Dragon God System Chapter 107: Imperial City


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Two weeks have passed, during his two weeks, everyone cultivates trying to strengthen or stabilize their foundations. Alan tried to open his celestial meridians, the more meridians he had, the more his strength would increase. Before entering the White Dragon Hall, Alan had opened two celestial meridians through the system and then by refining the water crystal, he had opened a different meridian which was the source of the water element. During his six months, he had opened two other celestial meridians, which was extremely little for Alan. If he wanted to, he could open about twenty mortals meridians, but he didn't want to, if he wanted to reach the summits, he had to open all 49 celestial meridians. Within two weeks he had opened another meridian, making a total of five celestial meridians and one element meridian.

Alan always wondered whether only crystals could give this kind of meridian, because even the lightning of tribulation did nothing, it proved that it was not the strongest lightning existence.

"The spiritual energy here is so dense. "Alan thought as he opened his eyes. During his two weeks, he was now in a state of meditation and had not opened his eyes.

"Alan, you've finally woken up! "Suddenly a voice rang out.

Alan turned around and could see Li Lu a few inches away from him. Alan spontaneously stepped back.

"That woman is a demon! " Alan thought, Li Lu's beauty was enchanting. He had noticed this because all the men in his sect looked at him as if he wanted to kill him.

"Look, Alan, you can see the Imperial City from afar. " Said Li Lu with a look of admiration.

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Alan stood up and looked in the direction and was surprised, the Imperial City is named after him, it's gigantic. There were tall buildings and even a floating island that had a palace.

"Well. We will arrive in about 10 minutes, you have to know some rules in the imperial city, first of all, don't offend anybody, the people who live in the imperial city are very strong beings, even geniuses of 13-14 years old who are not strong, behind them is an extremely powerful clan. It is forbidden to steal, except for martial emperors or people with a great status, the currency is not gold in the imperial city because gold can buy almost nothing even if you have millions, the currency of the forces eight and more are the spiritual stones. And finally, have fun, the imperial city has strict rules, if you don't do anything to anyone, no one will hurt you. "Says the sect leader.

All the disciples were shocked, especially about the money, they who had brought a large quantity of gold had just learned that it would be useless.

Meanwhile, Alan had a smile on his face.

"It's time to get rich. "Alan thought.

With all the herbs he has in his little world, he could buy the whole empire if he wanted, when he was in the Devil's Mountains, he always collected the herbs and fruit he found on his way, he may not have had time to start alchemy yet, but when he starts his training, he will at least have a lot of ingredients, it will save his system points which go away very quickly.

"Halt, what were you doing here. "Suddenly two guards in bronze armor appeared, the five beasts stopped, then one of the sect leaders said.

" We're level 5 forces and have come to participate in the continent's young genius tournament. " Says one of the sect leaders.

"Oh, so that's what this is all about. Well, pass. " Says one of the guards, it's like he doesn't put his people in his eyes.

"The weakest guards are in heaven's realm, how impressive. "Alan thought. In a Tier 5 force, they'd be considered elite, but then they were just the lowest ranking guards.

The sect leader didn't get angry at all, he thanked the guards and then ordered the beasts to land. When they reached the ground, everyone could finally see the walls of the imperial city.

They were gigantic dark grey walls, they say it's metal that can withstand the attacks of martial kings, it was extremely resistant. On top of the walls, there were turrets with gigantic arrows, it was like an impregnable fortress.

The imperial city is gigantic, it's ten times bigger than the city of lights, when everyone entered the imperial city, many people went crazy with joy, it was like an accomplishment for them. In the streets, there were a lot of cultivators in the realm of the earth and realm of the sky, sometimes you could even see martial lords walking around, these were things that were impossible in forces of rank 5 or even 6.

"Well, you'll all be staying at the Inn of a Thousand Leaves, here's your room key. " Suddenly one of the sect leaders spoke and then he gave each of you a key.

Alan received his room key and told Li Lu to go on a tour of the city. Alan asked Li Lu to put on a veil because her beauty would cause too much trouble.

Alan wanted to get money as soon as possible because without money it would be complicated. By asking people, he learned that there will be a special auction that only happens when the tournament is approaching, a lot of geniuses who will participate in the tournament will be present and this auction is really extraordinary because a lot of extremely rare items will be present.

The auction will take place tomorrow in the afternoon, today was one of the last days to go and sell something, Alan had decided to sell an energetic fruit of holy rank. If he put something of divine rank, he was afraid that even the auction would want to steal it.

When he arrived at the door of the auction, a beautiful woman greeted him, many women were jealous that she took the initiative because Alan was really much too handsome, all the women wanted Alan to look at them.

Alan didn't pay any attention to this and said.

"I want to sell something. »

The woman nodded her head and took him to the specialized room for the sale.

Alan followed the young woman, and then he came to a door.

"Sir, come in, the inspector will analyze what you want to sell. " Said the young lady with a big smile.

Alan replied with a smile, then entered with Li Lu.

"He smiled at me." The woman was still shocked and at the same time her heart was melting, it was the most beautiful smile she had ever seen.

When Alan walked in, he saw a middle-aged man with a strong aura sitting on a seat. He looked at Alan and said.

"What do you want to sell? " the man asked.

"Holy rank energy fruit. " Alan replied.

"WHAT?! "The man was completely shocked, he didn't know if he'd heard correctly. He looked at Alan and said.

" Sir, I'm going to get the Vice President so he can take a look. " After that, he left in a hurry.

Alan was now thinking maybe he should've taken a spirit rank. Meanwhile, Li Lu looked at Alan a little shocked, because in the forest there were energy fruits, but they were all of mortal or earthly rank and they were guarded by beasts of rank 5 or 6. This was to say how rare this fruit was.

Alan didn't need to reach long, a few minutes later an old man arrived, Alan knew very well this aura, it was the aura of a martial emperor! The only martial emperor he had seen was Feng Chan and he could tell that the man in front of him was much stronger!

"Hello sir, are you the one who wants to sell an energy fruit of holy rank? "Answered the old man with a smile.

"Yes, I am." After that Alan brought out the red energetic fruit, when the fruit came out, a gigantic aroma filled the whole room, if anyone in the realm of body refinement could smell this aroma, its cultivation would increase, it was the blessings of a fruit of holy rank.

"It's truly an energetic fruit of holy rank, my gods! An energy fruit of such a rank has not been seen for thousands of years! Sir, if you sell it, the house won't take any tax, and we'll give you the best VIP room. "Says the old man.

Alan was surprised, he thought he really should have pulled out a spirit rank, but it was too late. He replied with a smile.

"The reason I came here is to sell it. »

"Awesome, awesome, here, this is your pass to VIP room number 1, you'll get the best maids and the best food like rank 8 beasts or whatever. "replied the old man while giving the token to Alan.

Alan was shocked, a beast of rank 8 was offered like that with a token? It was pretty shocking. The meat of the beast was full of energy, it could strengthen the body, bones and other organs.

Alan thanked the vice president and then went to the inn to wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow will be a day when Alan will become rich.

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