Dragon God System Chapter 105: 10-Star Pill


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After that, Li Lu went hunting the martial kings to bring them back to Alan, meanwhile, Alan was wondering how many systems points a martial king or a rank 6 beast would bring him. It didn't take long to wait, a few more minutes, Li Lu brought back a gigantic body, it was a huge turtle.

Even though the turtle was half dead, Alan could feel a gigantic pressure coming from it.

"This beast of rank 6 and stage 2 of the martial king! " Said Li Lu.

Alan nodded his head and killed the beast.

[Ding! You have received 20 million system points!]

Alan was shocked, 20,000,000 system points for a beast was really worth it. With 20 million system points, you can buy the lowest holy techniques, it was not negligible. Also, a nucleus of beast of rank 7 was very valuable, its cultivation would increase rapidly.

After that, Li Lu went back to hunt the other beast of rank 6, when Alan killed it, he received 10 million system points. He had had a total of 30 million system points with only two beasts.

Alan now had 638,495,000 system points, that was a lot, without reaching more, he bought the ten-star healing pill and a seven-star effect canceling talisman. 558 million system points went away just like that, Alan felt sick when he saw that. He only had 80,495,000 system points left.

"Here is a cancellation talisman, if you put it on your body you can leave the formation without any problem. "Said Alan as he gave the talisman.

When Li Lu saw this, she was extremely happy, she knew what a talisman was, even though she didn't know if the talisman was powerful enough, she took it anyway.

"Well, let's go. "Said Alan with a smile.

Li Lu nodded like a little girl and followed Alan. Alan easily came out of the deep zone of the Devil's Mountains, but Li Lu stopped.

"Why aren't you moving forward? "Said Alan as he looked at Li Lu.

"I'm scared. "Said Li Lu.

"Huh? "Alan was completely stunned by what she said.

"Alan, can I really pass the formation? I've heard that all humans are selfish and shouldn't be trusted, even though I believe in you, do you believe in me? If you really gave me something pass the formation, with my strength you would be afraid that I would kill you. "Says Li Lu.

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"Humans are indeed treacherous and selfish, but there are some we can trust. Li Lu, apart from my family and my wife, you are the only person I have relaxed and had fun with, I never have friends, just enemies. "Say, Alan.

Suddenly Li Lu pass the formation, nothing happened, she could leave the training as she wanted, when she looked at Alan, she blamed herself for not trusting him completely.

"Alan, I'm sorry. "Said Li Lu.

"It's okay, I understand what you meant. " Smiled Alan. Then he left for the city.

Seeing Alan leave, Li Lu felt bad. The only person she could have a good time with was gone?

"Alan, wait for me, don't leave me. "Suddenly Li Lu's scream echoed, Alan, turned around to see Li Lu flying towards him at full speed.

Alan smiled when he saw this, he was always surprised at how immature and kind this woman was, even though she was a demonic beast, she had more humanity than some humans.

"I'm not going to abandon you, I just gave you a choice. "Says Alan, smiling.

Li Lu was happy when she saw this, it meant she could follow Alan.

After that, Li Lu and Alan left for the City of Lights, there were still two weeks left before the departure to the capital of the Jiang Dynasty. Alan was looking forward to it.

"Come, I'll introduce you to my mother! "Says Alan with a smile.

Li Lu nodded his head with a smile. After that, they went to the hostel, Alan was also planning to move them to a large villa, with all the money and treasures collected from the lord's members and all the wealth of the mansion, Alan was sure he was the richest.

Alan arrived at the inn and went straight to his mother's room, followed closely by Li Lu.

Alan knocked at the door, a few seconds later Mu Qianqian opened the door, happy to see his son. As for Luan, she was also very happy, Alan took her directly in his arms.

"Alan, is that your new wife?" Suddenly Mu Qianqian's voice resounded, she had a mysterious smile on the corner of her lips. Li Lu blushed as she heard his words.

Alan knew his mother was joking, but he shook his head and then explained Li Lu's identity. Mu Qianqian was obviously very surprised to learn that she was a rank 7 beast, someone on the same level as a martial king.

Li Lu introduced herself, she was very happy, but every time she took a look at Luan, she was a little scared. It was because of the suppression of the bloodline.

After spending time with them, Alan decided to take them both to buy a luxurious mansion. Alan bought the mansion with ease and then he took Luan and Mu Qianqian to the mansion, when they arrived, Luan ran around, it was very big, she was naturally curious.

After doing all this, Alan went with Li Lu to meet Yan Fei.

When he arrived at his residence, Yan Fei welcomed him, but when a woman arrived next to Alan, she was extremely surprised, especially since the woman was as beautiful as she was.

"Alan, who is it? "Asked Yan Fei.

"She's the ruler of Devil's Mountain. "Said, Alan.

"Oh okay, huh? "Yan Fei pretended not to listen to Alan, but when she heard Alan's last words, she was shocked. To be the ruler of Devil's Mountain meant to be a beast of the seventh rank.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Li Lu! "Li Lu approached Yan Fei and smiled gently at him.

"I am Yan Fei! Is it true that you are the sovereign of Devil's Mountain? "Asked Yan Fei.

"Of course! But that's in the past, Alan saved me from that hell, so I decided to follow him! "Said Li Lu.

Yan Fei was a little shocked, after that, she took Li Lu's arm visibly surprised and took him into the room to talk, leaving Alan alone.

Alan shook his head and pulled out the ten-star pill, the highest pill on the mortal continent, an extremely rare pill.

"Well, it's time to eat that pill and get a new arm! "Alan said as he ate the pill. A wave of energy entered Alan's body, a ten-star pill was really powerful, it can eliminate hidden diseases, very powerful poisons, and repel limbs.

In a few breaths, Alan could feel a new arm. When he looked at his arm, there was no change, it was identical to the previous one.

Alan finally had a new arm. Now he could open the second seal of the dragon.

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