Dragon God System Chapter 108: The imperial city in turmoil


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Alan did not know it, but while he was in the Tower of the Seven Divine Swords, the news of the energetic fruit of holy rank had caused an unquestionable shock throughout the imperial city, many incredibly powerful powers had sent their patriarch or sect leader to participate in this auction.

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An energetic fruit of holy rank was like a divine object in the hands of a practitioner, it would greatly increase their strength, they could even break through to the higher realm. Not everyone was like Alan who needed a monstrous amount of energy to break through, a holy level fruit in the hands of a normal heavenly realm cultivator would have it raised several levels in a few weeks, which would normally take months or even years.

Even the emperor of the dynasty sent a representative to get the energy fruit, which proved that it was a truly rare object and that everyone wanted it.

The next day, the auction hall was full, there was almost no room left, Alan and Li Lu arrived, they passed everyone to finally give their token to the guards, when the guards saw the token, they bowed and let Alan and Li Lu pass under the gaze of many stunned people.

"Alan, you really caused an uproar. "Li Lu said jokingly.

"It's true, but at least we'll be rich. " Smiles Alan as he heads for VIP room number one.

When they arrived at VIP Room Number 1, two extremely beautiful maids bowed to Alan and Li Lu and opened the door. The two maidservants were incredibly shocked by those who came to VIP room number 1, usually, they are all old men with enormous power behind them, but this is a young man with a face shaped by the gods and a young woman with a veil who must have been a goddess.

"Big sister, I fell under the spell of this man. "Said one of the maidservants.

"Little sister, the way they looked at us, it's as if our beauty is worthless, this woman must be thousands of times more beautiful than us, it's such a pity.

"It's true, big sister, but we will do our work to the fullest, if he wants, I can even give my virginity, to have such a beautiful and strong man, even if I become his servant, I will always be happy. "Says the servant girl.

"You! Well, stop the nonsense, he didn't even look at our bodies and you want him to jump on you, you're still too young, this man is someone with an imperturbable spirit. In addition, his murderous intent, even if he hides it is extremely strong, this is the first time I feel this, little sister, do not do anything stupid. "Says the maid.

"'Good.'" replied the other servant pouting.

Meanwhile, Alan and Li Lu were sitting in a side-by-side seat at the top of the auction, below them, there were hundreds of VIP rooms and below them, the normal seats.

"Hello everyone and welcome to this new auction. "Suddenly an extremely beautiful silhouette arrived on the stage, when she arrived, there were a lot of crazy men.

Alan looked at the silhouette and frowned, suddenly Li Lu's voice echoed.

"She uses a charm spell, which affects men with a weak state of mind. " Explained Li Lu.

Alan nodded, not at all affected by her charm.

"Well, I'll explain the rules to you, no one is allowed to provoke another contestant under penalty of expulsion, there's no right to bid above your amount of money under penalty of winning, you still have to give us the money. But let's go to the beginning of the sale! "After the woman's voice, many men shouted.

"The first item is a sword found in an emperor's inheritance, it's a sword of high holy rank, it's quite rare even in the imperial city, with it you will be able to defeat powerful opponents, the starting price is 50 low spiritual stones! "Says the woman

The main currency in a force of rank 8 and 9 are the Spirit Stones, in forces of rank 7, it is mainly imperial coins, while forces 5 and 6 are gold and royal coins. This is mainly due to the objects that its forces can provide.

« 60 ! "Says, one man

"90," Says another

The high-level Holy Sword went up to 2 medium levels Spiritual Stone, which was a number that could buy a level 5 strength easily.

"The second one is a 5,000-year-old blood ginseng, this is considered to be a herb of spirit rank, it can speed up the regeneration process of the blood essence! Bidding as from 2 low-level spiritual coins! "Says the woman.

Alan was interested in this herb, he didn't care about the money. With the energetic fruit, he could buy anything he wanted.

"Three low-level spirit rocks. "Alan's voice resonated.

Everyone looked in the direction of VIP room number one, everyone was surprised because the voice sounded young. Usually, only the emperor or very high ranking people like the 9th-grade sect leaders can enter. Everyone thought, "Who was that young man?"

"Four low-level spirit stones! "Suddenly a girl's voice rang out. Her voice was graceful, giving a power and warmth rarely seen.

Alan looked in the direction and was surprised, the girl was simply gorgeous, she was a beauty on the same level as Yan Fei and Li Lu.

"Isn't that the Zi Ling, the daughter of the Patriarch of the Phoenix Sect. One of the four sects descended from a divine beast? "Says a man.

"Yes it is her, it is said that her talent is one of the first on the continent and her beauty will bring thousands of men to their knees, when I see her I almost feel like bowing my head because if I look at her too much, I think I'm making her dirty. "Says another man

Alan heard all this, he looked at the girl and was surprised, she was in the 8th stage of the sky realm before the age of 20.

"Five low-level spirit stones. "Said Alan, his voice with a voice that's always cold.

Zi Ling was a little surprised, she looked in the direction of VIP room number 1 and tried to see who it was, unfortunately, VIP room number 1 had a special training that prevented even a high-level martial emperor from seeing through.

"Six low-level spiritual stones. Sir, I really need some blood ginseng, can you leave it with me? "Said Zi Ling with an enchanting voice.

"It's an auction, if you have money, you pay, otherwise you don't pay, unless you have something to trade at the end. 7 low-level spiritual stones. "Says, Alan.

After Alan's words, many men wanted to strangle Alan for talking to a goddess that way, it's as if Alan had become the public enemy of this auction.

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