Dragon God System Chapter 1: System of the Dragon God


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In the Greenwood Forest, a boy lies on the ground, it is not known whether he is dead or alive, he has wounds all over his body. Suddenly the boy frowned and opened his eyes and tried to get up.

"Damn it, just because I'm weak and without cultivation, my family abandoned me, my father locked up my mother so she wouldn't know, if I ever get strong I swear I'll exterminate my clan! "Shouted the boy out loud.

This boy's name is Alan Cheng, he was pampered from his earliest childhood, he started talking like adults at 1 year old, reading at 3 years old, and training his body at 5 years old, but at 8 years old, they learned that he had no Dantian and therefore not suitable for cultivation. He had become a forgotten genius. All his reputation was transformed and his half brother became the pampered child, he was a prodigy to the cultivation reaching the 2nd realm refining of the body at the age of 10 years what it took him 2 years. Normally it takes 3 to 4 years for geniuses to reach this level, which earned him the title of "genius of the sky".. At the age of 16, he reached the 6th realm body refining, which was exceptional.

His father no longer took care of him, his mother had been replaced by the mother of Tian Cheng's , who is half brother, he and his mother quickly fell into oblivion and became the laughing stock of the clan. One day his half-brother conspires against him, poisoned him and throws him into the Greenwood forest, which is the most dangerous forest on the continent, where some animals can reach the realm of the basic formation, which is a legendary cultivation on this continent.

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He had just shouted after waking up but he didn't know where he was, analyzing his environment he knew he was in the Greenwood Forest.

"Tian cheng, if I don't die, I swear I'll make you suffer in the worst way," Alan thought angry, he still had a calm and benevolent character, but now it was replaced by an intention to kill and a black anger.

When he got up with a strong determination, he felt his body very weak, he didn't even know how he got up, but what he knew was that he wanted to live to avenge what was done to him and save his mother.

As he walked more and more, he felt his mind close, he was going to lose consciousness but he didn't want to, he is determined to find a cave to shelter before losing consciousness. He bit his lips, blood was bleeding, his face was extremely pale, but he was walking faster and faster.

"AHHHHHHHHH! "Shouting to motivate himself, he started walking again, he tried to run, it was practically torture, he couldn't even feel his legs, he could see blurry, he knew he was going to lose consciousness but he didn't want to.

[Ding! The Dragon God system has begun!]

[Ding! The host has shown courage and great determination, he is blessed by the Dragon God.]

"Mmm. Did I hear a voice or something? "Thought Alan before who was half conscious

[ 0% ]


[12 %]





[100% integrated into the system...]

[Ding! The host has become the heir to the Dragon God system, if you need information on the features currently available to the host, ask the system. Some system features are not available at the moment because the host level is currently too low.]

"Dragon God's system... poison makes me dream," Alan thought laughing.

[Ding! The host is poisoned, the system will remove the poison.]

As voice has spoken, Allan felt a warm current running through his body and some purple blood flowing out of his skin.

[Host, the heart poison, has been treated, the host is now in perfect health.]

Alan suddenly felt that his body was no longer weak, he got up and looked at his body which was in perfect health. He was socked for 5 minutes.

"Sir who are you really? "Asked Alan with surprise, he had cured his body in a few seconds.

[Ding! By answering the host I am the system of the Dragon God, I am the one who will help the host, to reach the top of the world and rule as the Dragon God wants.]

"Being at the top of the world, how can I do that, I'm useless I don't even have a Dantian and I'm a weak human being" said Alan with a disappointed face.

[Ding! The host has no Dantian, thanks to the blessing of the Dragon God, the host will acquire the body and divine lineage of the Dragon God.]

After hearing this, Alan felt his body hurt so much that he might lost consciousness, He tried to bear with pain for almost an hour but he lost consciousness. But while he was unconscious his body would change, if someone saw that they would lose consciousness as it was so much that was crazy.

After 3 days, the transformation was over, Alan opened his eyes and looked around him, what shocked him was his eyes has become sharp , he could see ants from 100m away, hear noises from miles away, can smell from hundreds of meters away, all his senses had increased dramatically.

He went to a river to see himself and hallucinated. His body was thin and muscular, his skin as white as jade, he had bright golden hair and eyes of gold as deep as a god. He didn't even recognize himself anymore.

"My... Sir, what happened? Asked Alan stuttering because he had turned into a divine person.

[Ding! In responding to the host, you received the bloodline and the body of the Dragon God, if you want more information about your bloodline skills and your body, you just have to say "status".]

Listening to the Alan system was in shock, he decided to listen to the system to better understand his current situation.


[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Cultivation : realm of refining body 1]

[Body cultivation: Divine Dragon has 1 claw]

[System point: 0]

[bloodline: Dragon God 100% Purity]

Bloodline skill: Will of the King, dragon breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, fire, lightning, darkness and light), understanding of the 7 elements and dragon claw.]

[Competency: None]

[Cultivation method: none]

King's Aura: Develops a noble aura around the host, making living beings with weak will kneel. The stronger the user, the more powerful the aura.]

[Dragon Breath: The user projects a ray from his mouth that is composed of the elements learned by user, the more elements the user uses in the breath, the stronger he will be but the more energy he consumes.]

[Dragon Claw: A dragon claw from the sky that falls on the enemy, the stronger the user, the more claws there will be, from the claw of a weak dragon to the divine winged dragon with nine claws.]

[Bloodline Inheritance: Your body is invulnerable to all elements and understanding of the elements are much more faster.]

[Body Cultivation: Body of the Dragon God, allows the user to have the body of a dragon, the stronger the user the stronger the body, which ranges from the 1 claw dragon to the 9 claws winged divine dragon. The body of the Dragon God is invulnerable to poison.]

When Alan saw this, he was stunned, he felt happy and at the same time he had trouble believing it, he could finally get revenge.

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