Dragon God System Chapter 21: My brother's in the dragon academy?


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As they walked towards the entrance of the city, Alan and Yan Fei attracted a lot of attention, but no one dared to approach them because of the aura around Alan.

Alan removed his aura to enter the city. The city was called Lan city, it was a first-class city under the capital of the Yan empire. It was led by 3 powers.

The Xiao clan, which placed 3rd

The Feng clan, which ranked 2nd

The Lan Clan who was also the lord of the city who was ranked 1st.

Alan paid the entrance fee which was 2 pieces of silver per person.

When he entered the city, he saw that the city was much more lively than usual, everyone was celebrating. There were banners everywhere.

"It's not the martial arts tournament of the city's geniuses," Alan thought to himself. Every year, a martial arts tournament will be held between the three major clans of the city and other second-rate clans to make themselves known and perhaps be recruited in one of the 5 sects and academies of the capital.

This is an opportunity that first-class cities have. The sects each send a representative to recruit a city genius.

"It's only been 4 months since the martial arts tournament, why is the city so happy and bright? "Alan asked himself.

He tells Yan Fei to go and see what's going on, and find out why the city is happy. As they walked they suddenly heard.

"You have seen this, former of the inner court of the dragon academy took the son of the leader of Clan Cheng as his direct disciple, the Cheng clan will increase in popularity and power. »

"Yes, he will officially do the ceremony in front of everyone in the city tomorrow. »

"It is said that Tian Cheng was nourished by the old man of the inner court, he is now 18 years old and he is about to enter the spiritual Realm, it is a rare genius that not even in 100 years have found him in the city.

"Yes, with that I think the Cheng clan will become the ruler of this city. »

Alan now knew why there was such unrest, it was because of his half brother.

The Dragon Academy is the 5th and least powerful academy of the capital. The disciples of this academy mainly cultivate the body to be as hard as a dragon.

Even if it never will, how could it be so easy to have a body as hard as a dragon? But it is said that the director of the academy can fight a wyvern of the same cultivation as with his body, which is quite impressive.

"So, in two years, he managed to move from the 6th level to the top of the 9th, worthy of the resources of one of the largest schools of capital. It is the difference between heaven and earth compared to the clan. "Alan thought to himself, without good cultivation resources, being at the 6th level of body refinement at the age of 16 would be considered a genius. Like his nickname "Sky Genius" in the city.

"Heavenly genius, isn't it? Let's see how I turn your happy ceremony into a burning hell," Alan said with a smile.

Yan Fei did not know who Tian Cheng was, much less that he was recognized as a genius of the sky by the inhabitants of the city. For her, the genius of the sky was Alan.

"Alan, who is Tian Cheng? He thinks he's a genius from heaven when he hasn't even passed the spiritual stage! "Yan Fei already hates Tian Cheng, genius of the sky? He would just be considered a genius in capital but certainly not a genius in heaven.

"The one who poisoned me and threw me into the forest," said Alan as he walked.

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When Yan Fei heard her words, she was so angry that her nails stuck in the palm of her hand.

When Alan saw this, he took her hand, he didn't want her to get hurt because of it.

"Why are you getting so upset? If he hadn't thrown me away, how could I have met you? "Says Alan while smiling. Then he muttered, "Especially how I would have had this powerful body and system"

Yan Fei was blushing, she was holding a man's hand, but when she heard Alan's words, she was happy. That's right, how could they have met if he wasn't in the forest? It was just that fate brought them together.

Alan tried to find a hostel to stay overnight, they entered the most luxurious hostel in the city. When the servant saw Alan and Yan Fei enter she was a little amazed by their beauty but quickly regained consciousness.

"Good evening, dear customer, which room do you want? "Says the girl with a charming look.

Alan smiled and said, "We'll take 2 rooms for 2 days. "Says Alan.

The girl was a little surprised, but she looked at Alan and Yan Fei with a sorry look and at the same time a smile formed on her little face.

"Sir, all our rooms are taken because of tomorrow's event, we only have 1 room left. "Says the girl.

When Alan heard this, he looked at Yan Fei from the corner of his eye to see that she was red like a tomato no longer daring to even raise her head.

A man and a woman alone in a room? A scene instantly appeared in the mind of Yan Fei who made his heart beat.

"Yan Fei, do you want it or not? "Says Alan, otherwise he'd be looking for another inn. He didn't want to force Yan Fei.

When Yan Fei heard Alan's words, she looked up a little to take a look at Alan and then nodded slightly.

Alan gave the money to the girl who was guiding her to their rooms. When they arrived at the bedroom door the girl spoke.

"This is your room, if you have any problems you can contact someone thanks to a talisman," said the girl while giving Alan a talisman.

"Thank you, we'll rest. "Says Alan.

"Have a good night," said the girl while waving at Alan, who was noticed by Yan Fei who no longer even dared to look at Alan.

Alan smiled and then entered the room, but there was another problem, there was only one bed. A large special bed for couples. Alan smiled inside wondering if she hadn't done it on purpose.

Yan Fei looking at it, felt his heart beating at full speed, sleeping with a man? She had never thought about it. Is he going to do something? How should it be prepared? A lot of questions came up in his head.

Alan didn't know all the questions Yan Fei was asking himself, he approached the bed and jumped on it.

"Finally, a soft bed is like a new life, so comfortable! "Alan hadn't slept in a good bed in a long time. When he was with his mother, it was a low quality bed.

Seeing Alan like that, Yan Fei forgot a little bit that she was alone with a man, smiled and then approached the bed and lay down too.

A few hours later, after he was a little visiting the city, buying clothes, Yan Fei came out of the shower, she was dressed in a white dress. Alan smiled and then went to the shower.

Minutes passed, Yan Fei was extremely stressed, she was waiting for Alan to arrive, suddenly the door opened, she saw Alan with that extremely beautiful white dress, she had no spots even after all the battles.

Alan smiled when he saw Yan Fei blush, he sat on the bed next to Yan Fei and looked at her.

Yan Fei didn't even dare turn her head to face Alan, but suddenly she felt her hand being pressed by Alan's.

"Yan Fei, I'm not going to do anything to you, don't be so stressed and try to sleep, tomorrow will be full of action.

After his words were said, Alan took Yan Fei in his arms, allowing him to lie on top of him. Yan Fei had not thought of resisting, she relaxed by smelling the scent of the man next to her.

Alan stroked her beautiful hair, allowing Yan Fei to feel even better, she no longer felt any discomfort, no shyness was present on her face, just an expression of happiness when she looked at Alan that she had not shown since her mother left.

A few minutes later, Alan saw Yan Fei sleeping on him, he thought it was a very good feeling, who would not dream of having the princess of the empire in his arms, especially when she was such a goddess.

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