Dragon God System Chapter 26: Reunion and direction towards capital


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When the woman heard her words, her body trembled, she turned towards the voice and could not help but be stunned, what she saw was an extremely handsome young boy with tears in his eyes and next to him a girl worthy of a goddess who also had tears in her eyes.

Yan Fei couldn't help but have tears in her eyes when she saw Alan like that, of course they were tears of happiness, happy for the one she loved that he was finally found his mother.

The woman looked at Alan in shock, the more she looked at him, the more tears in her eyes, she, who hadn't seen her son for weeks, still had hopes and hopes that he would be fine.

The woman kept staring at Alan while crying more and more and more and couldn't help but scream and stammer, "Ala...Alan, it's you, tell me it's not a dream, it's really you, isn't it! »

When Alan heard this, he approached the cell and opened it by breaking it. In the end, only a few meters remain between them without anything separating them.

Alan ran to his mother and took her in his arms while saying, "Mother, I am back, I have taken revenge on us, we can finally leave this city and go on an adventure".

When Alan's mother heard her words, she shivered, she couldn't help but hold her son stronger so he wouldn't escape this time, then she said, "Alan I'm happy, I've been waiting for you all this time hoping you'll be fine, the heavens have listened to my words"

After fifteen minutes, Alan's clothes were soaked, his mother had been crying all the time. He looked at his mother who had regained her shape and no longer had a weak face but smiled with all her heart.

After leaving Alan's embrace, Alan's mother finally looked at Yan Fei, she smiled and said, "Tell me Alan, all this time you went to pick up the girls without thinking about your mother hmmph! »

Alan rolled his eyes when he heard his mother's words, he hadn't told her the story since he left the clan. Meanwhile Yan Fei had a pink hue on her beautiful cheeks while lowering her head a little, but she was very happy.

Alan's mother walked up to Yan Fei and said, "Nice to meet you, I'm Alan's mother, you can call me mother, I've always dreamed of that, I've always dreamed of that, finally my son finding someone" while laughing at that after she joyfully jumped away.

It would be hard to believe that it was someone who had had a child, it would be more like a happy little girl. That was his mother's behavior.

His mother was an orphan, his name was Mu Qianqian, she had never met his mother and father, but given the beauty of his mother, he thought his parents were an extremely handsome couple, which is why his father welcomed her and asked for his hand because he was the same age.

Finally Mu Qianqian suddenly thought of something, she turned around and looked at Alan and said, "Tell me Alan, how did you become such a handsome young man, with such an appearance, all women will fall on your feet... it means I will have many beautiful daughters and grandsons! "Lost in thought, Mu Qianqian imagined many things.

Alan was shocked, she was talking seriously and then all of a sudden she started dreaming. Then suddenly he felt a black look on him, he turned around and saw Yan Fei looking at him with a big smile. Alan knew what smiling meant "If you find another woman, you're dead" Alan shivered and then coughed to wake his mother.

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Alan then told about his journey since he was poisoned, hearing the story Mu Qianqian's mood was at its lowest, but little by little she had become happy, her son was blessed. Then when she heard that he had killed her half brother and father, she sighed but said he deserved to die. The moment she preferred in the story was the meeting with Yan Fei, she was all smiling. But when she heard that she was the princess of the Yan empire, she was totally shocked and wanted to bend over, but Yan Fei stopped her by saying that she was a family. Mu Qianqian was extremely happy, probably the best day of his life.

"Mother, I'm going to give you some pills to improve your body, so you'll regain your beauty when you're 20! "While saying that, Alan gave him three things

Fruit of the titan to cleanse all the impurities of the body, this will make her mother feel much better.

The rejuvenation pill → Allows to rejuvenate the 10-year-old person (only edible once), it is a pill that cost him 15 000 system points because rejuvenation pills are extremely rare and especially extremely sought after, who would not want to regain its former beauty? Especially women.

Spiritual advancement pill → increases the chances of entering spiritual realm by 50%. Alan bought it at 10,000 system points.

Her mother was at the height of body refinement with this, she will surely be able to move to the spiritual stage. After looking for the pills he needed, Alan looked around and saw Yan Fei and his mother talking, Mu Qianqian playing with the little tiger, she loved him very much and so did the tiger.

"Mother, I have a surprise for you" Alan walked to his mother and handed her a fruit of 2 pills.

Yan Fei had already experienced this fruit, she wondered where Alan found his things rare. But she didn't dare to ask, Alan had a lot of secrets and she would respect that.

Mu Qianqian looked at the things Alan handed him and said, "What is it?" She knew it was a spiritual fruit and pills but she didn't know their effects.

Alan explained to his mother the effects of the fruit and pills, his mother was secretly shocked, or his son had this? She no longer thought about it too much and took her expensive items.

After taking the rejuvenation pill, her mother became a great beauty again, if people saw their groups, they would think that her mother was her sister.

She then took the spiritual advancement pill, a wave of energy spread through Mu Qianqian's body, she tried to channel all this.

After half an hour a "BOOM" sounded, a large amount of energy swept through the prison, Mu Qianqian opened her eyes, she had finally passed to the spiritual stage, she looked at her son with a smile and a love that no one else could express.

Then she took the fruit of the titan, after a few minutes, a stench emanating from her mother's body, it was the impurities of her body, Alan told Yan Fei to make her take a bath at the inn.

After Mu Qianqian took a shower, Alan looked at Yan Fei and said, "It's time to go to the empire's capital and explain what the Zao empire has done! »

The 2 nodded and left the hostel in the direction of the capital. They took a noble carriage which cost quite expensive 50 gold pieces for the trip which will last 2 days. Fortunately, the people Alan killed were rich.

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