Dragon God System Chapter 102: Rage


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Alan entered the palace of the lord of the city, he didn't kill anyone when he arrived, everyone on sight what Alan had done, so everyone let him pass, he had analyzed all the mansion with his spiritual sense to find the daughter of the lord of the city. When he arrived at the door where the daughter of the city lord was staying, he took off his mask and entered.

When Alan entered, he saw the daughter of the city lord empty without emotion on the bed. She had heard the sound of the door opening, and when she looked in the direction of the door, she could not help shaking.

"Yo, I came to give you another present. "After that, Alan took the lord of the town's head and threw it to the girl.

"Fa... father. "When she saw her father's face, she couldn't stop talking, but her voice was cold. Tears fell from her eyes, because of her the rest of her family had died, she looked at Alan with empty eyes, even though she hadn't killed anyone, her eyes were like a demon waiting for him to wake up.

Alan was getting ready to leave when suddenly the voice of the daughter of the lord of the city sounded.

"Are you going to let me live? " Said the daughter of the city lord.

"Why would I kill you? Otherwise, everything I've done now has been for nothing. "Said, Alan.

"Aren't you afraid some god will smile upon me and let me take my revenge? "Says she with a face without emotion.

"It's not impossible, the gods smiled at me so that I could get here, if a god smiles at you and allows you to live again, you'll see that your previous arrogance was only a burden, your family blocked your way, now dedicate your life to kill me, maybe it will bring you to me, even if it won't help because you will always be inferior to me, that's your destiny. "Says Alan laughing, then he disappeared.

"Alan, one day, what you put me through, I'll put your wife and all the women beside you through it. "The daughter of the lord of the city gnashed her teeth.

Meanwhile, Alan went to see his mother and Luan, they hadn't seen them for six months. Upon arriving at the hostel, Alan entered and walked towards the door where Luan and Mu Qianqian were staying.

Alan knocked on the door, suddenly he heard someone behind the door shouting.

"Grandma, there's someone knocking at the door, maybe it's Dad! »

Hearing his words, a warm smile formed on Alan's mouth. It had been six months since he had seen his daughter, even though she was not his biological daughter, he had seen her birth and considered her his daughter.

Suddenly the door opened, Alan could see Mu Qianqian with a big smile, suddenly a little girl passed between her mother's legs and jumped on Alan.

"Daddy! "Alan was a little surprised, he hadn't even seen her arrive, but he hugged her tightly while looking at her mother with a smile, and then he stepped forward to enter the room.

"Alan, it's been a long time since we've seen you, you didn't even tell us you were going to solitary for six months, if it wasn't for Yan Fei and Miu who told us a few months ago, we would have been worried. "Said Mu Qianqian.

Alan scratched his head, they hadn't told them. Mu Qianqian invited his son for dinner, they haven't eaten together for a long time.

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"Alan, why did the lord of the city shout your name so loudly in the city this afternoon? "Mu Qianqian asked, she was really curious about it, enraging the lord of the city like that, what did he do?

Alan sighed and then told the whole story, when Mu Qianqian heard this, she was so angry that she wanted to personally destroy the graves of all the descendants of the city lord's mansion, Alan calmed her down.

Alan analyzed his mother a little, he was a little surprised, she was in the 6th stage of the earth realm, which was excellent, in six months going from the 1st to the 6th stage would be considered a genius.

Alan spent dinner with his mother, they talked about everything and nothing, of course, he didn't forget to play with his daughter. Alan liked his peaceful moments, they were the only times he could smile and be happy.

The evening and quickly arrived. Alan reluctantly said goodbye to Luan and Mu Qianqian, but he had no other choice. He wanted to find Yan Fei and go to the second floor of the Tower of The Seven Divine Swords. Now that he had reached the origin of the sword, he could go to the 2nd floor of the tower, he didn't have time when he was in isolation, but now he wanted to find out what was hiding in the 2nd floor.

Upon arriving at his residence, Alan met Yan Fei, Yan Fei smiled at him, she was happy that he was holy and safe, after that, Alan told Yan Fei all about it, he didn't want to lie to him. Yan Fei listened to the whole story carefully.

After that Alan spent some time with Yan Fei giving him herbs and fruits to increase his cultivation, because Yan Fei was only at the 5th stage of the earth realm, because of his imprisonment, his cultivation had not progressed much.

After doing all this, Alan was able to summon the Tower of the Seven Divine Swords, upon entering, he was greeted by the spirit of the tower, Alan asked how to enter the 2nd floor.

When he reached the second floor, the spiritual energy was 10 times higher than the first floor and the intention of the sword in the air was 5 times stronger, Alan was amazed.

"Spirit, is there a special treasure on the second floor? "Asked Alan, if there is a treasure, it will be incredible.

"Of course, the treasure is as always in the room. "Says the spirit in the tower.

Alan entered the room, when he arrived in the room, there was a table, on the table, there was a jar with a pill.

Alan approached the pill and asked the system to analyze it.

[Immortal Sword Memory Pill; rank unknown]

Immortal Sword Remembrance Pill: A pill that preserves the memories of the sword path of a practitioner who has reached the immortal sword stage.

"Strong, too strong" Alan was shocked, Alan didn't know what the immortal sword stage was, but he was sure it was extremely powerful.

"With this pill, you will have a great understanding of the sword path, the immortal sword stage and something that only exists in higher realm, some higher genius of mortal realm can touch this stage, but it's extremely rare, this pill was made with all his understanding and his sword voice, you'll learn a lot." Says the spirit of the tower.

Alan nodded his head, then he swallowed the pill, when he swallowed the pill, his mind was filled with memories.

Intention of the sword, origin of the sword, spirit of the sword, Soul sword and finally immortal sword, the path of the sword was gigantic.

Alan had completely assimilated his information, this pill had all the memories of the path of the sword up to the stage of the immortal sword.

"With this, my understanding of the sword will skyrocket, reaching the spirit of the sword is only a matter of time! "Alan was really happy, the second treasure was worthy of the Tower of the Seven Divine Swords.

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