Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 644: Six Months Part One


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Putting the sword back into his scabbard, Mo Feng flashed his body and flew over.

"I did not expect to see you complete your cultivation of the thunder profound already. In this whole wide world, I do not think there will be many Sea of Souls Realm master level warriors who can beat you now."

The profound sense martial arts were different from the normal ones. The latter could also be separated into completion, full completion, and ultimately full achievement. But, that was just related to the understanding of the techniques. Meanwhile, the profound was purer and simpler, and only when combined with the techniques would it then result in the profound sense martial arts. Without a high level profound, the martial arts that had been created would not be as powerful. It was like building the foundation for building anything; without a good base, whatever built would be massively affected.

Reaching the first level of the profound would already make it very powerful; as for the full completion level, it was hard for even some of the Life and Death Realm warriors. The full achievement level would be the highest level for the profound, which meant that the elemental profound had been comprehended to the highest level where there would be nothing more to learn. After that would only be the heaven art rules left.

Ye Chen chuckled; he did not care about it as he said, "According to what I have learned, there is already one warrior out there who has trained the profound to its first completion. And by now, there might be even more."

In that battle between Bai Wuxue and Xia Houzun, Bai Wuxue's wood profound had already reached that level. That life shield and arrow were indeed formed from the wood profound while being supplemented with the life profound. The resultant defensive and attacking power were both shockingly powerful. After half a year, Bai Wuxue would definitely be even more powerful by now.

Mo Feng was not old, even being a couple of years younger than Long Biyun, but he still couldn't help but sigh. "Within ten years, your generation will definitely have its first Life and Death Realm warrior, perhaps even earlier than that." Although he had been staying in the South Rudra Region most of the time, that did not affect him in getting all of the important news. The growth of some martial geniuses was incredible even for him. He noticed that there seemed to be a drastic change every couple of months, forming a positive circle.


At that moment, Long Biyun flew over as well.

"Ye Chen, you have grown so much in just such short couple of years. It is indeed out of everyone's expectations!" Long Biyun said emotionally.

Ye Chen said, "I would have to thank leader Long and palace leader Mo for protecting the Ye family. If there is anything in the Dragon God Heaven Palace that I could help with, I will surely not back out."

Without Long Biyun and Mo Feng, Ye Chen would have to worry about the Ye family and the Sky Cloud Martial School constantly, which would distract him from his cultivation. In other words, although the Dragon God Heaven Palace never gave him anything solid, nothing could compare to the help they had provided him so far.

Mo Feng said, "You being able to achieve what you have today all because of your hard work. Although we could protect your family and school, if you did not work hard enough or have the necessary talent, nothing would have happened. But right now, the Dragon God Heaven Palace is indeed facing some problems."

"Oh? What happened?" Ye Chen was surprised.

Long Biyun looked worried as she said, "You should know this already, that this is the second full closed-up training my great grandfather is going through. The first time, he came out after one year…and this time, it is almost approaching two years. Moreover, by the looks of it, the power parties in the east shallow sea regions are starting to plot something."

"They dare to attack the Dragon God Heaven Palace?"

Long Biyun said, "Not yet, I think. However, even though a full blown battle will not happen, some of the small conflicts cannot be avoided. Just in the Blood Battle Ocean, there have been two battles within one year. We lost around three hundred Astral Reaching Realm warriors, twenty Sea of Souls Realm warriors, and even three master level warriors. Twice as many warriors died over at the opposing side. But, they have more people on their side in general, so we have actually lost more strength. If this continues, our power would be affected."

"So many?"

Ye Chen's voice lowered. For a rank 5 martial institution, Astral Reaching Realm and Seas of Souls Realm warriors would be the fighting force. Anyone below that would not join the battles at all, since they would be considered too weak. Even if there were millions of them, it would not make much of a difference. It would actually slow down the whole speed, which would affect the whole team's side. Plus, warriors below the Astral Reaching Realm would be the future of the school. Only with a stable, powerful foundation would there be more Astral Reaching Realm and Sea of Souls Realm warriors in the future. So, they would naturally be excluded from the battle.

Mo Feng said, "After some time, I might have to head back to the Dragon God Heaven Palace to make sure everything goes well. But, I will not be able to protect your family and school anymore."

Ye Chen said, "No need to worry! I have experienced enough for now. In the future, I should be leaving this place less."

After reaching his realm, he would not need to do more traveling anymore, since only battles with powerful warriors could help him grow. Right now, what he really lacked was time. With enough time, he could be able to create more powerful profound martial arts.

"Great!" Mo Feng and Long Biyun were slightly relieved on hearing that.

Ye Chen continued to say, "If it is really urgent, I can help out at any time you want." He thought that he might be able to help stop the full-blown battles. Plus, he wanted to meet Xu Jing again, since it had been years since he saw last her.

Long Biyun chuckled, "As long as you have the thought, we will be happy. But, I think it should be okay for now without involving you."

She was confident about Dragon God Heaven Palace, so she thought that this would only be a temporary problem until her great grandpa got out of his cultivation. Everything would be solved at that moment of course.

Martial geniuses' world was filled with loneliness, blood, and sweat. Every martial genius who thought that he or she had a chance of getting more powerful was working hard, training, exploring some ruins, or trying to study the world alone. But of course, there were also martial geniuses who enjoyed learning by killing others.

Inside the Beiming family's secret training yard in the northern regions...

Hundreds of fireballs shot out from eight burning red columns. Although they were all only fist-sized, their speed was fast like light. And because they were packed together, there would constantly be two fireballs clashing together, causing a chain explosion and bringing up continuous explosions.

Beiming Hui was in the middle of it all, having blood pour out from the corner of his mouth. He continued to wave that silver dragon long spear in his hand, stabbing, waving, or pointing. But for some reason, he did not perform his wide-ranged attacks. He was only using the normal spear arts.



"I need to be faster!"

Beiming Hui's spear route was no longer in a straight line, instead now being an unpredictably curved line. However, no matter how fast his spear art was, it was impossible to shatter hundreds of fireballs at once. He could only try to find the most threatening fireball and figure out if it would cause a chain explosion.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

The patterned columns continued to shoot out fireballs; although most of them had been shattered by Beiming Hui, some of them would still make it to his protective Zhen Yuan, causing explosions and bringing up sparks in the air.

Being in the middle of the explosion, Beiming Hui's qi and blood was boiling inside his body. He could feel that his senses had disappeared, and his whole body felt like he had gone back to his mother's womb while his mind felt pure.


He opened his eyes suddenly as that look in his eyes turned extremely sharp. That cold sharp light coming out of his eyes looked like it could see through anything. He twisted his right arm and that long spear in his hand disappeared quickly, shooting out four or five twisting or straight silver rays which then went through one fireball after another. It looked like he was passing a thread through some beads.


Within that second, the fireballs shooting out of the columns were all shattered completely. The columns in the south-east side seemed to have sensed it, as they sank back into the ground.

Right after that, Beiming Hui made all eight standing columns sink back into the ground one by one. He stood there with the spear in his hand; his qi had never been stronger.

"Haha! I have finally created the new Sky Bank attack! Since it is based on the old one, I will just call it the second movement then!" Beiming Hui chuckled.

Before this, his old attack seemed to be too plain. It was already powerful enough when attacking normal warriors, but might not be enough for young warriors like him. And in front of warriors like Ye Chen, who was extremely fast with his sword arts, it would not work for sure.

However, the new and improved Second Movement of his Sky Bank was different. It used the softness of the long spear to reach four or five targets at the same time while using curves and straight lines to make it unpredictable for his opponents, as well as himself for that matter.

"Ye Chen, you would have never expected me to make a breakthrough this quickly, creating a new and improved attack based on the old Sky Bank attack. Although the average attacking power has decreased slightly, with four or five attacks layered together, it would definitely be twice as powerful as before."

"Huh! I will beat your first before challenging the other top five young warriors."

Beiming Hui could not wait to beat Ye Chen. After that, he had planned to be in the top five young warriors.

After taking couple of steps, he suddenly stopped.

"I have made a breakthrough, but it does not mean that the others have not done the same. The second movement is not stabilized yet. It might not be a done deal. No, I need to make sure of everything before going anywhere."

With his mind made up, Beiming Hui controlled his emotions. He knew that he would do it eventually anyway, and the latter would fit him better.

In the Dugu family, one of the top four families…

There was a forbidden place in the Dugu family, inside a creepy looking cave. It was pitch black inside; even the soul power would be limited inside, which meant that there would be no way of knowing what was present in there. Standing far away from the cave, one would already feel the creepy qi that was leaking out of it. It seemed to contain all of the negative emotions, such as pessimism, pain, sadness, fear…

With all of the emotions fused together, people without strong minds would sink into despair immediately, killing themselves without the will power to stop. Therefore, if the Dugu family members wanted to pass this place, they would normally choose to go around it, since they were scared of this horrifying mind-boggling qi. Also, with a higher cultivation, the fear for demons in the mind would be even greater. When that happened, even a king level warrior might have to pay the cost.

It was pitch dark inside the cave. No one could tell that there was someone sitting inside, enduring all of the endless negative emotions. The expression on this person's face was horrifying.

"Jue'er, revenge for our family!"

"Jue, father has to leave now."

"You are a monster!"

Inside Du Gujue'a mind, everything that he did not want to see was flashing repeatedly. There seemed to be no way of knowing what was real and what was not.


A hysterical cry was heard, and the sound traveled out of the forbidden place.

In a pavilion a couple of miles outside the cave, a middle-aged man looked over there with a worried expression.

The Evil Demon Cave was a forbidden place for sealing demons away. The evil qi leaking out of it was something that even Life and Death Realm king warriors would not dare to challenge. For the longest time, this cave was used for holding family members who had been sentenced to death. Before this, Du Gujue was only training outside as well.

"Jue'er, do not disappoint your father!" The middle-aged man mumbled to himself.
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