Dragon Emperor, Martial God Chapter 733: The Capital's Top Ten Beauties


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"Fourth Brother, this… Is this really for Big Sister? This is way too valuable… Big Sister can't afford to accept it…"

Even though Ling Xiu was the Ling Family's princess, her life hadn't been the most luxurious because of how the Ling Family had been struggling over the past few years. Ling Yue had also been very strict with his children, never allowing them to indulge. Hence, even though there was no need for Ling Xiu to worry about clothes and food, she was still considered incomparably wretched, especially when compared with the children of all the other great families.

It wasn't as though Ling Xiu didn't have any decent looking jewelry, but she had nothing like the Imperial green jade jewelry, which was worth at least two hundred million yuan. Nobody in the entire Ling Family could bear to spend so much money on jewelry, let alone Ling Xiu.

Of course, just because Ling Xiu couldn't bear to spend so much money didn't mean she hadn't seen anything like it before. China's economy was booming, and it was in a flourishing period of gold and antiques. Any rich person would likely own a few antiques or jewels, even if just for the sake of pride and honor. Among Ling Xiu's close friends, which one of them didn't wear an entire body of shiny jewelry, drive luxurious cars, or stay in grand mansions?

Therefore, the jewelry that Ling Yun placed in her hands had shocked her to the core!

Ling Xiu wasn't the only one that was shocked, even Ling Yong, Ling Li, and Ling Feng felt the same. What kind of monster was their fourth brother? How could he carry an unlimited supply of treasures with him, and how could every random piece be capable of startling everyone?

"Big Sister, if you don't like it, I can take it back… hehe."

Ling Yun snickered as he pretended to take it back from her.

Ling Xiu hurriedly used her other delicate hand to hold onto the jewelry tightly. Her hands moved at the speed of lightning as she stared into Ling Yun's eyes. "How dare you! You've already given it to Big Sister, so how can you think of taking it back? Dream on!"

Ling Xiu wasn't acting greedy. She had already started to regard Ling Yun as her younger brother, so why would she not accept a gift from a younger brother?

Ling Yun smiled faintly before telling Ling Xiu, "Big Sister, I came in a rush today, so I can only give you these for now. When I return the next time, I promise to bring you even better gifts, and I can guarantee you'll like them even more."

What else did Ling Yun have? He still had the five-colored jewels, which were worth even more than the Imperial green jade! If he randomly took some of that and found a skilled workman to forge it into jewelry, the stunning effect would certainly be much greater than this!

The rarer something was, the greater its value!

Moreover, the five-colored jewels were sparkling and eye-catching. If the elegant and gorgeous Ling Xiu put on jewelry like that, even the thought of that was breathtaking!

After saying that, Ling Yun didn't care about how astonished, delighted, or surprised Ling Xiu felt. He turned to the three dazed brothers, smiled, and said, "You guys don't have to be envious. You won't be getting any jewelry. However…"

Ling Yun intentionally kept them in suspense and only continued his sentence after seeing how the three brothers extended their necks, their saliva drooling out of their mouths. "Luxurious cars, famous swords, and basically anything that you guys like as long as it's something that I can buy with money. I will definitely purchase them and give them to you guys. Happy?"

"Aiyo… How did we end up with such a good younger brother? Fourth Brother, even if you like Second Brother's girlfriend in the future, I'll send her to you immediately!"

Ling Yong was so excited that he simply blurted out everything on his mind!

Ling Yun was speechless, why would he be interested in his girlfriend? Ling Yun himself had a bunch of goddesses waiting for him back in Qingshui City!

"Hehe, hehe! I want a famous sword, so Fourth Brother has to buy me a good sword. The kind that can cut through iron as though it were mud…"

Ling Feng was naturally most interested in a treasured sword.

This was simple, Ling Yun didn't even need to purchase it. Once Ling Yun started forging equipment, he could simply forge an exquisite sword for Ling Feng.

"I don't want or need anything at all. All I want is to learn from Fourth Brother… Fourth Brother, please impart some of your skills to me…"

Ling Li was the smartest, and even though he was the youngest, he understood everything well. He understood that it was more beneficial to be taught how to fish than to ask for a fish.

Ling Lie, who was watching everything by the side, suddenly reprimanded with furrowed brows, "Have you ever seen elder brothers and sisters like you people? During the first meeting, none of you thought of giving your younger brother anything. Instead, you're all trying to get Ling Yun to give you treasure after treasure!"

Of course, he wasn't actually angry! In fact, he couldn't be happier to see the five of them on such good terms with one another!

However, Ling Lie had a concern of his own. He was completely disappointed in Ling Hao, but the Ling Family still had a youngest, Ling Xue!

Ling Yun and Ling Xue were siblings with the same father but different mothers. Ling Lie understood Ling Xue's character well. Now that Ling Xiao wasn't around and Ling Yun finally returned home, Ling Lie really didn't know if there was going to be a problem between the siblings.

Ling Lie's worry was reasonable because Ling Xue had always been a stubborn and willful person. Ling Xiao never felt any kind of love towards Ling Xue's mother, and that was naturally because of Ling Yun's biological mother, the Devil Sect's Holy Virgin. Ling Xue had always felt like the extra one in the Ling Family, which was why she volunteered to join the Condor Team at the tender age of 16.

Currently, Ling Yun, the son of Ling Xiao and that Holy Virgin, was back. Nobody knew what was going to happen when Ling Xue met Ling Yun.

Either way, Ling Lie felt that he couldn't let down both the son and daughter of Ling Xiao.

This was mainly due to guilt, which was why he naturally gave them the most love.

The problem is going to come later… The more Ling Lie thought about it, the further he managed to see into the future. Even though he looked all chirpy and joyous, he was stressing out in his heart.

Ling Yun was feeling incredibly generous today, and he agreed to every request the three brothers put in front of him. He even guaranteed that he would do whatever it takes to keep his promise to them.

Ling Yun never lacked money or equipment, so he wasn't too concerned. As for imparting skills to Ling Li, Ling Yun was going to do it even without him asking. This was because he was the core strength for the future of the Ling Family.

In the end, the four juniors left feeling exceedingly satisfied. Ling Xiu was the most ecstatic among the four of them, and before leaving, she even told Ling Yun, "Little brat, let me just say that I won't be accepting your gifts for free! Big Sister knows eight of the top ten beauties in Beijing, so let me know if you fancy any of them. Big Sister can guarantee that I can bring her over!"

Doughty! Absolutely doughty! Eight at one go!

Ling Yun was stunned but replied playfully, "Big Sister, eight of the top ten beauties? Why not ten?"

Ling Xiu snickered but refused to answer, which was why Ling Li came to his rescue. "Fourth Brother, don't be a fool. The other two are already in our Ling Family, and they are Big Sister and Younger Sister Ling Xue. Both of them are ranked in the top five!"

Ling Feng stepped in to boot-lick his sister. "What do you mean top five? Big Sister and Younger Sister Ling Xue should be ranked number one!"

Ling Xiu was so delighted that she basically started swaying back and forth with smiles all over her face. Because of this, Ling Yun was actually worried that she might snap her tender waist.

At the thought of Ling Xue, her graceful cheeks and exceptional figure appeared in his mind. Coupled with that stubborn and unbending gaze in her eyes, Ling Yun couldn't help but smile warmly.

Ling Xiu, Ling Yong, Ling Feng, and Ling Li finally left cheerfully, and in the house, only Ling Yun, Ling Lie, and Cui Lao remained.

Once the four juniors left Ling Lie's courtyard, Ling Lie immediately flashed towards Ling Yun and brought him to take a seat on the sofa.

Ling Lie looked into Ling Yun's eyes with so much love and concern that even Ling Yun felt slightly uncomfortable.

"Good kid, let Grandpa take a look. Grandpa wants to take a good look…" Ling Lie couldn't help but mutter, his eyes choked with emotion. He was no longer exuding any kind of expert demeanor.

At this point, Ling Lie was just like any other ordinary old man, staring and sizing Ling Yun up.

His most precious and outstanding son actually produced such a heaven-defying and unbelievable grandson. No matter how much Ling Lie looked at him, it was never going to be enough!

Even though it was half-past two, the room was only left with three experts who didn't mind talking through the night.

At the start, they were mainly talking about kinship and the hardships that Ling Yun went through over the 18 years. Grandpa Ling was so serious in his questioning that he asked almost every possible question. The only thing he didn't ask was if Ling Yun was still a virgin.

Ling Yun could sense his grandpa's endearing love for him, so he put down any urgent matters in his heart for the time being and answered everything that was thrown at him. For questions that he had answers to, he told them truthfully. For those that he had no idea about, he simply came up with a reasonable explanation to muddle his way through. This was so his grandpa wouldn't worry that much, so he could reduce some of the guilt he felt.

It wasn't until around 5 am that the topic of conversation finally returned to the matter on hand.

"Yun Er, you don't have to care about your first uncle's opinion regarding the Ling Family villa. Grandpa is going to make the decision for you. That five hundred million is still with Grandpa, so you can use it to build what you need!"

"Grandpa, I really don't need the money from the Ling Family. From today onwards, our Ling Family will never be short of money ever again, so there's no need for you to worry about that!"

As an Immortal Doctor, Ling Yun could basically heal any known diseases or illnesses. With his ability to forge talismans and pills, he could easily earn a fortune.

Moreover, Ling Yun had even accepted four members of the Blood Clan to be his loyal servants. Pierce and Joyce definitely had more money than Paul and Chester, and their combined wealth should be more than enough to purchase four or five basketball teams. They probably had over ten billion USD, which was at Ling Yun's disposal.

Money was a mere worldly possession, so Ling Yun didn't talk more about it. Instead, he told Ling Lie about the four members of the Blood Clan and about everything that happened and why. He guaranteed that these four loyal servants weren't going to cause any problems for him. He wanted to let them stay in the Ling Family for the time being. They would listen to Ling Lie's every order and protect the Ling Family.

"Grandpa feels much more relief this way. However, they are still from the Blood Clan, and the feeling just isn't right. Additionally, what if other families, such as the Long Family or the Heavenly Team, find out about it? This would result in a lot of trouble…" Ling Lie muttered solemnly.

Ling Yun replied, "Grandpa, there's no need for you to worry about that. Chen Jianwei from the Chen Family turned into a member of the Blood Clan and even brought 29 Blood Clan members back to wreak havoc in the Cao Family. Even so, did anyone from the Long Family or the Heavenly Team say anything? Why would they intervene just because we have four members of the Blood Clan in our family? It wouldn't make any sense!"

Ling Yun added, "Also, these four members of the Blood Clan are only here for the time being as our family's defenders. As long as nothing happens to the Ling Family and you don't expose them to everyone else, nothing is going to happen…"

Ling Yun made sense, so Ling Lie nodded his head in acknowledgment. "Alright! With these four members of the Blood Clan, our Ling Family's strength will definitely multiply by many folds. We shall go according to your plan…"

"Grandpa, how do you think we should handle the Cao Family's incident?"

After talking about the Blood Clan, he was naturally going to mention the Cao Family. Ling Yun finally managed to bring up this hot topic!
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