Dragon God System Chapter 19: I Alan, I'm coming back to make you go through hell.


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2 days it's been since Alan killed Prince Zao and his subordinates, he didn't do much, his hobby is just teasing Yan Fei during the day, training in the evening before dinner and training his skills in his little world.

He was about to move on to the 3rd wave of the nine energy waves, he was happy because it was a good technique. He also bought the skill "Heavenly Hammer", because it was a skill of unknown rank, therefore extremely powerful. However, it is extremely difficult to improve.

It cost him 8,000 system points.

[Heavenly Hammer ] Level 1/? = 40/500

[Nine energy waves ] Level 2/9 = (180/200)

[Nine Lightning Movement ] Level 3/9=(220/500)

[Art of the Sacred Sword ] Level 1/? = (515/1000)

[Five Celestial Fingers ] Level 2/5 = (100/200)

He had improved all his skills, even if it was superficial, the difference was obvious. The difficulty of the skills was quite high because they were all high rank earth or higher techniques. Which would take years for some to reach his level of understanding.

Suddenly, Alan thought of something, he thought he had the system, maybe it could help him in understanding the skills and become even faster.

"System, can I quickly improve my skills with system points? "Asked Alan, at that moment he had 272,540 points, which was enough to buy a lower skill of sky rank. Higher-ranking sky rank skills cost several million.

[Ding! In response to the host the system exchanges 1 experience point for 1000 system points]

Alan spit blood when he heard that. 1 experience point for every 1000 system points was an abuse. Just to move on to the second level of the art of the sacred sword, he needed 485,000 system points. He decided to leave it like that for now, the points could be used to buy pills or fruit to help him in his cultivation. But he still asked if it could be improved.

"System, it will always be 1 experience point per 1000 system points or can it be improved? "Says Alan, he really hoped it could be improved.

[Ding! The more the system increases in level, the better the profitability will be, when you move to the basic foundation stage, the system will move to level 2, which will unlock new features, objects... The rate will increase from 2 experience points per 1000 system points, and this will multiply by 2 every time the system level increases.]

Alan was happy, even if it was only multiplying by two. It would be profitable, it will reach the basic foundation in a few months.

Alan got up and saw that it was daylight, he went to get Yan Fei as usual, leaving the cave, he saw Yan Fei running towards him with a happy expression. He wondered why.

"Alan! I have a surprise for you, look! "While saying this, Yan Fei took his hands off his chest which hid something, when his hands were released, he saw a little cat who was asleep. He had a purple coat that released small sparks, of course she didn't hurt Yan Fei, because he considered Yan Fei as his mother.

Alan was a little surprised by the beauty of his coat, and especially by his purple eyes like Yan Fei's eyes. He decided to analyze the beast with the system.

[Lightning Tiger]

[Bloodline: Rare (Weak)]

[Cultivation: Refinement of the body 5]

[Competency: Lightning absorption, Thunder throw, Lightning movement]

Lightning absorption: The lightning tiger feeds on lightning to cultivate its body and energy, the stronger the lightning, the faster the cultivation rate increases.

Thunder throwing: Spears formed by the lightning surrounding the tiger, which protects it and allows it to attack at an extremely fast speed.

Lightnings movements: A movement technique that characterizes the lightning tiger with a pure Bloodline, it is a movement technique that allows the tiger to be like the lightning bolt itself.

When Alan saw this, he was shocked, or did Yan Fei find this tiger, it was a beast that could have a Legendary Bloodline, what does a beast like that do in this forest? But when he thought of the Phoenix, he thought that anything is possible.

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"What a beautiful tiger, he has a rare Bloodline, this tiger feeds on lightning, Yan Fei if there is a storm let the tiger go right in the middle, that's how it is cultivated.

Yan Fei nodded happily, she loved this cute little beast, it is well known that all girls like cute things.

Alan smiles when he sees Yan Fei like that. This girl, who had a cold temper some time ago, was now a shy and happy little girl. It will be difficult to recognize that this girl was the icy princess of the Yan empire.

Then Alan thought about his clan, it would be time to come back, his clan was not very strong, the ancestor's cultivation rank was at the 6th spiritual Realm, which was like an ants in front of Alan, his mother had to cry in Alan's absence for 2 weeks. He had trained his skills well because he would not return to the forest.

He suddenly talks to Yan Fei, "Yan Fei, I'm going to go to my clan, do you want to join me? After we save my mother, we'll go into the capital to tell your father what happened. "Alan had spent the bests times with her in the forest, if he left her now, he would have been a little sad, even if he would see her again in a few days.

When Yan Fei heard Alan's words, he stopped playing with the little tiger and looked at Alan with a big smile, "I'd go with you or you go, I'd also like to meet your mother, to see who raised someone as handsome as you". By saying that, Yan Fei looked at Alan again while admiring the beauty of this young man.

Alan was shocked, he wasn't as handsome before he received the Bloodline from the Dragon God, it was the difference between heaven and earth.

"Yan Fei, I didn't have his golden eyes and golden hair before, I'm afraid my mother and others won't recognize me either," Alan said, he wouldn't hide anything from Yan Fei anymore.

Yan Fei looked at him in shock, "How did you turn yourself then?" Says Yan Fei, she suddenly thought that this young man was extremely mysterious.

Alan looked at her, smiled and said, "I found the inheritance of someone who had reached the top, this cultivation technique makes it possible to transform his body, of course it's extremely painful" Alan lied a little bit, he wasn't going to say that he had obtained the inheritance of the God of the Dragons, right?

Yan Fei was a little surprised by Alan's luck, it seems like fate wanted revenge on his clan.

"You're pretty lucky to become such a handsome person, I wonder how many women you're going to charm with it," says Yan Fei, all with a semblance of jealousy.

Seeing Yan Fei like that, Alan was shocked, when did he try to charm women? "Women are really weird" while smiling inside.

He approached Yan Fei who pouted, then took her in his arms, Yan Fei had not had time to resist, she had not had the idea to resist, she turned around and looked at Alan with a big smile.

After a few minutes, Alan let Yan Fei go who ran into the cave no longer wanting to see Alan. He smiles when he sees this. Then some time later his smile froze and a murderous look passed into his eyes.

"I Alan, I'm coming back to make you go through hell! »

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