Dragon God System Chapter 101: Five martial lords


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"Fucking kid! "The lord of the city couldn't hold back any longer, in 1 day he had seen his daughter suffer the worst humiliation and almost all her strength was destroyed, it was too hard to accept.

"Lord, let's go, the five of us! I can't believe that a kid in heaven's realm can defeat us five to one. "Says one martial lord.

"That's right." Said another martial lord.

Hearing the words of the martial lords, Alan no longer restrained himself, he released the Asura form, and its solar strength. His cultivation that was in the 1st stage of the sky realm went directly to the 5th stage of the sky realm, mixed with the Asura form, his strength was shocking.

Great waves of energy and murderous intent fell on the martial lords, Alan's strength was shocking, the whole city could feel his strength. Each time his strength evolved, his Asura form evolved too, his murderous intent was reinforced. Alan held the Sword of Chaos which was now a weapon of high spiritual rank.

"Die! "Suddenly a martial lord rushed at him, Alan dodged quickly with his celestial steps, he suddenly turned around and deployed his sword's origin to its maximum.

Ding! Ding!

The sound of the swords confronted each other, Alan knew that even if he had reached the origin of the sword, a martial lord was really too reactive, even close, he could still follow his movements.

"Even if you have reached the origin of the sword, you are not invincible! "Suddenly, a voice came from behind, Alan dodged it quickly. Suddenly he pointed his sword in the air and hundreds ice lances quickly formed in the air, Alan quickly lowered his arm and all the ice lances fell on the two martial lords.

"Bronze body! " shouted a martial lord.

The other martial lord formed a shield with his spiritual energy, thinking it was enough. But both martial lords underestimated Alan's ice, it wasn't normal ice. The ice easily pierced the spiritual shield and the bronze body of the martial lords, yet they dodged it.

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"What are you waiting for, attack him, if it's just the two of us, it's going to be impossible! " Shouted a martial lord who was fighting with Alan.

The lord of the city and the two other martial lords next to him nodded their heads, they all ran towards Alan.

Alan frowned a little, five martial lords were really complicated to deal with. Especially since they were not ordinary martial lords, the most powerful one was a martial lord of rank 5 while the others were of rank 3 and 4. Alan quickly put away his sword and screamed.

"Dragon Hand, First Claw! "A gigantic hand full of scales appeared in the air, suddenly a huge claw fell down towards one of the martial lords.

"Lava fist! "The martial lord roared, he had used a skill of spiritual rank.

"Second claw! Third, fourth, fifth, sixth! "Alan used the six claws of the dragon, the martial lord could easily deflect the first claw, but when he saw the other five claws coming towards him, he couldn't help but get scared because he had no time to dodge.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! "A scream sounded, the martial lord who had taken the other five claws of the dragon was literally torn apart by them.

"Li Tai! "The others shouted in panic, one of the martial lords had died like that?

[Ding! You have received 4,000,000 system points.]

Alan looked at the other 4 martial lords who were still literally shocked. Suddenly he positioned his hand towards one of the martial lords and shouted.

"First seal of the dragon! "A gigantic dragon figure came out, it rushed towards another martial lord, the martial lord was still stunned by the death of his friend when he felt a gigantic aura coming towards him at breakneck speed.

"Noooooooooo. "The martial lord shouted, then he was swallowed by the dragon.

[Ding! You've been awarded 5,000,000 system points.]

"Li An! "The city lord screamed in panic, another member of his family died like that, that was his main strength! »

He looked at Alan and said, "I don't know who you are, but you're certainly going to suffer! " The lord of the city gnashed his teeth, if looks could kill, Alan would have died a hundred times over.

"Oh? How are you going to kill me? "Alan's voice echoed, there was disdain in his voice.

"Guys! Let's use it! " shouted the lord of the city.

The two men nodded their heads, suddenly the three of them released their auras to the maximum, gigantic waves swept through the city, many spectators could no longer watch the spectacle.

"Competence of sacred rank, descent of celestial lightning! "The three shouted in unison, what they were using was a sacred skill that could only be used by three or more, but it was very powerful.

The three men had used all their energy in this skill, suddenly clouds formed, thunder rumbled, and then a gigantic lightning bolt as wide as a house fell upon Alan. There was only one lightning bolt, but Alan could feel that it was as powerful as the lightning he had inside him. Even though the lightning of tribulation in him was weak, it was still lightning of tribulation.

But was Alan afraid of lightning? The answer was no, on the contrary, it would be good for him, when the lightning struck him, Alan absorbed it and put it into his body. Minutes passed, the lightning was still on Alan, the three martial lords were still using their energy to power the lightning, otherwise, it would have disappeared long ago. He really wanted to make sure that Alan was really dead.

"He should be dead, shouldn't he? "Said one martial lord, with his voice you could tell he was tired.

The city lord and the other martial lord nodded their heads, they all thought that Alan had burned to death or even his body was gone. When they stopped using their energy to power the lightning, it stopped and then disappeared as if it had never appeared.

But when the lightning disappeared, there was someone inside. Surprised by the disappearance of the lightning, Alan opened his eyes to meet the eyes of the three martial lords.

"How could you resist this! "The lord of the city couldn't help screaming, it was inconceivable, even someone at the top of the martial lord could hardly survive, yet the man in the silver mask had done so when he was only in the realm of the sky.

Alan liked to see the fear in the eyes of the three men, he smiled and then said, "I am immune to lightning. »

"Impossible, it's literally impossible! "The lord of the city couldn't help but roar.

"Nothing is impossible in this world, now it is time to die. "After that Alan ran straight to the martial lords who were now exhausted, he took his sword and killed them very easily, with 90% of their energy depleted, they had no strength left to resist Alan.

[Ding! You've been awarded 5,000,000 system points.]

[Ding! You've been awarded 5,000,000 system points.]

[Ding! You've been awarded 6,000,000 system points.]

"Good harvest. "Alan nodded with satisfaction, took the storage rings of all the martial lords and cultivators in the sky realm, and then cut off the head of the city lord in full view of the crowd.

"Let's go and give this girl another present. " Said Alan with a smile.

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