Dragon God System Chapter 23: Ceremony


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In the centre of Lan City, there was a group of more than 10,000 people, all of them gathered in front of a stage.

There were only 5 minutes left before the ceremony, everyone was happy, the only ones who were not happy were the members of the Xiao and Lan clans.


In the office of Patriarch Xiao, the clan chief crushed the table in front of him, and looked at the clan elder with a deadly look.

"You said that the body of my son and his protector was found on the road to town? "While saying that, you could hear the sound of his teeth grinding, he was so angry that he could no longer hold his aura.

A practitioner of the 6th realm of spiritual refinement was not someone the elder could resist.

"Yes, patriarch, we found both bodies, the protector died because a wave of energy struck her and the young master had his heart pierced," said the old one while trembling.

"Died directly by a wave of energy, he was someone at the 1st level of spiritual refinement... The one who killed her is not a simple person," said the patriarch, he regained his calm and tried to analyze the situation.

Killing someone spiritual refinement with a wave of energy means that the technique used is at least of high earth level, in the city there was no one. This came either from the capital and the 5 largest sects or directly from the royal family or from experts on walks.

"What a monster my son has offended! I hope he won't take revenge on our clan" While sighing inside, even though he had several sons, he was the most talented. At 20 years old he was at the height of body refinement.

In the Cheng clan

"Patriarch, today is really a great day, our clan will finally come to power! "Says an elder of the clan.

"It is true patriarch, thanks to the talent of the young master, he will at least reach the peak of spiritual refinement beyond the ancestor. "Says another elder.

Upon hearing all his words, the patriarch had a broad smile, his son was someone who had not humiliated the Cheng clan.

"Haha, Tian'er is a wonderful person, he has a great talent, but he must not be arrogant, in the capital full of genius are as strong as him, or even stronger. "Even if the patriarch had said that, he still had a big smile on his face.

Si Alan était là, il pourrait sûrement reconnaître cette homme qui était son père, celui qui l'a abandonné lui et sa mère. Il s'appelait Duan Cheng.

"Is my son ready for the ceremony, it's almost time. "said Duan Cheng to the elders.

"Patriarch, your son is preparing with the maidservants to be as presentable as possible, the elder of the dragon academy is with him. "Says an elder.

"Well, well... this ceremony will be remembered in the history of our clan! After that there will be a big banquet! "Says Duan Cheng with a laugh.

A few minutes later, on the stage, three silhouettes appeared, they were the patriarch of the Xiao clan, the Lan clan and the Cheng clan.

A tumult broke out in the audience, much talk about the city's potential for renewal and the changes in position between the powers.

The expressions of the patriarch of the Lan clan and the Xiao clan were distorted, while the patriarch of Cheng had a smiling expression in greeting the other two patriarchs.

Suddenly an energy even stronger than the 3 patriarchs suddenly arrived on the scene, he was none other than the envoy of the Academy of Dragons.

The three patriarchs bowed to the man dressed in a green dress with a dragon badge. The man nodded and smiled at the patriarch of the Cheng clan.

"Good evening everyone, today as you can see, I will take my first disciple, my disciple's first wish was to do the ceremony in front of everyone and in his hometown. "His voice was strong thanks to the energy of merging with it.

Applause was heard, at the sight of it he smiled even more and continued his speech.

"I always have a great regret not to have discovered it earlier, if it were directly in the capital, it would have already reached the spiritual stage! "The last words he said were stronger than the others.

A tumult erupted in the hearts of the spectators, who had already reached the spiritual stage before the age of 20. This has never happened in first-class cities.

The rest of his speech will cause great unrest even the patriarch of the Xiao clan and the Lan clan were stunned.

"If he had been discovered before, he would have had a small chance of reaching the basic training! "As they utter his words, the spectators hold their breath.

Reach basic training? It was a legendary realm in all three empires, only the chosen ones can reach this level! The only ones on the stadium the basic training was the emperor, the royal ancestor and the director of the royal academy. There were only 3 of them in the whole empire, it's to prove that only the best geniuses could reach this level.

The patriarch of the Xiao and Lan clans sighed as they thought that the Cheng clan would enter a new era with such a genius.

All the spectators were shocked, then the old one spoke, "Now disciple comes to greet your future master" After his words, an 18-year-old young man walked towards the old one of the academy, he was considered beautiful, he had a smile on his face.

"The disciple greets the master" Says the young man, this young man was of course Alan Tian Cheng's half-brother.

"Good, good....HAHA... The heavens have really given me a little jewel, I see that you are about to reach the spiritual stage, it will only take a few days to climb this stage. "As he said this, he burst out laughing.

The spectators were even more shocked, he hadn't just reached the top of the body's refinement a few months ago? This speed was too terrifying.

While everyone was in shock, a voice suddenly broke the atmosphere

"Unfortunately he will never reach the spiritual stage"

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Everyone turned to the recipients of the voice, they could see a young man and a young girl walking, the man had golden hair and eyes of deep gold as if the world was in his eyes.

The girl had amethyst eyes, a face of beauty that no one had ever seen, someone whose face did not come from this world.

The shock was even greater than when the old one introduced Tian Cheng. Everyone was staring at their faces, wondering how such beautiful faces could exist in this world, they even thought it was the couple created by gods.

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