Dragon God System Chapter 18: You are too weak


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When they heard Alan's words, they were stunned, Kill them? Why would he want to kill them? So many questions arise in their minds.

Zao Feng frowned when he heard his words, he had no memory of offending this person, but yet he wanted to kill all them.

"Sir, I am the prince of the Zao empire, do you want to declare war on our empire? "By saying that, he hoped Alan would be shocked and apologize or at least withdraw. But on the contrary, he was smiling.

While looking at the prince of the Zao empire, Alan began to speak "A common prince of a small empire threatens me? What if I kill you? Anyway after this battle I think the war between the Yan empire and the Zao empire will take place," said Alan with a big smile.

When Prince Zao heard this, he was shocked? War between the 2 empires, but there were no witnesses of what he did to the others of the Yan empire. Then he suddenly thought of the princess.

Seeing Zao Feng's eyes, Alan smiles, "That's right, you dare to try to take the princess of the Yan empire! That's why you're all going to die. "Says Alan while emitting a powerful aura.

Zao Feng looked at Alan and said, "Even if you're strong, you're only 16, I can't believe you're stronger enough to kill all seven of us! "Says Zao Feng screaming.

The others agreed with the prince's statement, even if he was strong, they were not weak either. All are located at the 5th Realm of spiritual refinement except the prince who was at the 6th level.

Suddenly a young man in the group with an arrogant face started walking towards Alan "If the beast wasn't tired, I'm sure it would have killed you in a few breaths. Says the arrogant young man.

Alan looked at this idiot and pointed two fingers at him, suddenly 2 fingers opened in the sky, and fell on the arrogant young man at high speed, he didn't even have time to be shocked that he was already dead.

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Alan killed a human being for the first time, but he didn't feel any discomfort on the contrary he rather liked it, he thinks it must be because of his Bloodline of the Dragon.

Seeing this scene the princess hiding and the other 6 young men were completely shocked, he just moved 2 fingers and died. What was this divine technique, it was really too powerful.

Seeing this, Zao Feng revealed a trace of fear, then he shouted, "He is all alone, even if he is strong, he can't manage us all at once! "After saying that, Zao Feng and the others rushed to Alan.

Alan was totally serene, now with this cultivation, all those below the basic training would not be a problem for him, let alone those in the middle of the spiritual Realm.

While performing his movement technique, he dodged all attacks with ease. The others were even more angry, Alan laughed at them, he had fun.

Suddenly the prince of the Zao empire got tired of it and shouted "Heavenly Hammer! "suddenly a sound resounded in the sky, Alan looked up and was a little shocked, you could see a giant hammer of about 30 meters crashing down on him while mobilizing the energy of heaven and earth which increased his strength.

Alan did not move, he stretched his palm and suddenly two waves of powerful energy clashed with the celestial hammer which caused a small shock wave.

When Prince Zao saw this, he was shocked, it was the high-ranking earth technique of the imperial Zao family, even if he was far from mastering it it was powerful enough to frighten an artist from the 7th rank.

Alan looked at the prince who was in shock and said to him " You are too weak" What is true, this technique is extremely powerful, because it was a technique where the higher the hammer was in the sky, the more damage will be immense. Which means that if it is cultivated to the maximum it can destroy a country. This is certainly not a land rank technique but rather a technique with an unknown rank such as the art of the sacred sword, but it is used over a long distance, not in close combat.

Upon hearing his words, the prince was angry but could not refuse his words. Then he suddenly looked at Alan and spoke, "Why do you help the Yan empire and the princess, our empire will give you what you want to welcome you. "He hoped to attract him like that because he knew that even if there were six of them, he couldn't defeat him.

When Alan heard his words, he laughed and then suddenly looked at the prince with a deadly look "Why? What a funny question, I'm part of the Yan empire and therefore I protect the princess. Then the princess is a goddess, not someone you can look at or touch with your dirty hands! "By saying that, Alan emitted a strong aura thanks to the skill "King's aura"

Listening to her words, Yan Fei who was hidden had wet eyes but a smile that could cause empires to fall.

Just the opposite of the prince, who was pale when listening to his words, goddess? Certainly for him she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, but he had other images to describe a goddess.

Seeing the interrogating look, Alan suddenly spoke, "Princess come to see, he doesn't believe that you are a goddess someone who should not defile. "While Alan was talking, he turned to the bush where she was hiding.

Listening to his words, Yan Fei was red as a tomato, but took her courage with both hands and came out of the bush to go and stand next to Alan.

When the six saw the girl Alan called princess, they were shocked, it was beyond shock, their souls could no longer bear it. The beauty that was in front of them was a beauty from another world.

The prince was completely lost, how this goddess can be the princess of the Yan empire, he believed that Alan had been deceived by this girl, but directly rejected this idea, because if it was not the princess, he had no memory of having provoked a goddess.

Looking at the six stunned, Alan said, "I allowed you to see the princess' true face before you died, to make you understand that someone like you is certainly not worthy to touch even a hair of the princess. "While saying that, Alan pointed his fingers at the five behind the prince, they died without even realizing it.

After doing that, Alan told Yan Fei to put his mask back on, Yan Fei listened to Alan and put his mask back on while smiling.

After putting on his mask, Prince Zao recovered from the shock, he suddenly saw that he was alone, the other 6 were already dead. He looked at the man and woman in front of him while trembling with fear.

"Princess, this idiot made you suffer, you can do whatever you want with him, I'll paralyze his cultivation so you can torture him.

When he heard Alan's words, the prince trembled even more, he saw Alan as a demon. The princess had never killed or tortured before. So she asked Alan to kill him directly, she didn't want to waste time with him.

Alan nodded, burning his alive with his flame to make his suffer a little. He then looked at the princess and said with a smile, "Princess, I avenged you"

Yan Fei looked at Alan with a smile and said, "Don't call me princess, with you I just want to be a normal girl".

Alan smiled at Yan Fei's answer, then he nodded while tapping Yan Fei's head as she rethought what she had just said while becoming more and more red.

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