Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 642: 31st On The Master Level Ranking, Duan Binghe


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"Ye Chen, Murong Qingcheng!"

Jing Aoxuan and Li Xiaoyun sensed that Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng were getting closer, so they could not help but turn around to greet them.

Ye Chen chuckled, "You guys are here as well?"

Li Xiaoyun said, "How could we not since it is only held once a year? Too bad that we did not find much…Only a normal top rank item for me."

In fact, most of the young warriors who had entered the place managed to get something. But, there were also a lot of them who had died inside, some of them out of natural causes, while others had been tricked into death by the other warriors. The items they had managed to get would be left inside the tower, and after a long time of nourishment by the treasure qi, some of the top rank items might end up becoming top quality top rank items, which would continuously complement the tower. It was indeed the reason that there were still so many items inside the tower even after all these years.

"You and Murong Qingcheng must have obtained a lot, right?" Li Xiaoyun said.

Ye Chen said, "I guess we are quite lucky, as we got one semi extreme rank item each." No matter if it were inside the tower or outside, there was no reason for Ye Chen to hide his gains. After all, only people who did not have enough power would choose to hide. Those guys whom he knew had bad thoughts about Jing Aoxuan was only because they thought she was not powerful enough and they could get whatever she had.

"Oh wow! You guys are just as lucky as Jing Aoxuan! She found a full set of top rank items." Li Xiaoyun forced a chuckle.

"Oh, congratulations!"

Ye Chen knew that with a full set of top rank items, Jing Aoxuan's power would be able to reach the next level for sure. Even amongst the master level warriors, she would be considered as powerful as Lin Ku and Hai Wuya.

She said, "Only with enough of power can I protect what belongs to me." She glanced at the group of people who had just left and then said to Ye Chen, "Thanks."

Of course, she knew that Ye Chen came to say hello purposely to warn off those men with evil thoughts. Without his untold threat, they might have very likely ambushed her.

Murong Qingcheng said, "We are also heading back to the South Rudra Region. Do you guys want to join?" She was very badly wounded, and would require a long time to recover. Plus, she thought that there might be more than one group of men who would set Jing Aoxuan as their target, since one full set of top rank items would be much more powerful than even normal semi extreme level items, and it would be impossible not to think about it.

"Yeah!" She nodded. She knew that it was not time to celebrate yet. Only once she reached her thunder region could she fully relax.

Ice Pavilion, Mysterious Icy Cliff…

A human figure walked toward the entrance on the cliff quickly. He had a head full of green hair, wearing a green leathery shield. He was extremely attractive, but his expression was determined. It was indeed Duan Lengya who had lost an arm to Ye Chen before.

Right then, both of his arms were intact, looking as if it had been put back using a secret art. But, judging on the frequency of him waving his right arm, it was obvious that it was not that coordinated.

Soon, he came to the entrance.

"Second uncle!" He said with a loud voice.

"Come in!" A cold voice was heard from inside.

Hearing him, Duan Lengya walked into the extremely massive cave. The interior design was extremely simple; the walls and floor had been covered in ice naturally, and an ice stage stood right in the middle. A middle-aged man with white hair sat on top, looking extra cold.

"What is going on?" The cold-looking middle-aged man opened his eyes and a soft expression flashed across his face.

Duan Lengya suddenly kneed down on the ground, "I beg second uncle to do me justice! I cannot handle this anymore!"

"What exactly is happening? Say it straight." The cold middle-aged man was surprised. He flashed his body once, picking Duan Lengya up.

He was the second uncle to Duan Lengya by blood, named Duan Binghe. Duan Lengya's father was his older brother who had died rather early. For this whole time, he had treated Duan Lengya as his own son singe a long time ago, always taking care of him.

Duan Lengya reached out his right arm, "Look."

Duan Binghe glanced at Duan Lengya's right arm, then realized that a lot of the meridians were still blocked in it. It was looking all soft and not healthy. A light blood mark at the end of his arm caught Duan Binghe's attention. If he had guessed it right, this right arm had been cut off before and been put back again. Although it was repaired, it would be useless without precious spirit medicines, and have no chance to be used in a fight again.

"Who had broken your right arm?" He said with a furious tone. He had been in closed up training for most times of the year. Normally, without special occasions, he would not allow anyone to interrupt him in his training. This time, his training had already lasted two years.

Duan Lengya said, "It is Ye Chen." He then told Duan Binghe everything about Ye Chen.

"Huh! What an evil brat! It was only a battle. How could he cut off an arm of yours! Why didn't you tell me earlier?" He was not happy at all. Duan Lengya was his nephew. If he had learned about this beforehand, he would have taken revenge for him, cutting an arm off Ye Chen.

Duan Lengya forced a chuckle. He had told him about hiring the Ghost Shadow Pavilion killers as well.

In the beginning, Duan Lengya also thought that those killers would be able to kill Ye Chen successfully and capture Murong Qingcheng. But, after all of those killers were killed on the spot, he knew that there might really be no one who could assassinate Ye Chen in this whole land since the killers from the Ghost Shadow Pavilion had only one chance, and they would never try to do it again now.

Besides the Ghost Shadow pavilion, it would be impossible to find killers who could even get close to kill Ye Chen. Having learned from those killers who set the rewards, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng were not afraid of assassination at all. It would be harder than just challenging him head-on.

After that, the pavilion had thought about other methods as well, but Ye Chen was just growing way too fast. Every time they came up with a plan, they would get some news on Ye Chen and his newly improved power, which made their old plan completely useless again.

As time passed, the pavilion had given up on killing Ye Chen, since they did not have half step king warriors or super master level warriors. If they wanted to kill Ye Chen, they could not really go and surround him openly. It would not only be breaking the rules, but would also bring bad reputation to the pavilion.

As for asking Life and Death Realm warriors to take care of it, it would be even more impossible. If a warrior under the Life and Death Realm had not done anything bad, Life and Death Realm warriors could not kill them at all. Plus, Ye Chen himself came from a famous background; if one brought out a Life and Death Realm warrior, the Dragon King could decide to come out the next day. Then, he would have a reason to take on the whole pavilion, which would be the end for the pavilion. Plus, even the Mysterious Queen valued him a lot, which was not hard to tell from the relationship Ye Chen had with Mysterious Martial School disciples.

Therefore, king warriors could not be involved in this at all. The pavilion leader would not want to ruin his reputation by taking on Ye Chen either, especially not just for Duan Lengya. After all, the Ice Pavilion, as a rank 5 martial institution, had plenty of martial geniuses. Some of them were even more powerful than Duan Lengya, and even younger than him. It would not really make a difference for them to lose one Duan Lengya.

After learning his martial school's attitude, he was completely disappointed.

He then thought of his own second uncle. The latter was the second-in-command of the pavilion, ranking 31st on the master level warrior ranking. He trained the powerful ice profound martial arts, which were extremely powerful. Some of the former's profound sense martial arts were learned from him as well. With his help, Duan Lengya did not think Ye Chen had a chance. He did not want him dead; all he wanted was to make him lose an arm just like him to return the favor.

"Luckily, my Zhen yuan has accumulated to an extreme. I do not think I can increase it anymore in a short period of time. I will go with you to meet that Ye Chen." Reaching from peak level Late Sea of Souls Realm to half step king warrior level would take a lot of accumulation. Plus, considering the limitation of the physical body, it could not be done in a short period of time. Duan Binghe was far from it, and the only difference separating him from the other normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors was that he had a richer and more abundant Zhen yuan than them. It was also exactly why he was placed 31st on the ranking.

"Thank you, second uncle!" Duan Lengya was happy.

The latter chuckled, "Since when you have learned to be this polite with me? I am your second uncle. You had been bullied, so of course I will avenge you. Don't worry, I will make him pay!"

He had already prepared himself. Firstly, he knew he wanted to make Ye Chen pay exactly what he deserved, and then he would try his best to find new spirit medicine for his nephew. Although it would definitely cost a lot, but it would not be impossible either; it would only be a bit time consuming.

"Let's go down to rest!"

They had been flying on the puppet for a week now. Ye Chen did not care about it, but Murong Qingcheng had been wounded badly. She had almost lost all of her battling power, and rushing the journey would definitely cause some impact.

Li Xiaoyun said, "There is a valley ahead. Let's go rest there!"

The town was called the Ancient Cloud Town. Although it was named a town, there were not many people there at all, only a few hundred thousand.

The five came down from the flying puppet before landing onto the flat ground outside the town.

Entering the town, they saw warriors selling beast pellets and materials everywhere. The sides of the streets were filled with stores selling pellets and weapons.

"They are the real key part of the whole world." Li Xiaoyun said emotionally.

Ye Chen nodded. There were countless people in this whole world, Condensing Reality Realm warriors forming the majority. Without these normal warriors, the martial warrior's world would not have developed normally. If it were not for the fact that he had traveled here as a soul, this world's Ye Chen would probably be one of the normal warriors. If he were lucky, he might be able to live to die out of natural causes; and if he were not, then he would probably have died long ago.

The biggest restaurant of the Ancient Cloud Town was at the town center, and the five of them walked over.

"Welcome! Please come up to the third floor!" The waiter led the way while looking extremely humble. Arriving on the third floor, the five picked a spot close to the windows and sat down.

Inside the VIP room, Duan Lengya said, "Second uncle, they are here!"

"He is Ye Chen? So young!" Duan Binghe released his soul power without thinking, covering the whole restaurant.

"Someone is spying on us."

Murong Qingcheng and the other three frowned. Ye Chen had already noticed Duan Lengya as he said coldly, "Since he is here now, we will see what kind of a game they are playing."


Footsteps were heard as two people walked out of the VIP room.

"You are Ye Chen?"

A light white qi flow leaked out and wrapped around Duan Binghe's body, seeming like crystals and strings. If observed closely, one could find that each string of white qi flow could reflect the surroundings, giving people a sense of sharpness. It was a sign that the warrior had trained his Zhen yuan into strings.

Jing Aoxuan reminded Ye Chen, "He is the right hand to the leader of the Ice Pavilion, ranking 31st amongst the master level warriors…Be careful!"

They had no idea what Ye Chen's power was like, but judging from that person's ranking, being cautious seemed necessary.

Picking up his teacup to take a sip, Ye Chen said, "I do not want to hurt you. You should leave now.
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