Dragon God System Chapter 15: Face of another world


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"Tell me Princess Yan, why are so many young cultivateurs like you in the forest? "Says Alan while watching Yan Fei. She had told him that she had been betrayed by her empire and another one, that would mean that she was not alone.

"My father wanted me to experience the outside world, and my father heard about someone who caused a big commotion in the lower forest. He told me if I can learn from him, I may learn a lot. "Yan Fei replied while eating graciously.

Alan was surprised, he knew this would happen, but he thought it would be the old ancestors of the base foundation or people at the top of the spiritual Realm. But in fact it was the young prodigy generation of the 3 empires.

"Oh I see, I hope we meet him. "Says Alan while smiling inside. Then suddenly he thought of something " Miss Yan, who attacked you, if we find them we will kill them! Who dares touch the princess of our empire! "Says Alan while pretending to be dominant.

Princess Yan seeing Alan like that couldn't help but laugh while putting her hand in front of her mouth.

"He is the genius and prince of the Zao empire and his subordinates, Zao Feng has loved me for nearly 4 years, he forced his father to send lots of requests to my father who has always refused. He harasses me every time, but I hate him! Just because he reached the 6th Realm of spiritual refinement, he wanted to **** me! "Yan Fei was angry when she said that. Of the geniuses of the Yan empire died protecting her so she could escape.

Alan mumbled "Dare to touch my future wife, if I see you I'll slit your throat alive" Then he looked at Yan Fei and said "They even dared to kill the geniuses of the Yan empire and in addition to the traitors inside, if I meet them they'll see hell! "Says Alan with a cruel look on his face.

Yan Fei felt sorry for the geniuses of the Zao empire if Alan met them, but she didn't care, he deserved all this.

"Miss Yan, how about a walk, I have some nice and pretty places. I have been living in this forest for a few weeks and it has been a long time since I had someone to walk and interact with.

Yan Fei blushes when she thinks about certain things, walking with a man, nice place? Yan Fei quickly regained his mind and said, "Of course, it's also been a very long time since I've interacted with people my own age," Yan Fei said with a smile.

Then she suddenly thought, "Alan, when are you going to take off your mask? We are no longer strangers, are we? Or are you afraid I'll find you ugly?" With her last sentence she couldn't help laughing, Alan had always kept his mask on even while eating.

"Oh if I take it off, you should take it off too. "Says Alan as he looks at the princess with a big smile on his face.

Yan Fei was shocked, she didn't expect him to find out, but thinking he was stronger than her, she could only smile inside.

"Of course I'll take it off" While saying that, Yan Fei took off his mask with graceful gestures and revealed his face.

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When Alan saw this face, he swallowed his saliva, he thought it would be a rare beauty, but he was mistaken. She was a goddess, someone who didn't come from this world. She had a mature and cute face, big amethyst eyes, tender skin without any impurities. His face was beyond the limits of this world, the gods, the immortals would be eclipsed by the beauty of his face

She stared at Alan, who had his mouth wide open with a smile on his face, even if he was shocked, he hadn't thought anything perverse about her, which made her delight in his heart.

After that, she said in a soft voice, "It's your turn to take off your mask" Alan came to his senses and nodded his head without saying a word and took off his mask.

It was Yan Fei's turn to be shocked, she didn't expect to see such a perfect face under her mask.

A perfectly defined face, a skin as white as snow, he seemed to be sculpted by the gods, so perfect was he. Golden eyes that could split women's hearts and souls and make men jealous to death. Her long golden hair that perfectly matched her eyes giving her the look of an immortal. Seeing her face so captivating Yan Fei's heart beat so fast, it was the first time she had seen someone so handsome.

He was the most handsome man she's ever seen.

In a cave, you could see a man and a woman looking at each other smiling, if you saw them you would think that they would be a couple created by God because their faces did not come from this world.

After a moment of absolute silence, Alan finally spoke, "Miss Yan, if you look at me like that again, I could fall in love with you. "Says Alan jokingly to Yan Fei, he wanted to tease that girl.

When Yan Fei heard his words, she recovered from the shock and looked at Alan with a red face while saying, "You... You stop joking! "Says Yan Fei while turning his red face away with a semblance of joy in his eyes.

"Hey, Miss Yan, you're so cute when you're like that," said Alan with a smile.

Yan Fei, could no longer bear it, she who was usually as cold as ice, was like a little girl in front of Alan, she pouted and no longer responded to Alan's teasing.

When Alan saw this, he pretended to be sorry, "I'm sorry, don't be like that, I won't do it anymore", said Alan while trying to get Yan Fei to answer.

Yan Fei turned around and smiled with a big smile "Hey, I won" By sticking out his tongue and running towards the exit of the cave.

When Alan saw this, he was shocked, what a unique ploy! "What a clever girl, I wouldn't fall into the trap of the cute little girl anymore," said Alan while smiling and running to the exit to catch Yan Fei.

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