Dragon God System Chapter 106: Direction to the imperial city


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Two weeks passed quickly, Alan had had a good time with his family, his wife and Li Lu, today was the time for the appointment with the sect leader to head to the capital of the dynasty.

During his two weeks, Alan had finally opened the 2nd seal of the dragon, testing this in the tower of the seven divine swords, he was shocked by its power, the skills of sacred rank can only show their true power by reaching the stage of the martial lord, but Alan was an exception. The power of two dragons was fantastic, when Alan had only one arm, he could use the first seal of the dragon, but the dragon was quite fuzzy, he had only 50% of his power, but now with his two arms and the second seal of the dragon, his power was gigantic.

His mother and Yan Fei were really surprised when they saw Alan with a new arm, but they were all happy, especially Yan Fei, she had been so scared when Alan lost his arm that she felt like she could finally free herself from this worry in her heart.

Her family knew that Alan was leaving for the capital of the dynasty, her mother was proud, her son had become someone who could position himself at the top of the continent. Yan Fei was also happy, her husband was someone who made her proud, even if she didn't like to separate from Alan, she knew that it wouldn't be the last, she had to get used to it, and this increased her desire to increase her strength. Luan didn't care, she didn't know that Alan was going to leave, all she could think about was eating.

Only Li Lu will follow Alan into the capital, this will be an additional protection, because he will be sure that he will offend powerful forces. In the Young Genius Tournament, it is composed of geniuses of strength five to nine, if a genius of strength five beats a genius of strength six or more, it is like offending him, but he was also sure that the emperor would do something to prevent that from happening.

"Yan Fei, I'll go, I'll also research your mother, I'm sure we can find some information. "Said Alan as he hugged Yan Fei.

Yan Fei nodded her head, she wanted to stay as long as possible in her man's embrace, it was a warmth and smell she loved.

After that, he left Yan Fei's embrace and kissed her. After that, he also hugged his daughter and gave her a lot of fruit and grass for her to grow more. He hugged her mother and then went into the air followed by Li Lu.

Suddenly he stopped in the air, suddenly, Alan said.

"Indra. »

A black silhouette appeared, he was a middle-aged man, he had feline eyes that emitted a fierce aura, he had long black hair, when he came out, a shocking wave of energy occurred.

Li Lu was completely stunned by this, the energy that the man released was not inferior to her, moreover, she felt that her fighting strength was overpowering. But she was surprised by what just happened.

"Master. "The man knelt down before Alan. He was, of course, the king of the underworld, a beast with a small percentage of Asura blood who could cultivate clan techniques. He was now a demonic beast in the seventh stage of the martial lord, with his divine variant bloodline, his fighting strength is monstrous.

"Protect my family and my wife in the shadows. " Says, Alan.

"Yes, master. "The king of the underworld bowed and disappeared.

" Alan, who is it? " Asked Li Lu.

"My demonic beast. " Said Alan, smiling.

Li Lu was surprised, she wanted to know more, but then she saw that Alan had disappeared.

Alan and Li Lu took only a few seconds to get to the meeting place. When Alan arrived, he saw a lot of young geniuses under the age of 20, they were geniuses who rarely appear, they were all in the realm of the sky. Alan was even surprised to see Nalan Rumeng, the girl with an extremely cold physique. He noticed that there was also Wen Jiang, he wasn't surprised, with his talent and strength, it would be weird if he wasn't one of the geniuses. But there were a lot of people he didn't know, but Alan didn't pay any attention to them.

The arrival of Alan and Li Lu caused a great wave of shock, who didn't know Alan for his beauty and divine talent, but what surprised everyone the most was that Alan had recovered his arm, many had a shocked expression, because to recover a limb you had to have a ten-star pill which is very rare or even legendary on the continent. Li Lu also provoked a shock wave because she was a rarely seen beauty, she had big breasts and round buttocks, enough to make a lot of men envious.

"Alan, can I enter the contest? "Li Lu asked.

Alan was a little surprised, but he replied.

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"It's only for geniuses under the age of 20. " Alan said, shaking his head.

"Hmph, I turned 19 four months ago! " Li Lu's voice came as a definite shock to Alan.

Rank 7 beast at the age of 19? And he was no ordinary Grade 7 beast, he was a much stronger person. How much talent does one need to be to achieve this before the age of 20?

"Are you really only nineteen? "Alan asked as he looked at Li Lu with a shocked look in his eyes.

"Of course! I'm a rarely seen genius. " Li Lu said proudly.

"Well, then there's no problem for you to participate. "Says Alan shaking his head, with such strength, she'd be bored in this competition. Besides, if she participated, Alan wouldn't have a chance of taking first place. How can he defeat a beast of rank 7?

"Well, you're all here, that's fantastic. " Suddenly a laugh was heard in the air, everyone raised their heads and greeted the five chiefs of sect.

"The trip to the imperial city will take two weeks, you'll all be on beastly Rank 5 mounts, so remember to cultivate again and focus on the tournament. " Said one of the Cult Leaders.

All the geniuses were happy, participating in such a competition would make them known, but, they knew they weren't the only geniuses and that there were geniuses of strength 6,7,8 and 9. They are all geniuses who are fed with scarce resources.

Suddenly five flying beasts of rank 5 appeared, they caused a great wave of energy. The beasts of rank 5 were suzerain in a force of rank 5. All the geniuses were a little stunned.

"All right, follow your Cult Leader and get on the flying beast. " After that scream, all the geniuses split up and climbed up on a level five beast.

Alan and Li Lu followed suit.

" Alan, who is it? "Suddenly the Sect Leader's voice rang out, he'd never seen that woman next to Alan.

"Her name is Li Lu, she is as strong as me, and at less than 20 years old, I recommend her for the competition. " Said, Alan. When he said equivalent strength, he smiled ironically, if he really said Li Lu's strength, even the Cult Leader would bow down.

"Well, well, haha. "The Cult Leader didn't even refuse, on the contrary, he was really happy, if Alan said that this woman was as strong as him, then this woman was also a monster! Why wouldn't he accept such a monster in his team?

After that, they left for the imperial city, Alan was sure that this is where it all will start, all the forces will learn who Alan is and his strength.

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