extremely quickly by confronting the enemies. This would allow him to face those in the basic formation stage, and even increase his cultivation with the rest of the energy fruit by fighting, which would solidify his strength while refining the rest of the energy of the fruit.

He would not think that those in the field of basic training would appear immediately in the war, but rather would be those who would appear at the end which would give him time to increase his strength.

When Yan Fei heard his words, his body trembled violently, if Alan would participate in this war, she would not see him for days, see more and moreover he did not have the confidence to win, it was a big shock for her, unable to contain herself any longer, she plunged her head into Alan's chest while saying a few words while crying.

"Alan, please don't leave me, I don't want you to participate in this war, don't leave! »

Yan Fei was there when Alan asked his father to conquer the Zao empire, she thought first that there would be a political meeting to explain herself and then maybe a tournament to determine who is stronger, she had never thought that a war would suddenly break out.

Alan tapped Yan Fei's head and then said, "Don't worry even if I'm not sure I'll win, the Zao empire will never send theirs to the basic training stage at the beginning of the war. This will give me time to increase my strength and I could surely fight them." A trace of determination shone in his eyes, with the system, he was not afraid of anything.

When she heard his words, she calmed down a little, but always remained in Alan's arms, holding him very tightly as if she didn't want him to leave anymore.

After a few minutes Yan Fei suddenly muttered, "If you are at war, take me with you, I want to stay with you to life or death".

Alan felt happy that Yan Fei was saying that but he refused, how could he leave a woman on the battlefield?

"NO! Impossible, how can I allow you to get on the battlefield, even your father would refuse directly and so would I.

"But... but I want to be with you! »

"No, you're not strong enough, you've never killed anyone, it's not a place for you, you'll show mercy, you'll vomit when the smell of blood sticks to your nose. You don't have the mentality for a war, at least not now. »

When Yan Fei heard his words, she understood, it is true that she had never killed before, she was a cold girl in the eyes of others, but she even had trouble killing wild and demonic beasts. But if she didn't change her mind, would Alan leave her? Or is she going to create problems for him? So many questions arise in his head.

After thinking about it she opened her eyes, a burst of determination shone through it and then she looked at Alan and said

"Alan, I'm going to train as hard as I can, I'm going to be strong enough for you to take me to your side, if you have to kill millions of people I'll accompany you, in happy moments I'll accompany you, I'll accompany you everywhere Alan.

Seeing Yan Fei like that, Alan was a little stunned but smiles as he looked at Yan Fei with a look full of love. Then he laid his hand on his chin and brought his lips closer to his.

"Hmm... "Taken by surprise, Yan Fei had not even had time to understand what was happening. But she just followed the movement.

After a few minutes, Alan split up and looked at Yan Fei who was all red and afraid to even look at him.

Alan just smiled and said, "What a great feeling."

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