Dragon God System Chapter 25: Mother, I'm back!


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After killing his father, the one who had dragged him and his mother into poverty, he sighed for a long time.

The spectators' mouths were in the shape of an "O", the ceremony, which had to be joyful and full of laughter, was transformed into a hell for the Cheng family.

All this is because of the son who was thought to be crippled and useless, and the genius son of the city of Yan.

After killing his brother and father, he had earned 7900 system points, which was low, but he will have another opportunity to increase his points.


Tian Cheng's screams continued, he couldn't die but just suffer, his eyes were red, his veins coming out of his skin, it was a horror show that few people dared to watch.

Only the veterans who experienced the massacre can continue, the others were vomiting just by looking at it.

After all this, Alan looked at Yan Fei and said with a smile, "Let's go."

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Yan Fei smiled and nodded as they ran towards Alan, together they headed towards the Cheng clan. As he walked, the people moved to the side to let them pass, he would not take any risk to offend himself.

After a few minutes of walking, he finally saw the Cheng clan building, a feeling of anger and happiness spread in his heart because he would finally see his mother and avenge her from all the people who had hurt him.

When the guards saw the two people, they were totally stunned by their beauty, how can people be so handsome? They came to their senses a few minutes later and then shouted

"HALT! "By saying this, the two guards showed their cultivation at the 7th realm of body refinement and their spears of low mortal level.

Alan looked at them, then said, "I Alan Cheng, I'm back to see my mother". The guards had never done anything against them, especially them since they didn't even know them.

The two guards were stunned, Alan Cheng? They didn't know who he was, they had been in the clan for a week.

Then suddenly they shouted at the same time "Young Master Cheng! "The two guards bowed to Alan, they had heard that Alan Cheng was trash, but when he saw who was in front of them and their royal aura, he refused to ask if it was really him, they didn't want to offend someone of his calibre.

Alan smiled and then walked out the front door, then suddenly he showed a black anger as he looked forward. The man Alan was looking at was Ling Cheng, the son of the great elder. Someone who asks his mother for the money she had and asks her to work.

Ling Cheng noticed this intention to kill, he turned around but he couldn't help but open his mouth, what he was looking at was not Alan, but Yan Fei, he had been completely frozen by his beauty.

He regained his mind a few minutes later and walked straight towards Yan Fei with a big smile on his face. When he arrived in front of them he always looked at Yan Fei and then said

"Hello miss, my name is Ling Cheng, would you like to go get a... "Before he could finish his sentence, Alan cut off his arm.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, you... you, you know who I am! "He didn't know what to say, he was taken by the pain of having his arm cut off.

"Tell me, Ling Cheng, it's been a long time, hasn't it? When you go to see my mother to take all the money and make her work, how do you feel now? "With a big sinister smile on his face, Alan says his words.

Ling Cheng was stunned " Ala...Alan how can you be alive? He poisoned you, that's impossible! "Ling Cheng roars with what little strength he has left.

Alan smiled at Ling Cheng's word and then approached him even closer, saying, "Well, you're going to die anyway, why waste time telling what I've been through"

When Ling Cheng heard his words, he trembled with fear as he pointed his finger with his last hand and said, "You, I am the son of the great elder, and the closest to the great brother Tian Cheng! If you kill me, you will die a horrible death by my father or the clan leader! »

Alan smiled at Ling Cheng's word and said, "Too bad Tian Cheng and Duan Cheng are already dead, they won't be able to avenge you and even if your father comes, he will die at my hands. "After saying that, he cut Ling Cheng's body in half.

[Ding! The host received 600 system points]

Ling Cheng didn't even have time to answer what Alan had just said that he was already dead, he had given him a quick death, he didn't have time to have fun torturing him, it would be a waste of time for him.

Alan walked towards the clan, a few minutes later, sword sounds, cries of despair and a strong smell of blood could be heard.

Alan had killed many elders, and members of the clan that had intimidated him and beaten him and his mother.

He moved on, but suddenly he heard a fierce roar

"WHO DARES TO KILL IN THE CHENG CLAN!" After the scream, you could see an old man heading towards Alan, he was like a bag of bones, but Alan knew he was the ancestor of the Cheng Clan.

The clan's ancestor looked at Alan and Yan Fei in amazement, he was amazed by their beauty, but especially by their ages. They were as strong, or even stronger than him when they were not even 20 years old, especially for the boy.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Asked the ancestor as he looked at Alan, he knew he couldn't offend his young people. They must come from a much more powerful place to produce such genius.

Alan calmly looked at the ancestor and said, "Who am I? I'm Alan Cheng, the one who was abandoned and intimidated for years, I came back for revenge and to get my mother! »

The ancestor was in a state of complete shock when he heard his words, he was a member of the clan, but the worst was the one who was treated as a forgotten genius.

The ancestor no longer knew what to say, all this was the fault of the Cheng clan, fate had made them regret it. He sighed and then looked at Alan and said, "You can go get your mother, I hope you can at least leave the clan intact.

Alan nodded and headed for the prison, he had earned 22,000 system points before meeting the ancestor. When he entered he was not arrested by the guards, he followed the direction of his mother's cell.

After a few steps, he saw a cell with a woman inside, she was healthy, but had a weak face, when Alan saw it he couldn't help but scream and cry.

"Mother, I'm back!!! »

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