Dragon Emperor, Martial God Chapter 732: Passing Judgment on Everything, Ling Family’s Courtyard


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In order to deal with the college entrance examinations, Ling Yun studied geography comprehensively.

However, he didn't learn all that just so he could do well on the exam. There was a saying about how it's better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books, and Ling Yun was definitely a practitioner of this saying.

Ling Yun could tell how extraordinary China was. He came to Beijing, but not just so that he could return home and rescue Ling Xiao, Ling Yue, and Cao Shanshan. There were many more important matters that he had to settle.

Ling Yun was a master at spell formations, so he was able to tell that Beijing was a true treasured ground of wonderful Fengshui. In fact, it was also a place where dragon meridians converged.

After arriving in Beijing, there were many places that he wanted to explore. Some examples would be the Great Wall of China, the former imperial palace, and the famous mountains and great rivers on the periphery of the capital.

Beijing was also previously known as Yanjing because the city was facing north and was leaning against the Yan Mountain range. Therefore, the first mountain that Ling Yun was going to explore would naturally be the Yan Mountain.

West of the Yan Mountain range was the boundless Yin Mountain range. In the eyes of ordinary people, these mountain ranges were merely lofty and arduous. In the eyes of Ling Yun, they were, however, many dragon meridians!

True dragon meridians!

Ling Yun would never believe it if someone claimed that there was no treasure here. Don't forget that he still had "The Book of Burial Rites" and "Tomb of Tombs" that Granny Li gave him!

As of now, Ling Yun had managed to find time to grasp most of the traditional Chinese characters. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing shouldn't be a problem for him, which was why he had already finished reading "The Book of Burial Rites" and "Tomb of Tombs". He was thoroughly familiar with both books, and in "Tomb of Tombs", most of the major tombs were within the Yan Mountain range!

Given Ling Yun's character, how could he not explore places with such treasures? In order to find these places, how could Ling Yun not study geography seriously?

He was indeed incredibly focused during his studying!

At this moment, Ling Yun could be considered a master concerning the map of China. He would be able to pinpoint where every treasure was hidden, even with his eyes closed.

As a master of spell formations in the Cultivation World who possessed "The Book of Burial Rites" and "Tomb of Tombs", Ling Yun could be considered a tiger that had grown wings. Ling Yun thought about all the tombs in the "Tomb of Tombs", and his eyes were basically glowing!

There were massive tombs in the Yan Mountain range, so naturally, the Yin Mountain range would have some too. The location of Zhangjiakou City was right at the eastern end of the Yin Mountain range!

In between Zhangjiakou City and Beijing, there was still an extremely important small county town that Ling Yun had decided to visit no matter what.

Besides that, the distance between Beijing and Zhangjiakou was only about two hundred kilometers. By car, travel would take at most one hour, which could be considered extremely convenient. If Ling Yun chose not to drive and spent all his efforts on Qinggong, it would take a maximum of forty minutes. Regardless of what happened on both sides, he would be able to rush over promptly.

Moreover, Zhangjiakou City was less than two hundred kilometers away from China's coal city, Datong City. Therefore, it became extremely convenient to transport coal. Ling Yun's choice of place was definitely the best.

Ling Yun was dressed in black as he stood in front of the map of China with his chest erected and folded arms. He looked like he was passing judgment on everything, and in the midst of that, he unintentionally exuded an air of confidence and carefreeness. The sight of that was simply stunning to everyone in the room.

This was Ling Yun's charisma. No matter where he went, he was always going to be the focal point of the people around him. Everyone's eyes were basically attracted to him like a massive magnet.

Nobody could help it because Ling Yun's expressions and actions were indeed too charming! Too charming and striking!

Ling Xiu suddenly smiled and rolled her eyes at Ling Yun before commenting, "Little rascal, this place is pretty decent in terms of location and traffic. If we drive over, it will only take slightly more than an hour…"

Ling Yun chuckled. "Big Sister is right, and I only picked this place because of how close it is to Beijing, the traffic, as well as its convenience…"

In front of Ling Zhen, Ling Yun was naturally not going to speak the truth about it. Therefore, he simply blurted out some nonsense that came to mind.

Ling Lie muttered to himself as he stared meaningfully at Ling Yun before saying, "Zhangjiakou City it is then… Good kid, you're really good at choosing a place. That place has always been a battleground for the military!"

After saying that, Ling Lie glanced at everyone before asking Ling Yun, "Yun Er, do you have anything else for us?"

The old fella was going to chase people out. This was Ling Yun's first day back, so there were far too many things Ling Lie wanted to speak to Ling Yun about privately.

Ling Yun lowered his head in thought and only replied after a long while. He said, "Grandpa, I want to fork out money by myself to build another Ling Family villa at a location of my choice in Beijing."

"Regarding this matter, it will be a massive and long-term process which could take three to five years in total. The expenditure will definitely be immense, which is why I would like Grandpa to give me the authority to decide everything there. Of course, I will pay for it personally…"

When everyone in the house heard what Ling Yun said, they were stunned once more. This time, even Ling Lie was dumbfounded. He was wondering if the nine courtyards in the Ling Family weren't big enough for this fella.

Ling Zhen was definitely not feeling pleased. After Ling Yun appeared in their lives, Grandpa Ling's strength rose drastically, and he was exceedingly loving towards Ling Yun. Tonight's discussion was clearly all about the important matters of the Ling Family, yet he had no say in any of it. As the head of the family, he was completely brushed off to the side!

"Ahem ahem…" Ling Zhen spoke, "Building another villa for the Ling Family is definitely a massive project. You have just returned home, so I feel that we can discuss this in the future. Let's rescue your father and wait for everything in the family to settle down before we talk about this again. What do you think?"

After Ling Zhen said that, everyone turned back to look at Ling Yun. This was because Ling Zhen's words made perfect sense, and nobody could pick out any fault with this suggestion.

Ling Yun thought for a while before chuckling. "Thank you, First Uncle, for your reminder. This is indeed a huge matter, and I agree we should wait for Grandpa to think it through carefully before discussing it again… There's no hurry, don't worry about it."

Ling Yun never expected this to be finalized on the spot. He only mentioned it here so that he could inform everyone in advance.

However, it didn't matter who tried to stop him, Ling Yun was definitely going to build this new villa. One reason was so that he could house his wives. Another reason was that Ling Yun had a much deeper intention.

A sly individual had more than one plan to fall back on, and this was taught to him by the Chen Family. Hiding his wives was a small matter because he had a greater use for it. Regardless of what secrets or weapons he would like to hide, this would become a convenient place for him to do it. There were many advantages and close to no disadvantages.

While everyone was thinking about their own matters, Ling Yue suddenly stood up as he smiled and said, "I think we have discussed almost everything we needed to, and the sky is turning dark. Father, it seems like the Chen Family won't be sending anyone else, so if you have nothing else for us, why don't we dismiss everyone?"

Ling Yue was indeed the intelligent one in the Ling Family. He could tell that Grandpa Ling had nothing more to say to everyone, so he quickly suggested dismissing everyone.

Ling Lie had this intention for quite some time now, so when Ling Yue suggested it, he immediately waved his hand at everyone. "En, it's indeed pretty late now. We can discuss everything else in the future. All of you can head back to rest. Old Cui and Yun Er can stay."

Ling Yue looked over to Ling Yun, smiling at him and saying, "Second Uncle's residence is in the second courtyard. You can look for me there if you want to talk to me about anything…"

In almost every big family, each grandson had an independent residence. Each son was naturally going to have an even better one than the grandsons.

The Ling Family's first courtyard was naturally for these young people to live in. The second courtyard was given to Ling Yue, while the third courtyard was for Ling Xiao. Over the years, Ling Xiao had been exceptionally depressed and didn't mind having a simpler residence, which was why Ling Lie swapped the residences of Ling Zhen and Ling Xiao. Currently, Ling Xiao resided in the fourth courtyard, while Ling Zhen stayed in the third courtyard.

As for the fifth and sixth courtyards, they were normally quiet and lifeless. Occasionally, cleaners would go there to maintain its cleanliness.

The seventh and eighth courtyards were where the hundreds of men of sacrifice trained and lived. The place was huge with so many houses that it was actually shocking.

This was also why the 36 ninjas could infiltrate the fifth courtyard so easily and why the main battlegrounds were chosen to be at the fifth and sixth courtyards.

There were hidden areas installed in each one of the courtyards. Once something happened, an order would be given, and the females and servants in the family would know to hide and protect themselves.

"Thank you, Second Uncle, I will definitely be bothering you often in the future. Hehe…" Ling Yun smiled sheepishly as he accepted his invitation.

Ling Zhen wasn't going to stand idle, so he simply laughed along and talked to Ling Yun for a while before saying goodbye to Ling Lie and leaving.

After Ling Yue and Ling Zhen left, Ling Li, Ling Yong, Ling Xiu, and Ling Feng were left in the house. The four youngsters were still full of energy even at two in the morning, and they simply couldn't bear to leave while Ling Yun was still around.

"Why are the four of you still here?" Ling Lie looked at the four of them and felt slightly frustrated. The four of them were taking up his alone time with Ling Yun.

"Grandpa, we want to speak with Fourth Brother for a while longer…" Ling Xiu stepped forward to hug Ling Lie's arm.

However, even this trick didn't work on Ling Lie as he frowned and said, "Grandpa knows the few of you want to become closer to Yun Er, but there's plenty of time. For now, it's really getting late…"

"How about this? After a few days, when everything has settled down, the four of you can bring Ling Yun around Beijing. You can buy whatever you want, and you can take it as a treat from Grandpa."

Ling Lie even resorted to bribing them just so he could spend more alone time with Ling Yun.

It seemed like all the loving grandpas and grandmas loved resorting to this trick.

However, Ling Lie's trick wasn't enough to fool these four juniors. Ling Xiu still acted like a spoiled child and refused to leave.

When Ling Yun saw how Ling Xiu refused to leave, he knew that Ling Yong, Ling Li, and Ling Feng weren't going to leave either. Therefore, he snickered and said, "Big Sister, I have a present for you…"

"Really?" When Ling Xiu heard that, she was instantly elated, and she let Ling Lie go. In a flash, she appeared right in front of Ling Yun.

Ling Yun grabbed Ling Xiu's hand as he took out a set of Imperial green jade jewelry. He placed each and every piece in Ling Xiu's palm.

This method was successful in every endeavor.

The sparkling jade looked dazzling and brilliant under the incredible lighting of the room.

Ling Xiu was so excited that she started gasping for air, and her entire body was basically trembling in excitement!
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