Dragon God System Chapter 17: My objective? You kill


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As Alan entered the cave, he saw Yan Fei sitting with his eyes raised.

Yan Fei did not see Alan she was immersed in thinking about many things, she thought that since she had met Alan, she had had the best moments of her life since her mother's death. She felt happy, the more she thought about it, the more she blushed. A man of beauty who would captivate the hearts of all women, a man whose strength is unlimited at the age of 16, an elegant man with a royal aura. Especially a man who teased her, wouldn't that be a sign of love?

As she was thinking about this, she suddenly heard, "Miss Yan, you forgot we had to go for a walk, you went straight back into the cave! "Says Alan with a semblance of anger in his eyes. Of course he was faking it.

When Yan Fei heard this, she was a little scared when she saw Alan angry, even though she knew he was faking it. She got up and looked at Alan with a smile.

"It's all your fault too, what an idea to tease me like that! "Says Yan Fei, who replied by pretending to be angry in his eyes.

Alan was shocked, this girl was a top actress. "Everything I've told you is true! Normally you should thank me for everything I've done! "Says Alan smiling.

Come to think of it, it's true, Alan saved his life and even improved his talent. Instead of rewarding him, she had run away from him. When she thought about it, she had a sad look in her eyes, then she looked at Alan while blushing, "What do you want as a reward? »

As he looked at her, he suddenly said, "Just let's take our walk, let's relax until the end of the day! "Says Alan while smiling

When she heard this, she breathed a sigh of relief. She had thought about all the weird things that came out of it, but Alan wasn't someone like that.

Yan Fei nodded happily, and walked towards Alan smiling, she wanted to walk and have fun.

Walking, Alan took Yan Fei to the place where she had found the little phoenix, this place was very pretty because the cave was warm and shone with red crystals. Thinking of this gluttonous bird, he wanted to take it out and introduce it to Yan Fei.

While thinking about this, he said to Yan Fei while looking at her "Miss Yan, do you want to see the most beautiful bird, the lord of birds" Said Alan while looking at Yan Fei.

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Alan had a great trust in her, so showing a legendary beast can be a sign of trust in her.

Yan Fei was shocked by his words, lord of the birds? Then she suddenly thought of the legendary beast, the Phoenix. "Alan, the lord of birds is the Phoenix, don't tell me you have a Phoenix with you" Yan Fei almost didn't believe it, the Phoenix was a legend, even in other continents, it was like dragons.

Alan smiled at Yan Fei, then summoned the Phoenix, suddenly a powerful heat emanated after the appearance of the Phoenix, the heat was quickly removed by a feeling of freshness. The Phoenix had grown well, it was 2m wide and 1m50 long. He examined the status of the Phoenix after 1 week.

[Icefire Phoenix Hell (variant)]

[Bloodline: Weak]

[Cultivation: Spiritual Refinement 6]

[Skill: Improved regeneration, Hellfire, Ice Wing, Phoenix Cry.]

Seeing this cultivation, he couldn't help but bite his lip, it was much too fast. He was only eating, but he grew faster than any living thing, where is the logic?

When Yan Fei saw the little bird next to Alan, she couldn't help but be shocked, he was beautiful. White feathers mixed with red feathers. His body emanated the aura of a lord.

"Is that... is that the Phoenix? A cute little beast? "When she saw the cute and handsome little bird she couldn't believe it was the legendary Phoenix.

Was Alan shocked, cute? Beautiful? He was a hungry glutton! He came to his senses and said, "Yes, it is a variant of the Phoenix, the Hell IceFire Phoenix, he inherited the Phoenix of ice and the Phoenix of fire, which makes him a unique and powerful species! Don't get used to his size, he was born less than 2 weeks ago, but he is already at the 6th Realm of spiritual refinement. And most importantly, he's a glutton! We have to slaughter all the animals in the forest to feed the damn thing! "Says Alan as he looks at this bird.

When the bird heard Alan's words about how he was already cultivating spiritual refinement at the 6th Realm in less than two weeks, he felt proud and haughty. But when he heard that it was a bird that was only eating, he wanted to beat Alan, but he held back because he was no match for Alan and it would be useless.

When Yan Fei heard this, she laughed and approached the little Phoenix trying to caress hir, the Phoenix looked at Alan, then seeing Alan smiling, the Phoenix knew he could trust Yan Fei.

After a short time, Yan Fei and the Phoenix were like best friends in the world.

suddenly while walking, he heard a fight. Alan looked at Yan Fei to tell him to go look, Yan Fei showing no opposition followed Alan to see the fight.

When they arrived, he could see a gang of 7 young people about 25 years old fighting a Lion, it was a Fire Lion, a beast at the 7th Realm of spiritual refinement.

Suddenly Alan saw Yan Fei grinding his teeth and looking at them with anger. Alan suddenly thought of those who had attacked him.

"Are they the ones who attacked and killed your companions? "Says Alan as he watches Yan Fei and the group.

Yan Fei nodded and looked at them as if she wanted to tear their limbs apart.

Alan smiled at him and said, "I said that if I met them, I would kill them, how dare he try to **** the princess! "Suddenly says Alan before moving.

Alan prepared a Celestial Finger, the lion was already tired enough, a finger would be more than enough. The lion didn't even have time to turn around when he was already pierced by a finger from above.

[Ding! You killed the Fire Lion

Reward: 9000 system points]

Alan took the Lion's body and threw it into a small world, it will feed the Phoenix.

The young people were shocked, but he was a little upset, he had struggled for several minutes, but finally it was this stranger who stole their loot.

After he put the lion's body in his little world, he turned around and looked at the seven young people and said, "Now it's your turn."

The young people were stunned by Alan's words, now it's your turn? Would that mean he wants to kill them?

Suddenly the young man at the head of the gang frowned, he was the prince of the Zao empire, he suddenly asked, "Sir, what is your objective in doing this? "The prince was suspicious, even if the lion was tired of the attacks of the 7 young people, he was still a beast at the 7th Realm of spiritual refinement, not a rabbit. Yet this young stranger in front of him killed her like a common ants.

Alan looked at himself as prince of the Zao empire with an intention to kill and then said "My objective? You kill ! »

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