Dragon God System Chapter 104: Sovereign of the Devil's Mountains


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A month has passed since Alan entered the Devil's Mountains, in only one month, Alan had done a genocide of demonic beast, he killed dozens of beasts a day, the weakest was at the realm of heaven while the strongest was at the stage of the martial lord. Of course, they were all in the initial stage, otherwise, it would be much more complicated.

"145,500,000 system points in just one month, that's huge, but not enough, I even had to attract beasts to the top of the martial lord or even above. "Alan thought.

He knew he was no match for a beast on top of the martial lord, if it came, he could only flee or use the teleportation talisman he won.

"Oh! So it's a handsome young man who's done genocide in my Devil's Mountains? "Suddenly a gracious voice echoed through the air.

"Who?" Alan looked up to see a woman in her early 20s, she was wearing almost no clothes, you could see her perfect curves worthy of perfection. Despite Alan's shock at the beauty of the woman, he remained on his guard because someone who could come in escaping Alan's spiritual sense was no ordinary person.

"Hey, don't panic young man, if I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead already, in fact, I came here to meet you. "Says the young lady with a charming smile. If a person didn't have a strong personality, they would already be under that woman's spell because of her seduction.

"Who are you? " Asked Alan again, he knew she could kill him just by blowing on him.

"You didn't hear me, I'm the queen of the devil's mountains! The one and only ruler of his mountains. "Says the woman with a proud feeling, she looked at Alan as if she was waiting for him to compliment her.

Alan looked at the woman then smiled, he found it amusing that a woman as strong as she was had such an immature side.

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He replied, "Why did you visit me, as far as I know, I have killed hundreds of your colleagues, aren't you going to get your revenge? "Said Alan with a smile.

The woman blinked her eyes and then answered with a smile, "I don't care, even if all the beasts die in her mountains, it has nothing to do with me, it's the law of the strongest, there's almost no friendship among the beasts, not even among some level 5 beasts," said the woman.

Alan was a little surprised, this woman is really weird, but fortunately, she has no desire for revenge, otherwise, he would be dead already.

"Tell me, young man, what's your name? "Says the young lady as she sits next to Alan.

Alan was a little surprised and then he replied, "My name is Alan and what's yours? »

"I'm Li Lu. "Says the woman with a big smile.

Alan was really surprised by Li Lu's character. They had just met and yet she smiled and talked as if they had been friends for a long time.

"Tell me, Alan, what's the outside world like? "Suddenly Li Lu asked this question, she didn't have a smile on her face but a sadness in her eyes.

Alan didn't understand why, she had a high level of culture, she could walk freely in the world.

"Why are you asking me this question? With your strength, you can visit the world whenever you want. "Says, Alan.

" Unfortunately, every ruler of the Devil's Mountains cannot leave the mountains, because of a powerful formation, I am limited to stay here for the rest of my days. " sighed Li Lu. She was really sad, her biggest dream was to travel the human world, to discover different cultures, to taste human food and many things, she was also a young woman who dreamed of having a family and a husband to rely on, to start a family and live peacefully.

"A formation ? "Alan was really surprised, why would such a formation be here?

"Every time a mountain ruler dies, another one is chosen, around the Devil's Mountains between the deep region where you are and all the other beasts of rank 5 and the intermediate region, there is a special formation for us forest rulers, I was able to meet you because you are in the deep region, otherwise I couldn't meet you. The forest sovereign when he is chosen has to take a special pill that reacts to this training, which does not allow us to pass the training. "Said Li Lu, in her voice you could hear that she was unhappy.

"Does such a thing exist? " Alan was a bit surprised, a pill that reacts with training, it's really weird.

"The world's a big place, there are so many weird things out there. "Says Li Lu.

"That's true." Alan nodded his head, he absolutely agreed with his words.

"System, is there any way to cure her or to do something so that she can break the formation? »

[Ding! Of course, it's possible to do that, you have to buy a 7-star cancellation talisman and put it on the person's body.]

Alan asked the system to show the talisman, within seconds he had already found this.

"58,000,000 system points... " Alan thought. It was worth a lot of system points, but suddenly he thought of something.

" Tell me Li Lu, if I had a way to get you out of here, could you help me? "Asked Alan.

When she heard his words Li Lu's body trembled, she looked at Alan and then without even realizing it she cried as she said.

"Do you really have away? Do you really have away? "It was tears of joy, for her, this area was like a prison, there was nothing to do.

Surprised by Li Lu's reaction, Alan said.

"Of course, it's not complicated, I just need you to seriously injure all the beasts of the martial lord and above for a month and then I'll let you out. " Smiles Alan.

Surprised by Alan's request, Li Lu nodded her head, for her it was very simple. She accepted without question.

After that, the two of them left to hunt all the rank 5 beasts from the Devil's Mountains, Alan's points soared, he earned more than 2,000,000 points for a beast in the 1st stage of the martial lord and that increased by 1,000,000 for each higher stage, not counting the bloodlines that some beasts inherited.

In just two weeks, Alan had killed all the rank 5 beasts of the Devil's Mountains, be it the beginning, middle or top of rank 5, all of them have passed through.

"302,000,000 system points in just two weeks, how magical! "Said Alan, then he looked at Li Lu who smiled kindly at him, thinking of that woman who without her all this would be impossible.

"I have 608,495,000 system points, I could have a new arm, if I add the talisman, that's 558,000,000 fewer system points, her share so fast! "Alan was really shocked, without Li Lu it would take him months to reach that number of points or he would have to increase his cultivation to the max.

"Alan, there are still two beasts left of rank 6, they are only in the initial stage, they are very weak compared to me, are we going to kill them? " Suddenly Li Lu's voice echoed.

Alan was a bit surprised, there were two martial kings in the Devil's Mountains beside Li Lu, it was quite shocking, but he replied.

"Of course ! Anyway, we will travel to the world after this! "Said, Alan.

"Yes!" Li Lu replied with a smile, she was very happy, since she was born, her two weeks with Alan were the best time of her life.

Alan was the same as Li Lu, he enjoyed his moments, he could say that she was his only friend since he started his journey. Now he could have a fifth person with whom he could smile and relax. Also, having such a pretty woman by his side was really cool.

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