Dragon God System Chapter 14: The story of Yan Fei


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"Alan Cheng" replied nonchalantly Alan while preparing a meal thanks to the animals he had killed, he now collects all the bodies and gives them to the Phoenix.

"The Cheng family? I didn't know she had a genius as talented as you! "Says Yan Fei all looking at Alan in shock.

"Pff, don't tell me about this family, I'm going to exterminate it soon. "When Alan said that, a strong murderous intent escaped.

"Why did you want to exterminate your family? She's the one who raised you! "Yan Fei was angry when Alan said that, she loved her family more than anything.

"You don't understand anything, do you really think I was a genius before? My father abandoned me when I was 8 years old, my half-brother poisoned me and threw me into this forest when I had no strength and because of me my mother, the one I love most, the only one who always loved me was imprisoned because of me. Do you really think my family loves me! "Alan responded by shouting at Yan Fei, He had a great hatred for this family, fortunately fate had not abandoned him.

Yan Fei had red eyes when she saw Alan like that, she felt sad for him and at the same time sorry because she had made him relive bad memories.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know, forgive me" Alan who was smiling, asking him funny questions was now someone new who had a great hatred for her.

"Sorry, I got carried away, it's just that not all families love you, you have a great talent, they will love you, you're a useless person, they will throw you away. I just want my mother to live well in this world, that's why I have this strength now. I would do anything for her, she raised me in the best conditions even when she was insulted by everyone, she was robbed, beaten, but smile, when I was bullied she protected me. When I return to the clan, after I have destroyed him, I will make him live a better life. "When Alan said that, his eyes were wet but he was holding back, he was thinking about the future where his mother could smile, no longer be in poverty.

When Yan Fei heard this, she couldn't help but have tears in her eyes, she understood very well the love of a mother, that mother had left her and her father with tears in her eyes so as not to destroy their empire.

When Alan saw Yan Fei crying, he approached and wiped away his tears, then said, "And you, what is your purpose to have strength? "He wanted to know more about Yan Fei.

"My mother is my goal, if I have the strength I can save her and bring her back to the empire" A great determination shone in her eyes when she says her words.

"Why is your mother the one who makes you work so hard? "Says Alan, he suddenly felt that his mother was not a simple person.

Alan had told her her story and the purpose of her strength, so Yan Fei did not reject it and she explained why she wants to have great strength.

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"My father told me, that when he met my mother, she was unconscious, she had several minor injuries on her body. My father took her in the palace and cared for her, she woke up and wanted to leave. But my father told her to stay until she was cured, as the days passed my mother felt good at the palace, she had someone who cared about her without thinking about her beauty and her body. My father always took care of her. She decided to stay in this small empire thinking that her enemies would not find her in such a small country.

Years passed and my mother fell in love, my father had already been in love for a long time, but don't force her, he had never told my mother. Of course my mother knew this and she was happy that she didn't force him or harass him every day. When my father saw that my mother was looking at him in love, he cried with joy and proposed to her. He swore that it would be his only wife. The wedding took place, and after the night she became pregnant with me.

She was happy, a happiness she had never felt before. When I was born, she took care of me, my father refused political meetings to spend time with me and his wife. For a few years, I loved my mother and father more than anything, I thought I had the best life. She trained me to read, tell me stories, at the age of 8, I developed a great talent for martial arts, my mother and father were happy and therefore taught me.

One day, my mother became nervous, my father didn't understand why, I, who was 11 years old, didn't understand either. And suddenly she looked at us and cried all the tears in her body saying "sorry, I'm sorry" We didn't understand why, my mother didn't have any cultivation because we couldn't feel anything and she never showed anything. But we were wrong, really wrong, my mother was a martial lord expert, when she told us that, we didn't understand. It was believed that the highest Realm was the basic training. After she explained the Realms of cultivation to us, we were shocked. But why did she say sorry to us? 2Months later, she left leaving a letter, you could see traces of tears on the letter. "The letter told us that her enemies had returned and that she did not want to put her family in danger and so left.

I cried all the tears in my body for a week, my father was locked up, the palace was silent. Then one day I realized that crying was useless, if I wanted to see my mother again I had to become strong, stronger than her enemies. Since that day, I have been training tirelessly, my father rarely shows emotions and I too have been described as cold. But no one knows why we became like that. "After saying that, Yan Fei looked at Alan and saw that he was smiling, she didn't understand why he was smiling.

"I am admirable, I understand where your talent and determination come from, I hope you will be able to fulfill your wish, if I can help you I will do my best, I hope our mothers are fine. "Says Alan while looking at Yan Fei with a smile.

Yan Fei felt her heart melt, she shed tears of joy, someone who was taking care of her other than her father without looking at her body and having perverse thoughts.

Alan stood up and hugged her, allowing her to have a shoulder to cry on. All her tears, which she forced herself to hold back for all her years thinking of her mother, were completely emptied on Alan's shoulder.

A few minutes later, she looked up, thinking she was in contact with a man, blushed to her ears, raised her head and said "Thank you Alan thanks to you I feel better", she said with a warm smile.

Alan smiled back and patted his head and then said while looking at Yan Fei "Miss Yan let's eat! "Says Alan while giving meat to Yan Fei.

After eating, they talked to each other all night, their relationships are greatly improved especially since their family history, for Alan it was his first real friend, but he knew she was much more than a friend to him.

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