Dragon God System Chapter 13: Yan Fei


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In the forest, you could see a boy with a sword moving at a terrifying speed, every place he went, the trees collapsed under the extremely precise sword blows of the young man. He was of course Alan who was training on the art of the sacred sword while performing the nine lightning flashes technique.

[Art of the Sacred Sword] Level 1/? = (498/1000)

[Five Celestial Fingers] Level 2/5 = (15/200)

[Nine energy waves] Level 2/9 = (35/200)

[Nine Nine Movement Illuminates] Level 3/9=(40/500)

"It has been 1 week since my intensive training, the art of the sacred sword has not even reached half of the 1st level, the others are on the 2nd level while I rarely train them. The technique of the nine flashes is getting more and more complicated, I have to change the method. "He trained mainly on the art of the sacred sword and the technique of the nine flashes of lightning, because for him it was the most important thing.

During this period, Alan had increased his cultivation at the 4th Realm of spiritual refinement, he was happy, thanks to the method of the Dragon God he was moving extremely fast. He was sure that in the 3 empires he was invincible at his age and in the other two empires, almost no one can match him or even none.

But he was not arrogant, he knew that in other continents, geniuses of his age his age may be at Earth Realm or above, and let's not even talk in the upper Realm.

During this period, he had gained 58,540 system points, he had cleaned the beginning of the central forest and the end of the lower region.

"Grrrrrr" Suddenly a rumble was heard. Good thing there was no one there because it was Alan's stomach.

"This bird infected me, I eat more than him! "Alan was shocked, he ate a beast every two hours. If he had to invite a girl to a luxury restaurant, he would have to plan a lot of money, otherwise it would be problematic.

On his way back to his cave, he heard a fight. Thanks to Alan hearing he knew it was a group of about 50 spiritual beasts. He was quite surprised because he had cleaned the surroundings of his cave.

Who brought all his animals. Finally he didn't think too much about it, 50 spiritual beasts will give him many points.

When he arrived at the scene, he saw a girl fighting, he was surprised. This girl was in the 5th stage of spiritual refinement and she was about 20 years old. It was a pretty shocking culture for his age.

You could see that she was exhausted, she had almost no strength left. Alan wondered how she got into such a situation.

"Will I die here? Without seeing my mother again. "Thinking of this, tears were flowing from his face. Her motivation to become strong was her mother whom she had not seen for a long time.

Alan could see that she was wearing some kind of mask on her face, it could change her face so she wouldn't recognize her. Only those with superior cultivation or strong vision will be able to see that she is wearing a mask.

"Zao Feng, it's all your fault, just because I don't love you, you conspired with the disciples of the Sects of the Yan Empire, and those who protected me died. "Thinking about what had happened before, she gnashed her teeth, her face was twisted with anger. She closed her eyes and waited for her fate. However, after a few breaths, nothing happened.

She then opened her eyes and could not help but be stunned by what she saw.

The demonic beasts around her fell one by one at the speed of light, we could see the bodies of beasts cut in half that fell to the ground.

A few breaths later, she saw a silhouette of a young man about 16/17 years old, he was wearing an extremely beautiful white dress, which radiated a divine aura. He had a long golden hair that shone under the sun's reflection, he had a jade skin that could make all the girls jealous. He had a noble aura worthy of a sovereign who despises the mortal world. She couldn't see his face because he was wearing a golden mask.

The figure was holding in his hands, a black sword dipped in the blood of the evil beasts he had killed. It exerted even more pressure than the imperial armament of the Yan empire, which means that it was a high-ranking land weapon or even above. The 50 beasts could hardly react to his sword, they all died in a few breaths.

[Ding! The host received 3000 system points]

[Ding! The host received 4000 system points]

[Ding! The host received...]

The system's voice resounded about fifty times, and he had received 215,000 points thanks to all his demonic beasts, for a total of 273,540 points. It was more than twice as much as after the main quest. He was overjoyed.

Meanwhile, the girl stared in amazement at the youth in front of her smiling, this figure had killed all the demonic beasts without any difficulty and had saved her life.

That's when Alan remembers that there was someone close to him, he turned around to look at the girl in front of him.

He looked at her for a moment, he saw that the girl had a face without expression but in her eyes one could see a trace of shock and veneration. She knew she was showing a face with no expression, but her heart was pounding.

Suddenly Alan spoke, "What should I call you? Crazy? Courageous? Or just someone hated by demonic beasts. Did you kill the son of the king of the beasts of this forest to cause such a ruckus? "Says Alan while looking at the girl.

The girl was shocked by this kind of question. She replied, "Senior, my name is Yan Fei, we were in a group, and my group betrayed me with another empire and I fled here. I didn't know I had fallen into a beast's nest and I ran again to get here.

"Senior, I'm 16 years old and you call me senior, I'm the one who should call you that" Alan was shocked, he then muttered, "She thinks I'm a crazy old man who changed his appearance? And hide my face because of that? "He had hidden his face, because he didn't want to be recognized when he went out into the cities. Although it's going to be complicated because of her hair.

Yan Fei was shocked " 16 years old and he is much stronger than me, who is this person? Is she the one we're looking for? No, it's impossible, the power was much stronger in the lower forest," she quickly regained her thoughts.

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"Do you want to come back with me so I can heal your wound? "Asked Alan, he was trying to enjoy a little, he knew she was a beauty, even if she was wearing a mask, her instinct tells her that she is a goddess. Who wouldn't want to spend time with a goddess?

Yan Fei did not answer, but a few breaths later she nodded. When Alan saw this, he smiled inside and asked her to follow her. 10 minutes later, they arrived in a cave.

"System take me a 3-star regeneration pill" said Alan, the pill cost 10,000 system points, because it was a pill that could replenish the skin without scarring.

Alan took out the pill and sent it to Yan Fei, Yan Fei was shocked, it was a 3-star regenerative pill. Even in the Yan Empire it was almost impossible to find, there were only 2 stars for the rarest, otherwise the common one was 1 star.

"Who exactly are you? "Asked Yan Fei.

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