Dragon God System Chapter 12: Even if you're a divine beast, I'd tear off your feathers


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Alan was stunned., the tree had no fruit, the grass disappeared. He looked closer to see if he was not dreaming, but no, the tree had no more fruit, you could see fruits that were growing fast but that's all.

"What happened?" Alan thought to himself, why everything disappeared, suddenly he thought of something. "That damn bird, I'm sure it's him. "Alan grinned as he thought of it. His little world was big, there were mountains, rivers, he couldn't find it.

He decided to wait, he will come to look for more fruit. Hours later, we could see a bird running towards the tree. When Alan saw this, he had a cruel smile.

Seeing Alan with a smile on his face, the bird shivered, he realized that he could no longer steal the fruit in Alan's presence, he went in the opposite direction. Alan was in shock, he was too smart.

"Fucking bird, come back I'll rip off all your feathers" When he heard these words, the bird ran even faster.

him, a divine beast, driven out by a human being who threatened to tear off his feathers, it would become a joke in the higher worlds.

While running even faster Alan says "even if you're a divine beast, I'd pull out your feathers" But suddenly Alan regained his mind, the bird was running much too fast, especially now that he has technique of the nine flashes. He asked the system to analyze the Phoenix.

[Icefire Phoenix Hell (variant)]

[Bloodline: Weak]

[Cultivation: Spiritual Refinement 3]

[Skill: Improved regeneration, Hellfire, Ice Wing, Phoenix Cry.]

"Damn, this bird cheats more than me, does it have a system too or what?" Alan was totally shocked, he just ate fruit and grass but in a few days he climbed 4 steps.

Alan stopped, seeing this the Phoenix stopped too and looked at Alan, then suddenly Alan spoke.

"Tell me, little Phoenix, it is thanks to its fruits that you quickly increase your cultivation? "Asked Alan as he looked at little Phoenix.

"Screech! "Accompanied by a sharp scream, the bird seriously nodded its head full of times, to make him understand that he had eaten the fruits to increase his cultivation

Alan sighed as he saw it, he hadn't anticipated this. He must make an agreement with the glutton, otherwise he will never have any fruit or grass.

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"Tell me, for the moment there was only one tree and only one herb, and you took everything, especially the herb now there is no more grass from heaven. I ask you not to eat everything, especially when there is only one plant or tree, if there are several you can eat more, but keep some for me, I must also cultivate. We must help each other and share our good. "Says Alan while looking at the gluttonous bird.

"Screech! "When he heard this, the Phoenix ran towards Alan while shouting, he nodded his head full of times as if to say that he would never do what he had done again.

Alan smiled and stroked the Phoenix, unfortunately he didn't have enough points to buy back a herb from heaven.

He waited a few hours, then picked 3 titan fruits, he came out of the small world and ate a titan fruit, he suddenly felt that his body was getting stronger, his skin was more beautiful and above all he smelled. Alan went out, took off these clothes and went to wash himself, his skin had become supple and resistant, it was comfortable. He has 2 titan fruits left, he would eat 1 every day, to have as little impurity as possible in his body.

He knew that the titan fruit was only a mortal grade fruit, so there were always impurities left in his body. But he had less and he saw the difference, which made him happy.

After washing, he dressed in this immortal white dress and went to train his his sacred sword art and movement technique. He wanted to train his way of the sword this first because the art of the sacred sword was an extremely powerful technique, he had not reached level 2, but he handled the sword better than some swordsman.

"If I go to the Nine Swords Sect, they'll take me hostage so I can tell them what sword technique I use." Thinking about that, Alan laughed. The sect of the nine swords was the sect for those who wanted to become a swordsman and train their skills. It was the 4th strongest sect of the Yan Empire, but everyone says it's the equivalent of the Royal Academy because those who train on the swordpath are much stronger than normal martial artists. But there were far fewer of them.

It is said that the patriarch of the Nine Swords Sect was someone no one had seen, even the king did not have the authority to bring him out. They say 30 years ago, there was a 6th sect. The 6th sect wanted a treasure from the sect of the nine swords, he had wounded their disciples and it was declared that he would still wound if he did not give them the treasures.

The next day, the 6th sect was annihilated, no one knows who did it, but everyone thinks it was the patriarch of the Nine Swords Sect. Since then, no one has dared to criticize the sect of the nine swords. Even the other empires are afraid.

Alan knew that if he joined a sect or academy, he wouldn't stay long, he wanted to travel to other continents where the martial artists were even more powerful.

He also wanted to create his own sect, which would be number 1 and make it evolve with him, to have disciples, divine objects to help the cultivation of the disciples of his sect. He knew that thanks to the system all this is possible but he was not strong enough.

"Strength, I need strength! "Alan thinks to himself. If we don't have enough strength, we'll be humiliated. He didn't want to know that anymore

He went to the middle region of the forest where all the animals were in spiritual refinement. He thought he would not leave until he reached level 2 of the art of the sacred sword and increase his other techniques to level 2.

He left for intensive training. Train these skills, earn system points and increase your cultivation.

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