Dragon God System Chapter 27: Capital of the Yan Empire


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In the carriage, everyone's mood was extremely good, they often laughed and had fun. During his two days, Alan didn't do much, he spent a lot of time talking to his mother.

Yan Fei had become much more daring, she slept on Alan's lap while he talked to his mother, Mu Qianqian often teasing Alan about when they were going to get married and have children.

Alan tried to change the subject every time, but Mu Qianqian wanted the answer, he had no other choice but to say he would think about it when the situation was stable.

At the end of the morning of the 2nd day, we could see large walls with a lot of guards and a queue. Alan was shocked, it was huge, the walls were 25 meters high and many guards were positioned on them. All of them were in the midst of body refinement.

In the army, the new soldiers were in the 3rd or 4th stage of corporal refinement, the captains of a group of 50 people in the 7th stage, the generals at the beginning of the spiritual stage and the army commanders in the middle of spiritual refinement. All were led by the Marshal who was in the 9th stage of spiritual refinement.

The army numbered 100,000 soldiers for the imperial family tended that the large noble families of the capital had about 50,000 soldiers. Anyone could apply to be a soldier, they would be valued and respected by citizens even if they had a low rank. If a soldier dies, the family would be reimbursed with gold coins, enough to get out of poverty.

After getting closer to the capital, Alan saw two lines, one for people on foot and the other for coaches, all would be checked.

When seeing Alan's group's noble carriage, many people started looking, the guards were also a little shocked, this kind of carriage if it were sold would make so much gold that a soldier even in 10 lives would not get all this.

"Stop right there! "Even if it was an extremely noble carriage, it was the rules of the empire, who would want to oppose the empire?

The carriage stopped, suddenly two silhouettes came out, when the guards saw the silhouette, they were stunned, a young man and a woman of great beauty, all the people had their mouths wide open.

Suddenly the young woman who was Yan Fei handed a token, seeing the guard throwing himself shivered, throwing himself was the symbol of the imperial family.

The guard came to his senses and bowed, "Soldier apologizes to Her Majesty the Princess"

The whole crowd was stunned, the princess almost never showed herself since the age of 11, so no one knew her but everyone knew she was a beauty.

Yan Fei had changed her appearance, she had become the princess of the Yan empire again. She didn't want to attract even more attention, that was Alan's suggestion. As for Alan, he had kept his normal appearance with his golden hair and golden eyes. A lot of girls were in a state of hypnosis when they looked at Alan.

After that, they both returned to the capital, the carriage advancing towards the noble districts of the city. Then suddenly Alan looked at Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian and said, "Let's put down the carriage and walk around, I've never visited the capital"

The two happily nodded, even Yan Fei did not know the capital too well because it almost never came out. After putting down their carriages, they wandered around the capital, attracting the attention of the crowd. Alan had put on a mask on Yan Fei's orders.

The capital was extremely rich, there were many shops for cultivation, alchemy, weapons forging, inscriptions and many others. Of course it was of low quality because it was a small empire that was only a level one force. Alan didn't need to learn all those things like chemistry,they inscription and others because he had the system. They had noticed that alchemy was the most expensive category, much more so than weapons, fruits, inscriptions and others.

For example, the original pills Alan won when opening the gift package were 2-star pills and they each cost 20,000 system points, the rejuvenation pill was 1 star because it wasn't very strong only removing 10 years on his skin. The lifetime of a martial artist increases with each breakthrough.

He then looked at the most expensive pill he could take and it was

[Accession pill towards immortality (10 stars)→ 500 million system points]

500 million points was huge, he suddenly thought about the primordial quest when he saw 700 million points, he thought it was the greatest reward, but now he knows it's just a few more points. When it reaches this level 700 million points would be nothing. He then compared it with the most expensive weapon, the most expensive fruit, the most expensive martial skill and others. Then he confirmed, the pills were extremely expensive.

[Black jade sword (Divine high rank) → 80 million system points]

[Fruit of immortality (Divine high rank) → 150 million system points]

[Martial skill "Meteor falls" (Divine high rank) → 120 million system points]

[Culture method "Celestial lightning method" (Divine high rank) → 40 million system points]

[inscription of the 4 divine beasts (10 stars) → 100 million system points]

They had great differences, he had not asked the system for descriptions because he knew it was not yet for him, he had only 273,640 points, which was extremely small compared to the articles.

Suddenly, he thought of something, the system said that it was called "the system of the dragon god" But the Dragon God was not the strong one, will the system release it once it reaches the level of the Dragon God? So he asked the question to the system

[Ding! In responding to the host, the system is called "the system of the dragon god" because the host had the personality of the dragon god, he was determined, infallible even if it was the end. If the host had saved someone at the time of his death and had a heroic personality he would surely have had "the Phoenix system. It's just a name to give to the systems.]

When Alan heard his words, he sighed, if he no longer had the system it would be a great loss, but by whom was the system created? So he asked the systems, "Who created you? »

[Ding! The host doesn't need to know, you will know it when your crop has satisfied his presence, you must know that the one who has the system becomes his successor, so you will know it when you succeed him.]

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"Successor? How terrifying is his existence to create a system that can make everything appear? "Alan shivered a little when he thought of his things.

He came to his senses, Alan and the others were in a restaurant because it was time to eat, they had learned a lot today and were secretly happy.

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