Dragon God System Chapter 20: Leave the forest, on the way to the Cheng clan


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Alan went back to the cave and told Yan Fei to leave. When he entered the cave, he saw the Phoenix and the tiger looking at each other and measuring themselves.

Of course the tiger trembled a little bit of fear in front of a divine beast like the Phoenix, the suppression of the Bloodline was quite strong especially with the difference in cultivation between the two animals.

Yan Fei panicked a little when she saw this, she didn't know what to do, when she saw Alan she started running to him and asking him to stop them.

Alan nodded and then increased his aura to the maximum towards the two beasts, the aura of a Dragon God instantly calmed them down. The Phoenix saw that it was Alan, he ran towards him while shouting.

Alan took him in his arms to caress him, even if he was big enough, he could hold him in his arms. Yan Fei took the little tiger that was only the size of a kitten. She placed it on her shoulder and then looked at Alan.

Alan smiled and said, "Let's go, if we hurry we can get to the city in the evening.

While walking in the forest, Alan had activated his aura, so as not to be disturbed by the animals. It would be a waste of time.

While walking in the forest, Alan didn't wear a mask and Yan Fei didn't wear a mask either, they had enough power to protect themselves from the 3 empires. Even if young people tried to get close to them, they were not afraid.

After a 30-minute walk, Alan and Yan Fei left the central forest to find themselves in the lower forest. Alan heard some fighting from hundreds of meters away thanks to his extremely developed senses, but did not get involved.

As he walked he saw a group of about 10 people heading towards them, of course Alan saw them but the group did not see Alan because they were far away.

A few minutes later, the group saw Alan and Yan Fei. We don't know why, but when he saw them, they prostrated themselves before them.

"Send Gods, it is an honor to receive you," said the group leader.

Alan and Yan Fei looked at each other, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe it would be better to put on a mask, both of them thought to themselves.

Alan nodded and made it look like he was really the gods' envoys, then pulled Yan Fei by the hand that blushed towards a corner. They put on their masks to have less trouble.

A few hours later, the exit from the forest was visible, walking a little faster, they finally left the forest.

"Oh, finally! I leave this place "The sunlight that hit him, the blue sky, it's been a long time.

In the forest to see the sky was rare and the sun rarely passed through the trees. Yan Fei was the same, even if it was a few days ago, she preferred to be outside.

As he left the forest, he saw several men come in and out. Some smiled, others cried and brought bodies back on their backs. Alan's group caught everyone's attention because he was a handsome young man and a very beautiful young girl.

Suddenly a group blocked them, it was about 12, all with refined bodies, not worthy of paying attention to them.

Alan didn't even wait for him to speak and say "Move or die" while looking at him with a strong aura.

The 12 were terrified by this aura, they wanted to prostrate themselves but at the same time they could not move.

Alan deactivated his aura and looked at the 12 who were in front of him, seeing Alan looking at them, the 12 moved away from the path.

Everyone else around was stunned. What happened? Why all of a sudden, he withdraws trembling with fear.

"Look at the group of falcon wings that have withdrawn" suddenly a spectator shouted. Falcon wings were well known in bandit groups, it was a group that had a spiritual cultivator at the head.

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They were in the top 10 of the bandit groups in the Yan empire. Even if they were just lackeys, few are the ones who provoke them.

When Alan heard this, he could only shake his head, if the bandit group wanted to discover the experience of death, Alan would certainly help them.

After walking a few kilometers, Alan saw a carriage passing by, suddenly the carriage stopped and a rather handsome young man came down, Alan and Yan Fei stopped because the young man was heading towards them.

The young man didn't even pay attention to Alan and looked at Yan Fei with a lewd look. He suddenly says, "Miss, may I know your name?" Say the young man

Yan Fei didn't even have time to answer that Alan says, "Go away or die, you're not worthy to know his first name and even less to block our way. "Says Alan

"INSOLENT! How dare you talk to young master Xiao like that! "Says the old man in the back. Probably his bodyguard.

The young man was angry, how dare someone talk to him like that. He suddenly says with a murderous look to Alan, "I am the young master of the Xiao clan, I can kill you whenever I want. "He said arrogantly.

"This is your last chance to get out of my way, otherwise don't blame me for exterminating your whole clan. "Alan was tired of this arrogant young man.

"Uncle Che kill him, I want the girl intact. "Says the young master Xiao

The old man nodded and then rushed to Alan, Alan pointed his fist at the old man and threw a wave of energy, the old man didn't even have time to know what had happened that he was already dead.

The young master Xiao was completely shocked, his bodyguard was at the 1st Realm of spiritual refinement and he had just died like that.

Suddenly Alan walked towards him, the young master Xiao was trembling with fear saying, "I am the young master Xiao, if you kill me my clan will not let you go," he said, trying to scare Alan.

Alan looked at the young master Xiao, smiled and said "Do you think the princess of the Yan empire and I are afraid of a small clan like yours? "Says Alan while piercing his heart

When he heard his words, he was so shocked that he didn't even notice that his heart was pierced. He then looked at the cold beauty behind Alan before dying full of regret.

Alan turned around and smiled at Yan Fei, telling him to continue on the road. A few hours later, they saw the city. Alan had dreamed of this day since he acquired the system.

While looking at the city in the distance he said, "I Alan, I'm back! »

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