Dragon God System Chapter 24: You liked poisoning me, didn't you?


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Alan and Yan Fei walked towards the stage, all the spectators looked at them for their beauty and especially why the man said that Tian Cheng will never reach the spiritual stage.

The former academy elder came to his senses and asked, "Who are you? "Of course the old didn't recognize the princess because she wasn't wearing her mask anymore. Even if he knew the princess was wearing a mask, he couldn't see through it.

Alan looked at him and said, "Who are we? You will soon know" While smiling he continued his walk with Yan Fei.

Tian Cheng looked at Yan Fei from all sides, he had all the women of the city at his feet, but how can the most beautiful beauty of the city compare to this goddess?

"I must make her my wife, only I can be the man of such beauty" A feeling of lust shone in her eyes.

This did not escape Yan Fei who had a trace of disgust while sniffing coldly. When Tian Feng saw this, he had a look of hatred.

"How dare she! Make that expression, soon you'll be half dead on my bed, you'll be my personal player! "A sneer appeared on Tian Cheng's face.

Alan and Yan Fei finally reached the stage, they climbed on it and calmly looked at the 5 people in front of them.

Duan Cheng had a feeling of déjà vu when he looked at Alan. He thought he was familiar, but he didn't know where he had seen her.

Of course, it was extremely difficult to recognize Alan, he lost all his immaturity, his weakness. Only his mother could recognize him because she had seen Alan grow up and even if he had completely changed his appearance, she would recognize him, it is the power of a mother.

Alan looked at Tian Cheng and his father, a cold smile appeared on his face and then he said

"It's been a long time, hasn't it, Tian Cheng and Duan Cheng?" As he said that, he looked at his two people with intense murder intent.

When Duan Cheng saw Alan's murderous intention, did he frown, or did he offend that person?

"Who are you? You interrupted the ceremony, didn't even think of leaving without explanation. "The one who spoke was the elder of the dragon academy, he saw the murderous look on his disciple and his father, he was extremely angry.

Alan looked at him and then said coldly, "Shut up or die, you don't deserve to ask me questions."

Gasps are heard in the audience, who was he? How dare he talk to the old man that way? He hadn't even put it in his eyes.

When Alan's answer was heard, the old man was stunned, when was he disrespected? After coming to his senses, he was so angry that his face was smoking.

He released his energy, his cultivation was 7th level of spiritual refinement, all weak people suffocate with this energy.

Alan remained calm, which made the old one frown, but he suddenly said, "Don't blame me for killing you, you ruined the ceremony and the banquet that was being prepared! "As he said this, he ran at Alan

"Back up"Alan said to Yan Fei. She couldn't stand the shock wave that's about to happen yet, so it would be better if she backed up so she wouldn't get hurt.

Yan Fei aquiesca and backed away a few dozen meters, Alan looked in front of him to see that the old man run into him with his physical strength.

Alan mumbled" Worthy of the dragon academy, didn't he? Let's see if your body can support my body a little bit!" Alan unleashed his power that thrills others, it was as great as the old one's.

Alan, who was not even 18 years old, emitted an aura as powerful as the old one. This dealt a hard blow to all the geniuses of the city present. Especially to Tian Cheng who couldn't believe it.

Alan while his arm, to face the attack of the old one. Everyone was stunned by what Alan was going to do. Is he crazy? He wants to play with his body in front of someone from the dragon academy.


A shock wave occurred when the two met, All the spectators were forced to back off, some even bleeding ears.

A few breaths later, the spectators lifted their heads and were unable to say a word, what they had was beyond their expectations.

Alan blocked the old man's fist while staying in the same position, he just raised his arm to stop the old man's attack.

"I tell you to shut up or die" While saying that, two huge waves of energy fell on the elder's chest, the elder was sent back a few tens of meters while spitting out large amounts of blood.

Alan was a little surprised, the eldest's body is much more resistant than he had thought, this attack could kill a cultivater at the 9th level of spiritual refinement but the eldest is just seriously injured.

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"Master! "Shouted Tian Cheng, stunned by the situation, his master, someone invincible in his eyes, was sent back seriously wounded by someone his age. He didn't dare believe it even in his wildest dreams.

The eldest looked at Alan with fear, he asked weakly, "Who are you? »

Alan smiled at his question and then looked at Tian Cheng and his father while saying "Duan Cheng, Tian Cheng I can finally get revenge on you, the Cheng clan will no longer exist from today! "Says Alan and then suddenly with an even bigger smile he says, "Or should I call you father and brother Tian?"

After Alan's words, the crowd was delirious, who didn't know the forgotten genius of the Cheng clan? But how did he become so powerful and especially how did his appearance change so much? So many questions were asked in the minds of the spectators. But the most stunned were Duan Cheng and Tian Cheng.

"Impossible... No way, I poisoned you and threw you in the Greenwood Forest! "Says Tian Cheng as he shakes his head thinking he's in a nightmare.

Duan Cheng was in a state where his body no longer responded, he said the following words: "Impossible, Alan could never grow and didn't look so good, who are you!" Unable to believe what Alan just said.

"No matter if you believe me or not, you're all going to die anyway, the debts have to be paid! Tian Cheng, I'm going to make you suffer so much that you regretted being born in this world and poisoning me! "While saying that, he disappeared from the scene with a speed that no one could follow, he reappeared in front of Tian Cheng.

Alan took him by the neck and said, "I see you like poisoning people, don't you? I wonder if you're going to enjoy the poisons I kept just for you." With a sinister look he took out two pills, one was green and the other was black.

[Soul Eraser Pill → Slowly erases the person's soul over a 24-hour period]

[Bone Dissolution Pill → slowly erases the bones, every second represents the pain of all the bones of the human body that cracked at the same time. This lasts until all the bones have disappeared from the body]

Suddenly Alan forcibly put the two pills in Tian Cheng's mouth, suddenly his body contracted violently.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Screams that could tear the eardrums resonated throughout the city.

Then suddenly Alan looked at Duan Cheng, Duan Cheng was like someone who had lost his soul, still unable to believe that his son he had abandoned would come back for their lives.

Alan was two meters from Duan Cheng, Duan Cheng had felt Alan's presence but didn't even look at it.

"I hope my mother is fine, otherwise even the clan's graves will be eliminated," said Alan with a cold look.

Duan Cheng shivered, it was the worst, even destroying the graves? That was what could be done by someone who really hated the clan, someone who couldn't even leave his ancestors alone in the other world.

"She... she's fine" He stammered a little, but managed to finish the sentence.

"Well, you'll have a quick death" As he said that, he pierced Duan Cheng's heart, he fell to the dead ground.

What Alan didn't know was that a figure was looking at him up in the sky. It was an old man with a golden dress.

"Interestingly, the bloodline of the Dragon God comes from this child, it is even purer than the old Dragon God. In a few hundred, the world will change, maybe this door will finally open" After saying these words, the man swept his hand and the void was pierced, he disappeared without a trace.

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