Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 643: Completed Thunder Profound


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Ye Chen did not want to make the conflict with the Ice Pavilion too intense, so he had only cut off Duan Lengya's right arm before. He knew that with a rank 5 institution's resources, they would be able to put it back in no time. As for whether it would recover completely, it would not be any of his business.

If Ye Chen decided to kill Duan Binghe, who was the top warrior of the Ice Pavilion, it would definitely bring out the anger within the pavilion. But, it all would be based on the condition that the latter would not go overboard with him either. Otherwise, even if he decided not to kill him, he would treat him the way he treated Duan Lengya.

There were not many powerful warriors there in the restaurant, but it did not mean that they had not known the news. Duan Binghe and Ye Chen's reputation was something that even mortal people knew about. One of them had been given the title of Ice Master, being ranked 31st amongst the master level warriors. Meanwhile, the other was a top martial genius, ranking 48th. Both of them were so powerful!

Hearing that Ye Chen had said that he did not want to wound Duan Binghe, everyone there was shocked. They looked toward the latter without even noticing it themselves, wanting to see his reaction.

"You do not want to wound me?" A cold smile appeared on Duan Binghe's face, "Young man, do not be so reckless and arrogant! I am looking for you not to kill you, but only cut one of your arms. I strongly suggest you to accept the reality now…Do not try to fight back."

"Cut my arm? Are you planning to take revenge for Duan Lengya?" Ye Chen squinted his eyes.

"Cutting off other warrior's arm during an exchange, isn't it a bit too cruel? Today, I come to teach you how to be a better person." Duan Binghe's palm was covered by a layer of ice crystals which looked a bit different from normal ones, seeming tough like diamonds.

Ye Chen glanced at Duan Lengya, "If you will allow me, I would say that it was Duan Lengya who was in the wrong, and it was not just an exchange but a battle. How about that?"

Duan Binghe did not listen to his explanation at all as he said, "Do not waste your time. I have told you what I am here for. As for whether it was my nephew who was in the wrong or not, I will be the judge of that."

Hearing him, Ye Chen chuckled.

If Duan Binghe had been fooled by Duan Lengya and come here stupidly, then he would probably just wound him and would not do anything more than that. But, it was obvious that regardless whether Duan Lengya had been behind it, Duan Binghe had decided to break his arm already. Then, there was really no point in trying to be nice anymore.

"Since that is the case, then…let's do this." Ye Chen put down his teacup.

"You little brat, do not blame me for being cruel! All you have is yourself to blame." Duan Binghe flashed his body while his ice-wrapped hand tore apart the space. Meanwhile, his body became blurry as he attacked toward Ye Chen. Wherever the ice hand passed, the water yuan qi in the air froze together, sprinkling everywhere. If it were not for the fact that Duan Binghe was controlling it on purpose, the whole restaurant would have been frozen at once. Of course, although the attacking range was decreased massively, its explosive power was even stronger now; he was obviously not trying to hold back.


Ye Chen was still sitting on the chair as he took out his gold sword and waved it out once casually. A light gold mark flashed once in the air and only appeared for one-hundredth of a second.

In the next second, Duan Binghe's right arm had been separated from his body. That ice-covered right arm flew out of the window, landing on the center of the palace. That massive palace twisted once, and the whole place was covered in frost within a second. Moreover, it seemed to spread continuously, causing people to scream out of fear.


Duan Lengya, who thought that he was going to witness a good show, had his mouth wide open right now. He could not believe his eyes.

"My right arm is broken?"

Duan Binghe looked at the gold sword in Ye Chen's hand and then where his right arm used to be as he mumbled out the words. He had not realized what had just happened yet.

"No! My right arm!" He roared the second the reality sank in for him, looking absolutely hysterical.

He said that he was going to take an arm from Ye Chen, but somehow, it was him losing one. The extreme contrast to his expectation had almost broken him mentally. It was like a powerful warrior had threatened to teach a young mortal person a lesson, but somehow got taught one.

Putting his sword back into his scabbard, Ye Chen said lightly, "I offered you a chance, but you did not take it. You had threatened to take my arm, so of course I would not have mercy on you. Luckily, you did not say that you were going to take my life. Otherwise, it would not just be the arm that you were missing right now."

"Duan Lengya, take your uncle and piss off! Within ten breaths, I do not want to see you." Ye Chen turned to Duan Lengya while that killing intent in his eyes could almost leak out.


Duan Lengya was planning to say something nasty, but the second he met Ye Chen's eyes, he could not help but shiver a bit. He knew very clearly that with one wrong word, Ye Chen would surely kill him.

Helping Duan Binghe to stand up, Duan Lengya flew out while looking extra pale. Before he left, he made a grabbing gesture with his good arm, summoning up that lost arm from the palace. He then took his second uncle and disappeared in the horizon far away.

"I think I have still underestimated you somehow." Li Xiaoyun gasped. Ice Master Duan Binghe, who was ranked 31st in the master warrior ranking, could not even handle one sword attack from Ye Chen.

His girlfriend could feel her body going numb out of fear. She had come from the underworld and trained will power. Her observation ability would be twice as powerful as Li Xiaoyun's. But, just before Ye Chen took out that sword of his, her sight went blurry, and she got nothing.

Needless to say, Jing Aoxuan was shocked as well.

Even Murong Qingchen was shocked. Ye Chen's spiritual sword was even faster than before when he was in the Murong family or when he was battling with Xia Houzun. Although it was probably only a difference of five to ten percent, it would still mean the difference between winning and losing.

After resting for a night, the five continued to travel on the second day morning.

The leader of the top nine martial institutions, Void Empty Martial School…

"Zun'er, you will have to go to the altar and learn the profound of space." It was a senior master of the school, an elder in normal yellow robes.

"Head master, I have made up my mind." Xia Houzun was sounding respectful. Being able to become the head master of the school, the elder would not be just a normal master level warrior. He was, in fact, a half step king warrior. His power was a couple of times stronger than Xia Houzun, which would allow him to kill the latter with just one attack.

The elder could tell that Xia Houzun had encountered something out there, which was why he insisted on trying to make a breakthrough. But still, he reminded him, "Although you had studied the space profound by the altar before, it was not for long at all. The closed-up training this time would mean a lot of danger, since there is no shape, odor, or any other sensation in that altar. Without a powerful mind, it is easy to get lost in there."

"If I cannot even handle this kind of difficulty, then I would not be worthy for the head disciple position." Xia Houzun was determined.

"Alright, you go ahead then…Take care of yourself!"

"Head master, I will go now!"

Xia Houzun walked into the transportation door, and then his body disappeared completely.

There was literally nothing but a white-gold colored altar. Six columns stood around it, each one of them having a pure light shining out of them, protecting the altar which was looking very similar to the one in the underworld.


A figure appeared on top of the altar: it was indeed Xia Houzun.

Sitting in the middle, he could feel that he was separated from the outside world. In here, he could not sense anything. Being in this kind of environment for a long time would make it hard to stay sane.

"I will not leave here until I have trained my Void Shattering Finger Art to completion."

Training the Void Shattering Finger Art from ninety to one hundred percent would not be an easy task. Its difficulty level would not be lower than first trying to comprehend the profound of space. It was not something that could be done in a short period of time. But of course, once succeeded, the battling power that it could increase would not be little either.

Soon, one month had come and gone.

On top of the Cloudy Mountain, Ye Chen was training sword arts which were extremely fast. It was even faster than that mad wind on top of the mountain. Each sword attack he had thrown out was invisible to the human eyes; only a very light mark in the air could be spotted if one looked very carefully. And because of the extreme sword speed, these marks would be replaced by new ones before they could even disappear, which led to the result of Ye Chen being surrounded by more and more sword marks. It then started to look like a ball wrapping him within.

On a hill ten miles away from where Ye Chen stood, Long Biyun and the leader of the White Dragon were standing together.

"He is getting more and more powerful at such a fast speed." Long Biyun sighed.

Mo Feng said, "I will go and pay him a visit."

Mo Feng was also a sword trainer. He flashed his body, ten miles meaning nothing to him. In the next instant, he arrived instantly above Ye Chen's head, throwing a sword attack down.

It was an extremely sharp sword attack, the sword light seeming like a white long dragon. That pale white light outshone everything.

"Great timing!"

Ye Chen had already known a while ago that Long Biyun and Mo Feng were watching him train, so he was not surprised at all. His step art was unpredictable, welcoming that incoming sword with a sword.


The space wobbled and started twisting between the two.

"Alright, take my white dragon four movement attack!"

Mo Feng moved around Ye Chen, that white longsword in his hand as fast as white lightning. Then, he threw out a sword at the latter, who maintained his pose and easily avoided the incoming sword light. He threw out a sword attack in return, making Mo Feng back out immediately, interrupting the flow of his attacks.

"Such a fast attack!" Mo Feng frowned slightly. As the leader of the white dragon palace, he was even more powerful than the leader of the yellow dragon palace. In fact, Zhang Zhengguang from the yellow dragon palace was the weakest of them all, while Mo Feng would be probably second amongst the other four palace leaders. Only the leader of the Blue dragon palace would compete with him for the first position, while the leader of the black dragon palace was similarly powerful.

"Tornado Cloud Attack!"

Mo Feng performed his most powerful killing attack. He knew that he could not wound Ye Chen at all, so he had nothing to worry about.


With his sword attack being thrown out, the sword light turned into a white dragon which roared into the sky. It was high pitched, signaling the presence of a Zhen yuan formation. There was even a hint of a real dragon instead of just a normal formation. The white dragon circled around once before attacking Ye Chen with its mad cloud qi. It was so fast that it could no longer be made out by normal human eyes.

"Thunder Devour!" Ye Chen also threw out a sword attack in response.

The silver lightning followed his sword before gathering together on the tip, forming a thunder ball which was not perfect, seeming to be missing a piece. Some power seemed to have leaked out from there, but it was already more powerful than a month ago. Right now, it looked like an unstoppable world destroyer.


The thunder ball clashed with the white dragon, bringing up a shockwave that spread out in all directions. If it were not for the fact that the two were actively controlling their power, everything within ten miles would have been destroyed into nothingness.

Pap! Crack! Boom!

The thunder ball was too aggressive; the white dragon seemed like it was attacked by mad thunder and started to crack bit by bit. It was obvious that it could not handle the power of the thunder ball at all. After shattering the white dragon, the remaining power actually blew Mo Feng away.

"Profound of thunder completed!" Mo Feng was shocked. He could tell that Ye Chen had controlled his power as well; otherwise, that attack would have severely wounded him, and maybe even killed him.
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