Dragon God System Chapter 16: 12 ice transformations


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As he came out of the cave, he did not see Yan Fei, he frowned and wondered where she had gone, but without waiting he felt cold water on his head, all his clothes were soaked. Looking beside him, he could see Yan Fei laughing

"Where does this water come from? I'm fucking cold! "The water was completely frozen, how can such cold water exist in this world? He looked at Yan Fei and said, "Why is this water so cold?"

"Hey, I cultivate the high-ranking earth technique " the 12 transformation of ice" This is the main technique of the royal family, I have reached the 4th transformation! My water can cause the body temperature to drop until it loses consciousness. If I had reached the 9th transformation, I could freeze anything my water touches. But since the creation of the Yan Empire, the maximum reached was the 8th transformation "Ice Tornado Formation", Yan Fei said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Alan frowned, this technique was certainly not of high rank Earth as the book says, it was too powerful. It is important to know that if he did not have the resistance to all the elements, he would feel frozen. It could even kill those on the first level of spiritual refinement.

"Do you want to try to kill me or what?" Alan rolled his eyes when he heard that this water could cause his body temperature to drop until he lost consciousness.

"You're much stronger than me, it won't be of any use if I use it, it was just to get back at all the teasing! "Says Yan Fei while laughing.

"Hey, you better run if I catch you, I'll fry you with my flames! "While saying that, Alan let flames escape from his body, drying all the water in a matter of seconds. Since he had received the understanding of fire, he had improved it. Even if they were small improvements, the heat emanating from his body would burn all the herbs within a radius of 2 meters.

Yan Fei, was surprised, she had intimidated the wrong man. Its element was fire, and its fire seemed a little stronger than its water.

"No, I don't want to be roasted, forgive me," said Yan Fei while begging Alan with an enchanting look.

"Hey, you think the same technique will work with me twice in a row! "Says Alan as he gets closer to Yan Fei.

"I'm just a poor girl, you can't roast me! "Even though she knew it would no longer work, she continued hoping that he would stop.

Alan didn't answer and walked even faster to Yan Fei, Yan Fei didn't understand, did he really intend to burn her?

She felt a little frightened, but thinking that he was laughing, and that they had a good relationship, he wouldn't hurt her.

Suddenly, she saw Alan 1 meter away from her, she looked at him, suddenly Alan pointed his finger at her belly, his finger touched her belly. She wanted to retire, but suddenly she felt a great warmth in her body, which made her feel much better. She couldn't understand why, she had totally forgotten that Alan had his finger on his belly.

About ten minutes later, Alan took his finger out of her belly, you could see that Yan Fei no longer had this cold and icy aura around her. On the contrary, it was normal, a body heat that a human should have. Alan even if he used his fire in his body always had the same body heat as a human should have, that is 37°. But Yan Fei was the opposite, when Alan saw Yan Fei use his 12-ice transformation technique, his heat was extremely low, which means that every time she used this technique, her life would be shortened and her progress in cultivation or technique would deteriorate.

That's why she had an extremely cold feeling, even without using her technique, she had already used it so much that her body was now contaminated. If a man wanted to take his virginity, he would be frozen to the bone.

Feeling his change in his body, Yan Fei looked at Alan and asked, "Why do I feel like I'm being reborn? What have you done to me? "Asked Yan Fei.

Alan looked at Yan Fei with a beautiful smile and said, "I just destroyed the disease of your 12 ice transformation technique, your body was too cold, which reduces progress and shortens your life. "Says Alan with a serious face, if you don't master this technique to a certain level, you couldn't have a relationship and contact or risk killing the person. Alan thought of Yan Fei's father, he hadn't had this misfortune because his wife was a Houtienne expert. That's why no one knew that this technique had its effects.

The ancestors who used it were all single or had reached a certain level before having sex. Or the king knew it. But will only tell hir daughter the day she falls in love.

Yan Fei was shocked, she didn't know that this technique had extremely strong side effects. She suddenly thought of something "But if I don't have a cold body anymore, I can't cultivate this technique anymore? "Says Yan Fei, she had spent all her years cultivating this technique, if she had lost all her efforts, she would be depressed.

Seeing the anxiety of this princess, Alan smiles and says, "Don't worry, on the contrary, the stronger the control of the cold energy in your body, the faster progress will be made. I have solved the greatest coldness of your body and I am balanced it so that there are no more side effects. Which means you have great control over your cold energy, like me with fire. "Says Alan

Yan Fei was extremely happy, she decided to use her 12 transformation technique. By using it, she could see that there was more power and especially she was no longer frozen when she used it, her mood had become extremely good.

When Alan saw Yan Fei so happy, he decided to tease her a little. "If I hadn't solved this problem and you would have had sex before you reached the 5th level of the 12 ice processing, you would have turned your husband into an ice sculpture. "Says Alan while laughing.

When Yan Fei heard this, she blushed and looked at Alan before fleeing into the cave. Too shy to respond to Alan's teasing, but was secretly happy at the same time. Freezing her husband during sex, scary.

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When he saw Yan Fei running towards the cave, he muttered, "Damn, what a shy girl, she completely forgot that we had gone out for a walk. »

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