Dragon God System Chapter 29: Shocking news


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3 days later.

At the imperial palace of the Zao Empire, the king could be seen sitting with the chiefs of the great clans. The king had a sad expression and at the same time an angry expression.

While looking at the 5 people in front of him, the king spoke, "Did you say that the princess of the Yan empire was safe and sound?"

The 5 leaders nodded, then a leader spoke, "Yes, we also saw that she was accompanied by a masked young man and an extremely beautiful woman"

Listening to the words of one of the leaders, the king thought, "Only she entered the forest. The two people with her we never saw them, which means they were already in the forest. »

The king had personally asked to reduce the strength of enemy empires to a minimum in order to conquer them, he had prepared everything, even traitors in the Yan empire. Her son was madly in love with the princess so after killing all the geniuses with her, he could take her. Unfortunately, the princess had returned but her son and all the geniuses of the Zao empire were nowhere to be found. It was a very great loss, he lost his son genius and other geniuses of the Zao empire. It would take years to evacuate this loss.

Suddenly, a man entered the room directly where the king resided and ruled them, the man was covered in sweat.

When the king and the 5 leaders saw this, they frowned, then a leader said "If you don't have a good reason to interrupt our meeting, only death awaits you".

Listening to the words, the man trembled, but he was still holding the envelope and said, "Subordinate apologizes but it is a letter from the Yan empire! »

Upon hearing the words, the 5 leaders were in a tense shock that the king had a bad feeling, he took the envelope and told the man to leave.

When he opened the envelope, he saw a text marked with a mark, this mark was the symbol of the imperial family, when he read the text, the king's expression was extremely bad.

This letter said that if the Zao empire did not apologize to the Yan empire for the actions committed against the empire's disciples, the Yan empire declared war on the Zao empire.

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The 5 leaders reading this letter were angry, all their plans had failed and in addition, the Yan Empire took the liberty of asking them for an explanation, simply impossible.

One of the leaders could no longer contain himself and said, "My king, our whole plan has failed, we must declare war on them, otherwise our shame cannot be erased.

The other 4 nodded, such humiliation cannot be repaid, the king was not like the others who accepted immediately, he felt a bad feeling, he had to talk to the imperial ancestor.

The king spoke, "I feel it's not that simple, the Yan empire must have support or they will not declare war on us, I have to talk to the ancestor about it. "It is important to know that if an empire makes war with another empire, it will suffer a lot of loss which will benefit the neutral empire behind.

The 5 nodded and left as the king went to the deepest corner of the palace. Suddenly, he heard someone laughing

"HAHA, I'm moving on to the third stage of basic training, these old fools of the two empires are no longer a problem for me"

The one who spoke was the ancestor, he had reached the end of his life, someone at the stage of basic training could live 200 years, the ancestor was 196 years old, which was near the end.

When the king heard the words of the ancestor, his heart beat with joy and he muttered, "With the ancestor at this level, I wonder how the Yan empire will react, to believe that declaring war on my empire would be easy humph ! »

Suddenly the ancestor turned to the king and said, "Little Cheng, what are you doing here, could it be that a major event took place?" If someone had just seen that someone called the king "little Cheng" he would cough blood, but this person was the strongest person in the empire.

The king bowed and said, "Ancestor, my son Zao Feng and 6 other geniuses were killed by the Yan empire and the Yan empire declares war on us. »

When the ancestor heard his words, he was shocked but quickly came to his senses and said, "Humph, now that I have pierced there is no fear, let us declare war on them if he wants it.

Upon hearing his words, the king had a smiling face and nodded. He went to tell the leader the news and spread it to show that he would accept and be ready to face the war.

The next day, shocking news appeared in the Zao empire, the Zao empire would make war on the Yan empire because the Yan empire killed the prince and other geniuses of the empire.

"You heard, our country is at war, our provisions will be reduced, we will have to pay more taxes," said one man.

"That's true, but how dare the Yan empire destroy our young martial artists," said another with anger.

Many discussions about the war against the Yan empire, the Yan empire learned quickly its news, all countries were in a turmoil. The upper echelons of the large clans were shocked.

In one room, a character was dancing with a sword, you could see rays of swords running around the room, this character was Alan, he trained his sword technique, he felt that if he reached level 2, his strength would be terrifying.

During his three days, Alan had trained to close the door, he hadn't seen his mother or Yan Fei, he trained harder and harder, his goal was basic training. First of all because the system would evolve and he had the impression that his body would evolve too.


[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Age: 16 years old]

[Cultivation: Spiritual Refinement 5]

[Body Cultivation: Divine Dragon has 1 claw]

[System point: 273,640 ]

[Bloodline: Dragon God 100% Purity]

Bloodline's skill: King's aura, dragon's breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, fire, lightning, darkness and light), understanding of the 7 elements and dragon's claw.]


[Heavenly Hammer] Level 1/? = 40/500

[Nine energy waves] Level 2/9 = (180/200)

[Nine Lightning Movement] Level 3/9=(480/500)

[Art of the Sacred Sword] Level 1/? = (601/1000)

[Five Celestial Fingers] Level 2/5 = (100/200)

Alan had reached the 5th stage of spiritual refinement with one of the energetic fruits that Yan Fei had found. Of course, he still had a lot of energy left over that he had not refined, otherwise he would have increased his cultivation even further, but he wanted to stabilize it otherwise it would cause problems.

"My movement of the nine flashes will soon move forward," says Alan, while using the art of the sacred sword, Alan will use the movement of the nine flashes. That is why it is the competence that advances the most.

Suddenly, he heard knocking on the door, when he opened it he saw his mother looking at him. Alan was a little shocked his mother was in the 2nd stage of spiritual refinement, it was all thanks to the energetic fruit.

She looked at Alan with a smile and then said, "Alan, the king said that the Zao empire would wage war on the Yan empire"

Even if she had a smile, she was extremely nervous, her son was going to participate in a war, even if she knew that her cultivation was big, she was always afraid. Who would want their son to be in a battlefield?

Alan smiled and then nodded and headed to Yan Fei's residence to see her because it had been 3 days and he missed her.

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