Dragon God System Chapter 22: Energy fruits


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The next day, when Yan Fei woke up, the sun was already shining and coming through the window to light their room.

She opened her eyes to see that she was in Alan's embrace, she had slept very well, this feeling of security made her experience it better night.

She looked at the man who was looking at her too, having no trace of shyness left, she smiled at Alan.

"Did you sleep well" asked Yan Fei weakly.

"I think I didn't sleep as well as you did," Alan replied laughing, "It was rather complicated to sleep when someone is half on top of you, but he was pretty happy.

Yan Fei smiled when she heard the answer, she lay back on Alan's chest and drew circles on it and then asked weakly

"Tell me Alan, would we consider ourselves a couple? "Says Yan Fei directly, even she didn't know where her courage came from to ask such a question, when last night she was extremely shy.

stunned by Yan Fei's question, Alan looked Yan Fei directly in the eyes with a feeling of happiness and love and then answered

"I don't know, we didn't do anything to be in a relationship," Alan replied while looking at Yan Fei with a little smile.

When Yan Fei saw her little smile, she couldn't help but blush, but a little disappointed by Alan's answer, but Alan's next sentence will make her completely forget the first sentence

"But even if we didn't do anything, I consider you my wife, you are a girl I love, the one who makes me find human feelings other than my mother. You and my mother are the most important people in my life, I would do anything for you. "Says Alan while looking at Yan Fei with love.

Stunned by what Alan had just said, Yan Fei plunged even more into Alan's arms while shedding a few tears of joy and then saying, "I love you too, even if you leave me one day, I will never get married, and I will wait for you. "With this last sentence from Yan Fei, Alan will be his size and kissed his forehead.

A few hours later after this sentimental statement, Alan and Yan Fei came out of the inn happy

When the girl who had welcomed them saw this, she put her hand in front of her mouth while laughing. By saying that his plan had worked well.

In 3 hours, the ceremony will start, Alan will destroy the ceremony, humiliate his brother and then destroy the Cheng clan and recover his mother, of course, he would kill only those who hurt his mother and himself. He wouldn't kill an innocent person.

Alan decided to take Yan Fei to a place near the city, it was an area where he had a river and lots of small animals. A little paradise to relax in. Alan had found this hidden place when he was walking around picking fruit with his mother. Above all, it was filled with spiritual energy.

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When they arrived at the place, Alan sat down while Yan Fei played with the small wild animals.

"Thanks to the two idiots of the Xiao clan I killed, I got 3600 system points more, it's not much, I have to find a way to earn points quickly. But there is no quest, and I am no longer in the forest, unless I kill everything I see, I would not earn anything" Alan sighed when he thought of that, if he had no family, they would have spent years in the forest.

Suddenly Alan woke up from thoughts because the little white tiger was licking his cheek, when the little white tiger saw that Alan was awake, he waved to Alan to follow him.

After a few minutes, Alan saw the tiger stop in front of the waterfall and then suddenly he jumped in, stunned by what the tiger had just done, Alan jumped with the tiger.

When he opened his eyes again, he was shocked, there was a cave behind the waterfall, Yan Fei was already inside, when she saw Alan, she ran to him saying, "Come see Alan, there is a tree with fruit, I don't know what it is but it must be a treasure.

When Alan heard his words, he followed Yan Fei, suddenly in the distance he could see a tree with 6 white fruits, thanks to his memories provided by the dragon god, he could recognize that it was a fruit of energy.

A fruit of energy and a very rare fruit that continuously absorbs the spiritual energy , the more the fruit absorbs energy, the more its grade will increase, it is divided into 6 colors that represent the grades of the fruits.

Blue, green, white, orange, red, purple, the fruits that were in front of Alan were all white with an orange hue which meant that they were of high rank sky. It would take a few more years to pass on the spiritual grade.

Alan then explained what fruit they had discovered. Yan Fei was extremely happy, she had discovered this cave at random when she was chasing a small squirrel.

"There are 6 fruits, two each and the other two I would give to my mother, she will surely be able to break through at the spiritual stage. "Says Alan, he was really happy that Yan Fei made this discovery.

Yan Fei nodded easily, she happily took the two fruits with her, Alan took the tree entirely after picking all the fruits. In his little world, he wondered how frightening the speed would be. Of course he told the Phoenix not to touch it because it was a rare tree.

After planting the tree, he left his little world and discovered that Yan Fei was looking at him strangely.

Alan smiled mysteriously in front of Yan Fei's eyes, seeing that look, she pouted and said to herself that he had too much secrecy. But he would tell her one day, she'll wait for that moment.

There was only 1 hour left before the ceremony, Alan was in no hurry, he was revealing his true appearance to the world and showing that he who was considered as waste a few weeks ago was now someone who should not be offended.

1 hour passed quickly, Alan continued to be with Yan Fei, teasing her while Yan Fei had his head resting on her chest.

He got up and took the direction of the city, he wondered how he would get in, Alan and Yan Fei had taken off their masks, showing the world who they were.

"Me Alan, start my adventure to the top now!"

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