Dragon God System Chapter 28: Meeting with the King


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Alan, Yan Fei and his mother ate in a VIP room, the restaurant was called "The Wonders of the Sky" A rather arrogant name for a restaurant, but the food was excellent.

The meal was expensive, each dish was worth gold coins, the average citizen's salary was only a few silver coins a month, it was really a rich man's restaurant.

Yan Fei would eat and then she looked at Alan and asked, "Alan, maybe we should go see my father and tell him what the Zao empire was doing and taking revenge. "She was still angry about what Zao Feng had done. These companions had risked their lives to allow him to escape.

Upon hearing this, Alan understood what Yan Fei was thinking, he nodded with a smile and said, "Humph dare to touch my little princess, the Zao empire must pay for it".

When Yan Fei heard Alan's words, she was blushing but couldn't help but be happy, without him she would already be dead.

Mu Qianqian smiled when she saw Alan flirting openly in front of her, she couldn't help but smile and said, "I hope you're getting married soon, I want grandchildren!»

Mu Qianqian only thought of having grandchildren, she wanted many grandchildren, that was almost the only reason to live.

Alan and Yan Fei were now used to Mu Qianqian's words, but she knew that Alan and Yan Fei had to stabilize their situations, but she also knew that Alan would not stay in this small realm. It is destined to reach the heights.

After finishing his meal, Alan paid the bill, and went out with the two girls to the imperial palace, of course it was Yan Fei who showed the way.

When we arrived at the imperial palace, there were 4 guards with heavy armor, you couldn't even see their faces but just their eyes.

"Stop, it's the imperial palace! "One of the guards spoke in an extremely cold tone when she saw this, Yan Fei showed the imperial token.

When he saw the token, the guard who had previously shouted at the princess, trembled with fear as if he saw death passing before his eyes, he prostrated himself before the princess and spoke "Princess, please excuse this subordinate" He no longer even dared to raise his head

Yan Fei didn't even look at the guard and then took Alan and his mother into the palace. When the princess left, the guard breathed a sigh of relief, he had been afraid of his life.

When Alan entered the palace, he swallowed his saliva, the palace was extremely large, he had men, women walking around, seeing the princess many bowed before her, seeing that she was the maidservants and man of the palace, they recognized the princess.

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The palace was luxurious, there was gold, precious stones everywhere, "How much did it cost? "That was the question Alan asked himself, if the palace should be sold, we could buy a first-class city.

Yan Fei took Alan and Mu Qianqian to where her father resided, before she could go to where her father is, a servant told her that her father was already waiting for her. Yan Fei nodded and followed the servant.

After walking for a few minutes the maid bowed down to the princess and told her that the king was waiting for her, Yan Fei nodded and pushed the door.

When the door was opened, we could see a large spacious room with a large desk, behind the desk there was a middle-aged man standing. When he saw Yan Fei, the middle-aged man was extremely happy.

The king approached Yan Fei at full speed without paying attention to Alan and Mu Qianqian and could not help but ask, "My daughter, why did you come back alone? »

When Yan Fei heard her words, she couldn't help but have a rising rage, she decided to explain everything to her father, when the king heard this he was so angry that one could hear the grinding of his teeth. When he learned that she was saved by Alan, he couldn't help but bow and say, "Thank you for saving my daughter, if you have anything to ask, don't hesitate. »

But before Alan could answer his mother had already spoken and shouted

"Of course the demand is to offer the best marriage between my son and the princess" said Mu Qianqian with stars full of eyes

Upon hearing this the king was in shock, marriage? He was not aware of it, he had refused hundreds of requests, even powers that could threaten the empire, but he had just been told that he had to offer the best marriage between this young man and his daughter, it was much too shocking for him.

Yan Fei was completely red, his mother-in-law was far too bold, Alan was the same, he was in shock, a few days ago she bowed to the princess and now she spoke to the king as if he had been her friend for 30 years.

The king regained his mind, he looked at Alan, he saw that he was wearing a mask, it was a little strange, he couldn't help but wonder "why is he wearing a mask, is it ugly?" But looking at Alan's golden hair, he rejected his thoughts, his hair would make many women jealous, how could he be ugly?

He then asked Alan, "Young man, why were you wearing a mask, if my daughter really loves you, you will be my son-in-law.

Alan nodded and took off his mask, seeing his face the king could not help but swallow his saliva, looking Alan straight in the eyes, he saw an extremely noble aura, he even wanted to kneel, his golden eyes release an extremely deep aura, mix with a face as beautiful, he would make the hearts of many women beat.

The king was secretly happy, having such a handsome and strong son-in-law was the best for him. He thought Alan was extremely strong because he had killed the prince of the Zao empire. At that age having this strength was extremely shocking.

He then looked at Alan and asked, "If my daughter loves you, I wouldn't refuse, but had you ever seen her real face? And if it was deformed, would you accept it? »

Yan Fei wanted to say something but was interrupted by Alan

"I've already seen the princess' true face, and I understand why you hide such a beautiful face."

The king did not expect this answer, his daughter had really entrusted him with her future, he had told his daughter that if she found the one she loved, you would show her your face

The king nodded with a big smile on his face, but then he said, "Although Prince Zao is dead, the Zao empire is not going to get away with it.

Seeing the king like that, Alan said, "We can conquer the Zao empire and make it subordinate to the Yan empire".

The king stared at Alan in shock, all three empires had the same strength, but Alan said he wanted to make the Zao empire subordinate to the Yan empire, it was really shocking. he understood more and more that the man whose strength he could not see was extremely mysterious.

The king then mumbled, "Is it a blessing or a curse that my daughter has fallen in love with him? »

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