Dragon God System Chapter 2: Learning with the system


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Alan still couldn't believe it, he dreamed of becoming someone who could protect his loved ones, and now his dream has come true.

"System, I have no method of culture and competence, how can I increase my cultivation" asked Alan because without a good cultivation technique, we could do nothing even if we have a great talent.

[Ding!] By answering the host, you have a beginner's pack to get started, you just have to say you want to open it.]

Alan quickly said, "Open it! »

[Ding! the host received the Dragon God's culture method, 1000 system points and 5 original pills.]

Alan let out a scream of surprise when he saw this, he did not know the system points and forget to read that he had received the technique of the Dragon God, but when he saw "original pills",he couldn't believe it, these are rare pills that can help the person skip a small realm directly. And he has 5, which means he can go directly to realm of body refining 6, but he won't do it because the cultivation will be too unstable, and could suffer a serious injury.

"System, what are the system points for and what is the Dragon God's technique?" Ask Alan with joy because he knew it was good for him.

[Ding!] The system points allow the host to buy everything in the store, the technique of the Dragon God and the ultimate technique of the Dragon God in the age of God, it is a cultivation technique that exceeds the divine rank and allows to cultivate with the purest energy in the world.

Alan was surprised and above all incredibly happy with this divine technique, the higher the rank of the cultivation technique, the purer the energy and the faster it increases. And the Divine rank is the highest in the whole continent. In Yan's empire, the maximum rank is Low Heaven rank and it is a treasure in the royal family. And here, we have just given him a technique that even surpasses this rank, which proves that this technique comes from a God.

After being shocked Alan asked "System how do we open the store? »

[Ding! The host just has to say "Shop" and it will be displayed.]


[The store]




[Spiritual Fruits]

[Spiritual Herbs]

[Martial skills]

[Cultivation techniques]


[Weapons and Armor]

[Miscellaneous objects]

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Alan seeing this is excited, he went into bloodline to see what else there is, because he knew he could have other bloodlines in addition to that of the Dragon God.

"Bloodline" thought Alan

A list was drawn up before these eyes, and he put from the most expensive to the cheapest, because to be next to a divine beast like the dragon, you needed another divine beast. These eyes widened when they saw the price of the other divine lines.

[Phoenix divine bloodline → 50 million system points]

[Bloodline divine golden crow → 50 million system points]

There were plenty of divine bloodlines that varied between 20 and 50 million system points, there were only 1000 and he didn't even know how to get them.

"System, how can I get system points? Alan asked with a sad face.

[Ding! To answer the host, the system points are recovered by killing people, demonic beasts or by completing various quests, the more people are cultivating, the more points he brings back, the same for the beasts. Beasts with stronger bloodlines earn many more points.]

When he saw this, Alan's face lit up, he just had to kill animals or humans, even if he had never killed before, he knew he would have to do so especially to accomplish revenge on his clan.

Alan decided to open the shop and take martial skills to start training. When he saw the prices, he was in shock.

[Compétences martiales « Neufs Soleils »(Divine high rank) → 50 millions system points ]

[Compétences martiales « Dôme Céleste »(Saint middle rank) →15 millions points systèm]

When he saw this, he was shocked, it's very expensive, but it was legendary skills that had been lost since the time of the gods, so it was normal. But what shocked him the most was that above the divine martial skills it was locked, which means that there are skills that exceed the high divine rank. It was absolutely shocking.

"System why can't I see the martial skills above the divine rank?

[Ding! By responding to the host, techniques that exceed the divine rank will be available when the host has a culture superior to martial emperor, because otherwise they cannot be cultivated.]

"Overtake the rank of martial emperor? "He didn't even know what the martial emperor rank was, because in the 5 empires of the continent, the maximum cultivation is the realm of the basic foundation.

"System what are the rows of cultivation to reach the martial emperor? asked Alan with a determined look.

[Ding! To meet the host, culture consists of refining the body, spiritual refinement, basic foundation, earth realm, sky realm, Martial lord,martial kings, Martial Monarch and martial emperor.]

Alan was in a state of shock, he could see that he was an ants, believing that the basic foundation was the highest realm., there is so much realm, and especially he knows that there are still realm above martial emperor because the system told him that he had to exceed the level of martial emperor.

After this shock, Alan decided to keep his system points to acquire Earth skills that cost about 20,000 points for low rank skills, which is a rare skill in this continent. He decided to venture into the forest to find deep beasts with which to train and even find treasures because this forest and a forest that includes 3 continents, which is immense and therefore there are many treasures.

[Ding! A main quest has been activated!

Defeat the wolf king and his army in the lower part of the forest

Cultivation level of the Wolf King: refining the body 9

Army cultivation level: Refining of the body 3 to 8

Number killed: 0/200

General wolves: 0/2

Wolf King: 0/1

Description: The army of the wolves king is growing more and more and threatens the city and villages, kill them all to protect the population.

Rewards: 8,000 system points, nine lightning movement techniques (high level earth to low level sky) and offensive spiritual talisman.]

When he saw this he was very happy, the rewards were simply too good, but he didn't know what the offensive spiritual talisman was.

"What is the purpose of the offensive spiritual talisman? " Asked Alan, the spiritual world is above the refinement of the body, so it must be excellent.

After being in a state of shock, he swallowed an original pill that increased his cultivation to the 2nd realm refining of the body which allowed him to be even more resistant because his body was that of a real dragon with 1 claw. After 30 minutes, he went into the forest in search of deep animals to stabilize his strength..

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