Dragon Blooded War God Chapter 168: You’re Funny


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“Save me?”

Yin Mengyao was puzzled. The spirit medicines she had brought weren’t enough to remove the poison. What methods could Long Chen have?

“Forget it, Long Chen. Normal spirit medicines do nothing for the pain, and if I weren’t using my real Qi to suppress it, the poison would probably have spread to my whole body already.”

Long Chen did not answer her and he walked to the side to ask Lingxi, “You said that my blood is dragon blood and has the ability to subdue the serpent poison?”

Within the Lingxi Sword, Lingxi nodded stiffly, and then answered cutely, “Mm, yes!”

“Do you think it’ll work if I let her drink my blood?”

“Huh?” Lingxi thought it over, feeling unsure, “Perhaps.”

“Then that’s enough. We should at least give it a try.” Things seemed to be turning for the better, and Long Chen could relax a little. They had managed to shake off Jin Sheng’en and Chu Yunxi with much difficulty, and their crisis for the moment had been averted. The one problem they had to deal with was Yin Mengyao’s issue.

Seeing him being so secretive, Yin Mengyao endured the suffering and asked, “Do you have a way?”

Long Chen pulled his sleeve up, “What do you think of drinking some of my blood?”

Yin Mengyao was floored that Long Chen could make a joke like this at such a time. However, they were now good friends, and she wouldn’t get mad at him for this.

“You’re really funny.” Though deathly pale, Yin Mengyao managed to reveal a smile.

“I mean it.” He produced a sharp dagger from his cosmos pouch and, without wasting any time, slashed at the thicker part of his arm. A gash about 3cm long appeared, with flesh blood shining atop and quickly flowing.

“Long Chen, have you lost your mind?”

Yin Mengyao was stunned.

Long Chen held the back of her head and got her to move her lips close to the wound and spoke indifferently, “Quick, don’t waste it. This is top-grade treatment that even my Lingxi has yet to enjoy.”

Yin Mengyao had no ability to fight back, and her lips touched Long Chen’s blood.

“Believe me. I won’t harm you.” Yin Mengyao initially had some reservations about drinking someone else’s blood. After hearing his words that were filled with concern, she hesitated slightly and opened her mouth, revealing the tip of her pretty tongue that began to lick at Long Chen’s arm.

“Damn it.” This scene had Long Chen’s blood boiling, but thankfully, this was his arm. If it were another area, Long Chen would want to break down.

Sucking in a few mouthfuls of his blood, she moved backwards, watching him while feeling somewhat flustered. There were still traces of blood on the corner of her lips, and she quickly wiped it away.

In all the years she had been alive for, this was the first time she was doing something so strange. If not for Long Chen having saved her life, she wouldn’t have listened to him so readily.

“Long Chen, this should be enough. Staunch the bleeding!” Yin Mengyao looked as if she could not bear to see his wound.

“Beauties are amazing. They’re good looking even while poisoned,” Long Chen thought inside. He pulled his arm back and used Origin Reversion to heal the little wound, and then asked seriously, “How do you feel now?”

Yin Mengyao had been focused on Long Chen’s injury and was wondering about why he had done something so strange, thus momentarily forgetting about the state of her body.

After hearing the question, she checked and was stunned to realise that the blood she had swallowed had turned into a red mist that was spreading through her body.

“What is that?” Yin Mengyao was shocked and was right about to channel Qi to expel this red fog, but she abruptly came to the realisation that this fog had the function of breaking up poison.

“How is that possible? Why is his blood so amazing?” Yin Mengyao was bewildered. She could not understand and decided to accept Long Chen’s goodwill for now and direct the fog throughout her body so that it could clear the poison.

With Yin Mengyao focused, Long Chen could not go far either.

“You scoundrel. Did you do that because she’s pretty?” Lingxi’s words were full of jealousy.

“Hmm? I wonder who’s knocked over a jar of vinegar?* It’s so pungent,” Long Chen answered roguishly.

“You–! I’m not jealous. I was just made aware of how you’re particularly attentive towards beautiful girls. Hmph!”

“Who said that?” Long Chen looked all righteous, “I helped her because Mo Xiaolang gave me the Celestial Core Technique which was immensely helpful. Yin Mengyao should be on very good terms with him, and I do have to return the favour eventually, don’t I?”

Lingxi still had her doubts.

After a while, Yin Mengyao gradually regained colour in her cheeks, though the cold look on her face still remained.

Such a cool and elegant aura was something Lingxi would never possess– or rather, would temporarily not have.

Who knew what kind of earth-shattering beauty that could devastate cities Lingxi could grow to be…

“What happened? I’ve recovered?” While opening her eyes, Yin Mengyao stared up at Long Chen in her confusion, eyes full of disbelief.

Long Chen had now turned into a very mysterious person in her point of view.

“Why is your blood able to dispel poison?” Yin Mengyao got up and asked, pleasantly surprised.

“It’s my secret. Don’t ask me, and don’t mention this, or you’re in trouble.” Long Chen looked all cocky.

“Fine…” She nodded. She would obviously not let word of this spread since she was indebted to him.

“I’ve recovered. What should we do next?” Yin Mengyao asked.

“We’re obviously going to the Caves of Life and Death.” In the blink of an eye, a long time had passed since they first stepped foot on the Devil Mountain of Life and Death. On the Nine Devil Mountains, it was hard to distinguish between day and night, and it was now probably evening or perhaps already night. However, the scenery around them had not changed at all.

“The dark clouds are really low, and I can hear thunder. Thankfully, it didn’t rain today, or else things would have gotten complicated. Let’s head to the peak of the Devil Mountain of Life and Death. It should be about time anyway.”

Before going up the mountain, Yin Mengyao had been the one making the decisions, but with all they had gone through, the situation had reversed.

They headed upwards for about fifteen minutes, and just when Long Chen was about to inquire about Mo Xiaolang, Lingxi said something that made the corner of his lips quirk in an evil smirk.

“The male-female pair of the Silver Faction seem to be over there.”

Lingxi was naturally talking about Li Feng and Wang Tong.

“Seems like it’s an inevitable clash between us,” Long Chen chuckled, and then asked Yin Mengyao who was beside him, “Are you interested in beating two people up with me?”

“Who is it?” Yin Mengyao was confused.

“Just follow me.” Long Chen seemed all secretive and went ahead. He suddenly increased his speed, charging ahead.

“What a strange person.” Yin Mengyao was speechless at his actions but still followed.

Not long after, Yin Mengyao saw two people in front. They were Li Feng and Wang Tong.

While Wang Tong was grievously injured, it wasn’t as serious as being poisoned by the serpents. With the nourishment of spirit medicines, her injuries had almost recovered.

“It’s them?” Hatred immediately surged up in Mengyao’s gentle heart. Not considering the fury amassed from their time in the Silver Faction, just that attack outside the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes was incredibly ruthless.

Though all’s fair in war, they had mentioned settling this issue fair and square, and yet had employed such despicable methods. That was just shameless. If not for Long Chen, she would definitely have died in front of the cave.

Feeling the whistling wind behind them, Li Feng and Wang Tong turned. Upon seeing Long Chen and Yin Mengyao, they were stunned, expressions changing, “Yin Mengyao, you didn’t die?!”

“How can I die before you die?” Yin Mengyao and Long Chen approached the two of them with an icy tone.

“You were in the hands of the dismal serpent spirits, and yet you were so lucky to be able to escape?” Li Feng and Wang Tong’s eyes narrowed as they compared the fighting strength on both sides.

“Though Yin Mengyao escaped, she looks rather pale. She must have gotten seriously injured before and didn’t have the chance to heal herself. Meanwhile, Brother Feng and I are both still able to battle. Brother Feng is in his best condition now, and he could still be a match for her!”

With this thought, the two of them were now less fearful.

Long Chen, the person who had just entered the Earth Dan Realm and rumoured to be the weakest participant in the inner faction selection, was overlooked.

“Cut the bullshit. Since we’ve met you, one of us must die.” Though Yin Mengyao was a girl, she was tenacious and very bold.

“Looks like she has some deep enmity with them. Could it be because of Mo Xiaolang?” Long Chen guessed.

Yin Mengyao had just expelled all the poison and wasn’t in the best condition to attack. Long Chen gently pulled her behind him, “I’ll take care of those two on your behalf. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.”

Hearing his words, Li Feng and Wang Tong were frozen to the spot, before Wang Tong ridiculed him, “You were attracted by her beauty and want to risk your life to gain her favour? You really don’t know your standing. It’s best if you scram, because if you’re still around while we kill this bitch, you shouldn’t blame us for being merciless for killing you.”

“The ignorant are fated to die,” Li Feng sneered.

There was no change in expression in response to their provocation.

“Long Chen, I’ll thank you for now. However, I should be the one doing this, because that would mean something to a person that’s important to me.”

“You mean Mo Xiaolang?” Long Chen suddenly exclaimed.


Yin Mengyao and the other two were stunned.

“How do you know him?” Yin Mengyao was confused.

“Don’t mind that. I can fight on your behalf. We can talk once I’ve dealt with these two.”

Long Chen’s haughty words caused Li Feng and Wang Tong to burst out laughing.

“Alright then, kid. Though I don’t know how you know Mo Xiaolang, you being so arrogant in front of us means a certain death for yourself.” Li Feng chuckled.

Long Chen smiled, “You idiot. I’ll be accepting your girl, by the way.”
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