Dragon God System Chapter 10: Fighting a descendant of the celestial wolves


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[Ding!Analysis in progress...]

[Queen Celestial Wolves]

[Bloodline : Medium (Saint rank)]

[Cultivation: Spiritual Refinement 4]

Description: Descendant of the divine bloodline of the heavenly wolves, a divine wolves that conquered the mortal kingdom, the heavenly wolf is unable to break into the immortal kingdom]

"Then it is a descendant of divine bloodline, a holy bloodline! He's a really good opponent! "Thinking of the queen, Alan smiled, it was the first time he had felt such excitement.

Alan tested the queen using the dragon's claw with about 20% of her strength, the queen growled and the wind around her increased. A tornado appeared under the dragon's claw, the shock of the two attacks swept through everything within a 200m radius.

Alan and the Queen moved back about 20m, they both looked at each other and then disappeared.

"BOOM! "A shock sounded, Alan could be seen with his fist on the wolf queen's head, but neither of them had backed away.

"Interesting, come on! "Says Alan by releasing all this force, he used the king's aura to its maximum, released all his energy which caused an increase in the wind. But the wolf queen is specialized in the wind element, so her attacks become stronger. Alan hadn't noticed it yet.

Using the wind produced by Alan, the wolf queen formed a storm with millions of wind blades inside. Alan was shocked, he couldn't understand why all of a sudden his attack had increased by 200%.

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"Why the hell is it so strong?" By saying that, he gathered 80% of his strength and threw a breath of the Dragon with the combined fire element, the breath was as big as 10 trees side by side.

The two attacks collided, most of the blades were gone and only a few headed for Alan, which was the same for the Queen Wolves, the beam that had lost 80% of its power was still heading towards her.

Both were tired, but Alan had an advantage: the system. He bought a 3-star 6000 point system pill that completely restored all his energy.

The queen was wounded by the dragon's breath, but also extremely tired. Alan when he had just wounds all over his body, he approached the queen. For the first time, the queen felt fear, she even wondered if he was human. How can a human have so much energy and so much power?

It should be known that no one would believe that this battle was fought with a martial artist on the 2nd level of spiritual refinement and a beast on the 4th level. This kind of destructive force (the last attack), which swept and burned everything that was within a radius of more than a kilometer.

Of course this alerts the great powers of the empires, who will come to investigate the 2 forces that caused this.

Alan looked at the queen, the queen closed her eyes, she was very smart and knew she had lost and was facing her fate. Alan he could tame him, but already having the Phoenix he rejected the idea. Alan killed her quickly, erasing the pain and then sighed.

[Ding! You defeated the Celestial Queen Wolf

Reward: 6000 points + 300% thanks to the Holy Bloodline

Total= 24,000 system points.]

Alan was surprised that a holy Bloodline would earn 300% more points. It was very profitable, he then picked up the nucleus, he counted on giving it to the Phoenix.

[Ding! Main quest completed

Rewards: 20,000 system points, nine flash movement techniques (high level of the earth at low level), Black Moon Sword (high level earth) and offensive spiritual talisman.]

"44,000 system points more, an extremely powerful weapon and a high level movement technique" When he saw this, he wanted to cry, it was the first time he had been so happy in a long time.

But before checking all its contents, he left the battle area, he knew that he had attracted all his powers from the surrounding area and even the kings of the empires would ask to investigate.

He headed towards the middle region of the forest, and found a cave about 5 km from the battle.

He asked the system to send all his rewards to the storage ring. After a few moments, he checked his storage ring and found his sword and talisman. But he did not find the technique of the nine flash movements.

"System where is the technique of the nine flash movements?" Asked Alan, that was what interested him the most.

[Ding! Martial skills, movement or any other techniques with manuals purchased or earned through the system will be transmitted directly to the host's brain. The host just has to say he wants to learn it and the skill will be passed on.]

Alan understood, it was much better than reading and it was faster. He didn't waste any time and said "Learn the skill of the nine flashes" Immediately afterwards, a complex technique appeared in Alan's brain, she had nine movements, the further we went, the faster the speed was.

"At level nine I could be as fast as lightning!" It was shocking, how fast would he get?

He then looked at the weapon, it was a beautiful weapon, resistant and extremely strong, worthy of a high-ranking land weapon. All they had to do was learn sword skills. With all his points, he would buy a lot of skill, he had 133,600.

After checking all his items, Alan decided to buy a sword skill, he then found an amazing skill.

[Art of the sacred sword → 5000 system points

Rank: Unknown

Description: This art can be the most null or the strongest, it allows those with a great understanding of the sword to see and manifest it.]

Alan bought it because he really wanted to train his intention of the sword and be a great swordsman, he hoped he understood this art.

He then bought 2 high-ranking earth skills at 60,000 points.

[The five heavenly fingers

Description: A finger that pierces the sky, the more fingers there are, the stronger the attack. Comparable to a sky technique if the person fully masters the technique.]

[Nine waves of energy

Description: This technique compresses and transforms celestial energy to send "wave" attacks as the level increases, the force is doubled.]

Alan was happy, he was now quite powerful, he then bought an extremely bleak dress and resistant to 8,000 system points so he wouldn't change clothes every time.

[Immortal white dress

Description: This unique dress is designed to withstand basic training grower attacks.]

After buying all this he checked his status.

[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Age: 16 years old]

[Cultivation: Spiritual Refinement 2]

[Body Cultivation: Divine Dragon has 1 claw]

[System point: 600]

[Bloodline: Dragon God 100% Purity]

Bloodline's skill: King's aura, dragon's breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, fire, lightning, darkness and light), understanding of the 7 elements and dragon's claw.]


[Art of the Sacred Sword] Level 1/? = (0/1000)

[Five Celestial Fingers] Level 1/5 = (0/50)

[Nine waves of energy] Level 1/9 = (0/50)

[Nine Lightning Movement] Level 1/9=(0/50)

[Cultivation technique: Dragon God cultivation method]

He almost cried when he saw his 133,000 lost points, but he had become extremely strong, he thought was training his skills a few weeks before going out and taking revenge. Because he knows that if he uses the attacks of that Bloodline it will cause him a lot of problems. Who wouldn't dream of having legendary Dragon techniques.

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