Dragon God System Chapter 100: Fighting the mansion of the lord of the city


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Alan went home, suddenly he frowned, there were five people following him, and they were all on top of the sky realm. Alan smiled at this, suddenly he disappeared.

"Where is he? "Said a murderer.

"AHHHHHHH Suddenly, bloody screams rang out, the murderer turned around to see that he was the only survivor, his four friends had died in a few breaths.

"You must be people sent by the lord of the city, unfortunately, you are too weak, it's so simple to kill you that there's not even any excitement. "Alan's voice was cold as he looked at the last man standing, yet he had a little smile on his face, which made the murderer shudder.

The man who was an experienced assassin and had killed thousands of people was trembling. For the first time in his life, he saw someone 17 years old who was more terrifying than a demon. Someone who killed without flinching, someone who regarded human life as if it were nothing.

He tried to escape as best he could, he didn't stand a chance against Alan. He figured that the Lord of the town had made a big mistake in provoking Alan.

"Where are you running to? "Alan's voice echoed in his ear, but a few seconds later he saw a headless body fall from the sky. It was his body, what he saw with his last consciousness was the sight of his headless body.

"Five million free points. "Now, I'll show no mercy, points are my second life, if I have system points I can do anything, if I don't, I can't do anything. Whoever wants to kill me will be killed, whoever wants to humiliate me will be killed. "Says, Alan. The system points were like his life, without the system points, he would have died long ago.

"Well, it's time to go destroy the mansion of the lord of the town, after that I'll go see my mother and daughter. " A trace of tenderness was visible in his eyes. Only Yan Fei, his mother, Miu and Luan could see Alan's tender side. When Alan was like that, he looked like a 17-year-old teenager, but when someone touched all four of his people, he looked like a god of war. His personality and killing without emotion were due to his bloodline Asura, the Asura was born to kill.

Alan put on a silver mask, he didn't want "Alan" to be the name given to the man who destroyed the mansion of the lord of the city, otherwise, his name will once again resonate across the continent, but forces of level 7 and above will fight to get Alan into their sect or clan, or kill him, someone who can kill martial lords in the realm of heaven under the age of 20 was unheard of. This would be a threat to Alan and his family.

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"Under this mask, I would be the man in the silver mask, I would be the fear of many people. " After that, he left for the lord's mansion in the city.

In the manor house, a man sitting in front of him had five crystal balls broken, the man was completely stunned, moreover, 4 of his balls broke at the same time. The man was well on the lord of the city, looking at this, he was even a little afraid, because if the five worked together in the shadows, even he would be hurt and would not be able to kill them so quickly. They were highly trained assassins who underwent superhuman training, all their exercises were to kill in the shadows people stronger than them.

"Does he have someone protecting him in the shadows, or is it him? No, impossible, he is only at the intermediate stage of the earth's realm, even with his talent in six months he should have reached the 8th stage of the earth's realm. "The lord of the city was thinking, suddenly two guards came, both guards were afraid.

" What happened? " Said the lord of the city.

"My lord, the young miss has no more emotion, she shows nothing, her eyes are empty and she keeps repeating the words 'kill Alan'" said the two guards.

"Given the trauma that Alan has implanted in my daughter, it is normal, my daughter has suffered something inhuman, I swear that to find my daughter's smile, I would do anything! Do you have any clues about Alan's family? »

"The search is still on, my lord. "Said the two guards.

"Good." The lord of the city nodded his head. Suddenly, he frowned and shouted, "Beware!" But it was too late.


A great noise resounded in the city, all the mansion was crushed, Alan had used the "Extinguishing Fist of the World" With this attack, even if a martial lord receives his fist, it would be shredded.

"Who are you? " Suddenly, about 40 figures led by a middle-aged man rose into the air. »

"5 martial lords and 39 in the sky realm, many of them at the top, worthy of a Rank 5 force," Alan thought.

"The one who's going to kill you, you dared to try to kill people you shouldn't have touched. " Said, Alan. Thanks to the silver mask, his voice was a little altered.

The lord of the city frowned, he couldn't see the cultivation of the man in the silver mask. He replied, "Are you the one who killed the five murderers? And who are you? »

"That's right, it's me, his four ants on top of the sky realm don't have to follow him. As for my name, you can just call me the man in the silver mask. "Says, Alan.

When the lord of the city heard this, his body trembled a little, he wasn't even sure that with all his men beside him that he could kill him. He shouted, "Attack him together! »

Thirty or so men ran straight towards Alan, the martial lords were all at the back, waiting to see.

"What a bunch of idiots, coming near me is the best way to die. "Said Alan with a smile, with the origin of the sword, he could kill cultivators at the top of the realm of heaven and even at the beginning of the martial lord if they were close enough to him, but now, about thirty of them were coming close to him, how could he not be happy?

"Well die! "Alan shouted, suddenly a sword shone, then a few breaths later, blood splashed everywhere.

"AHH" Abominable screams resounded in the city, the cultivators in the middle and top stage of the sky realm would die like dogs, in a few moments, a dozen of them had died. Alan didn't stop there, he used the "Extinguishing Fist of the World" directly at them.

"I surrender! "A cultivator on top of the sky realm shouted. He didn't want to face that demon anymore.

"I don't give a damn, die! "Alan screamed, then the man died.

Within minutes, Alan had killed all the sky realm cultivators, the spectators, the martial lords of the city lord's mansion, everyone was stunned. Were they really sky realm cultivators?

"I earned 30,650,000 system points, it's really profitable. " Said Alan, and then he looked at the five martial lords.

" Now it's your turn. »

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