Dragon God System Chapter 3: First figh


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As he walked, Alan was still wondering in the store that there were legendary herbs, missing spiritual fruits that are against the laws of heaven. What we saw was not only the martial skills whose parts are locked, fruits, herbs, cultivation methods, weapons and armor, pills, talismans and even bloodlines There were lines above the divine line, it was inconceivable, but after reflection, it does not see the line of the Dragon God because even if it belongs to him, the system indicates that all the lines are present. This means that there are divine beasts with a lineage as strong or even stronger than that of the Dragon God. When Alan saw him, he was eager for adventure.

Suddenly, as he was walking, Alan quickly dodged the bed, turning around and showing a kind of leopard.

"Waaaa... I got hot, if I didn't have a good perception through my new senses I would be hurt" When Alan analyzed the beast, he discovered that it was a two-tailed leopard.

When Alan saw the beast, he discovered that it was a beast in the fourth realm of body refining, it was a good training. He trusted his body to manage a beast from the fourth realm.

The double-tailed leopard is an agile beast with a strong stealth, which is why even Alan with his very developed senses discovered him at the last moment. But its strength is still quite weak.

"You'll be my first opponent with my new self" Alan said to himself with a smile, he had great confidence in his bloodline and skills.

Alan will run towards the beast and at the same time activate the aura of the king, which scared the leopard, but the leopard quickly recovered by looking at Alan who had a low cultivation compared to his own, he threw himself at him. When Alan saw this, he punched the beast in the face to test his body.


Alan's punch landed on the leopard's head and blew it up. Alan was shocked, he didn't expect such physical strength.

[Ding! the host defeated the double-tailed leopard and received 100 system points]

Alan was happy, it may have been 100 points, but it only took him 1 move to defeat him, it was very profitable. He picked up the body for dinner and suddenly had an idea.

"How much does a storage ring cost? "Asked Alan, because in this world the storage ring is mandatory even if it is expensive.

[Ding!] In response to the host, a 1m² storage ring costs 100 points, 10m² costs 1000 points and add 100 system points for each m² added.]

Alan was happy it was cheap at all, so he decided to buy 10m² because at least he will be quiet for a while, then he knows that when he kills rich or powerful people, they will have much bigger rings.

[Ding! Purchased the host now has 100 system points.]

After equipping his storage ring, he put the animal's body inside and let it train. He wanted to get out as soon as possible to save his mother and he will have to defeat Wolf King and his army first.

1 hour later, Alan had killed 3 fourth level animals without a lineage, which earned him 300 system points. As he went deeper into the forest, he heard a loud roar.

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[Ding!] A secondary quest has been activated!

Defeat the seriously wounded blood bear and recover his treasures

Cultivation of the injured bear: sixth area of body refinement.

Description: The blood bear is a beast of the spiritual world, it protects a treasure of celestial rank, after defeating several beasts of the spiritual realm, the bear is seriously wounded, kill it to recover its treasures and nucleus.

Reward: 2000 system points and 5 spiritual nuclei.]

Alan was shocked, he was extremely lucky, a seriously wounded spiritual beast who descended to the realm of body refinement, and in addition a treasure of heavenly rank. This could cause a war between empires. There was even a reward for the quest, 2000 system points and especially 5 spiritual nuclei, which will help greatly to improve its cultivation.

Without further ado Alan swallowed an original pill and climbed to the third realm of body refining, his body became even stronger and lighter, it was incredible, he wanted to cry so much he was happy.

He went towards the noise and when he arrived, he saw a large cave in which there was a bear stained with blood, he had wounds everywhere, it was a beast that had lived the war.

"What a powerful beast, even if it is wounded, it is still a spiritual beast, its body is very strong and its senses are very increased," Alan thought as he saw seemingly feeling something.

Alan approached more and more, suddenly the bear turned around, seeing Alan the roaring bear

"Roarrrrrrrrr! "Roars at the beast trying to intimidate his opponent because he knew he was seriously wounded and that he would not last very long if someone fought him.

Without further delay Alan unleashed the dragon's claw. Suddenly the sky trembled, looking at the sky, you could see a giant claw falling on the bear, the bear was terrified, even Alan was terrified, his own attack was much too powerful if he didn't run away, he would die with it. Alan ran but felt extremely weak and suddenly he was swept away by a wave of energy coming from behind him, his internal organs were affected, but he had nothing serious, buying a 1-star restoration pill with 50 system points, he got up in better shape, he was still injured, but not enough to be in danger.

"What an attack, I thought I died by my own attack, it's far too powerful, for someone at the refining of the body" He decided after checking if the bear had died, he would ask the system.

Returning to the place where the bear was he could see the bear, he saw the bear still standing with a big hole on his back that pierced all his organs, it shocked him but he was not moving, he was dead standing.

"What a heroic spirit... even though he is dead, he stands up" Alan was really impressed by this beast worthy of a king.

[Ding! Congratulations on completing the secondary quest

Reward: 2000 system points and 5 original kernels]

Alan was really happy now, he has 2350 system points, which was a lot for him, enough to buy pills to cure himself and others.

"System, why was the dragon's claw so powerful? "Alan asked with concern, because if it was so powerful, it would have to be used from a distance.

[Ding!] In response to the host, the dragon claw is a skill that is above the divine rank, thanks to the lineage of the Dragon God you can use it, but the host to use 90% of its energy for this claw, if the bear were not injured. It would easily have avoided it, and an experienced human could avoid it. So if the host misses this attack, you have a good chance of dying. It is advisable to manipulate the energy you use for this attack because your kingdom is still very low and even if you have the cultivation technique of the Dragon God, which gives you much more energy than others, it requires too much energy. The system advises the host to use 5 to 10% of its energy for the claw and the same for the dragon's breath.]

Seeing this, Alan understood why, it is true that he was much slower after the attack because he had not even managed to escape his own attack. After Alan understood, he headed to the cave to see what treasure there was.

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