Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 553: Yan Xiner


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As a master level old school Sea of Souls Realm warriors, Yuwen Jin's explosive power was extremely horrifying. When his body was still traveling in midair, a purple gold-colored light shone out of his body like a dragon or a massive snake. It was almost tangible as it carried Yuwen Jin's body and shot out. Within a fraction of a second, he had arrived right in front of Ye Chen.

"What a disrespectful brat!"

Yuwen Jin lifted up his palm, attacking toward Ye Chen. Although it was a normal low rank profound martial art attack, in Yuwen Jin's hands, it was extremely mighty. A rampant aura emerged and the huge, purple gold Zhen yuan palm followed, covering Ye Chen completely.

"One Finger Void Shattering!"

Ye Chen's pupil shrank; that palm attack was actually just as powerful as the attack of that warrior in red robe on the Treasure River Island, who was famous for his palm attacks. So, it was not hard to tell of his general power from that—he might even be more powerful than the master warrior in red robes. Without thinking further, Ye Chen poked out his right index finger as he lifted up the incoming mountain like palm pressure.


The purple gold light palm touched the blue finger like archenemies, clashing with each other intensively, as waves after waves of explosions rang out. The blast waves were of different colors; sometimes purple gold, sometimes blue, and at other times even purple and blue combined. It blew Yuwen Ye, who was already badly wounded, completely away into the air. Blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth. He was just like Yuwen Hao before, passing out from the wounds.

Yuwen Jin was so furious that he had forgotten about his son, which had caused him to be wounded even more badly. This made him feel regretful, as well as even angrier. He pushed his palm power to another thirty percent and the purple gold palm pushed forward heavily, shaking the blue finger off.

"Sword Light Flying Spell!"

Ye Chen was prepared for that as he let go of his Zhen yuan protection. An endless sword light appeared, flashing once before shooting out ten miles into the distance. Most of the power from that purple gold light palm had been canceled out, so its speed had decreased drastically. It did not manage to catch up with Ye Chen; instead, it destroyed a huge area of Yuwen family's buildings.

"Little brat, do you really think that you are a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior?"

Yuwen Jin had a cold look in his eyes as he locked onto Ye Chen, who was ten miles away. His ten fingers flicked and bounced together as countless beams of purple gold light shot out drastically, containing the gold profound within. Countless beams of light combined together and the space pattern spread throughout the whole region like a huge net, Whoever got trapped in the net would be affected drastically like a flying bug trapped in amber.

As that huge net was about to reach closer, Ye Chen maintained his flying state while using the sword qi tornado formed with lotus heart sword qi to welcome the incoming attack. All of a sudden, one side in midair was covered by the huge net of purple gold lightning, while the other side was covered with the blue colored net as the two clashed together.

Pap! Pop! Pap! Pop!

Countless beautiful fireworks blossomed in the air as the sky seemed to be lit up.

After seeing that, Yuwen Jin had a bad look on his face. Although he was a master level Seas of Souls Realm warrior himself, he could not beat Ye Chen within only one attack. The actual power did not matter at all; it was the kind of confidence and relaxed attitude that shocked him. Right then, there was only ten miles of distance between the two.

"Huh! I will see now how you manage to get away from here!"

Yuwen Jin was preparing to use his mid rank profound martial arts. Unlike Yuwen Ye, Yuwen Jin's mid rank ultimate meaning martial arts had already been comprehended by seventy percent, which was already not that far away from completion. Performed with his Late Sea of Souls Realm cultivation, its power could only be described as horrifying.

As he took a deep breath, purple gold qi covered Yuwen Jin's face. The purple gold represented a rich and high-rank power. But, on Yuwen Jin's face, it brought a bit of evilness. He pressed his tongue onto the roof of his mouth and the Zhen yuan in his body started to move twice as fast. It eventually poured into his right arm, followed through the meridians there, and arrived at the center of the fist. Waves of Zhen yuan continued to pour in and be compressed. Yuwen Jin's fist turned completely purple gold in color, making it like it was actually made with purple gold; it was looking terrifyingly mighty.

"Flowing Gold Godly Fist!" Yuwen Jin threw out a punch at Ye Chen, who was still standing ten miles away.


The air had been punched through in a second, and the pattern in the air disappeared completely. The purple gold fist power turned into an even more aggressive one, increasing its traveling speed. Midway, the fist power started to get scattered, turning into countless beams of golden colored sharp blades that assembled into another formation, dozens of meters big and semi-circular shape.


Ye Chen frowned. It was easy for him to tell that each one of those blades contained the power of a low rank profound martial art. Seeing this many gold sharp blades, even if it were a master level warrior at similar cultivation, they would have to escape for sure. Ye Chen knew that he could only barely be counted as one, so he would not naturally not be able to fight against it.

"Yuwen Jin, you play so low!"

A shadow appeared in front of Ye Chen out of the blue. It was indeed Murong Zhishui.

The powerful warriors from the Yuwen family who had tried to stop him was only normal master level warriors. They had all been blown away after three full-powered attacks of Murong Zhishui's. Besides true top master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors, who else could stop him?

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The gold sword was blocked out by a swirly wall. Waiting until the last of them had all been bounced away, the wall disappeared slowly; Murong Zhishui looked slightly pale behind it.

Due to lack of time, Murong Zhishui was only able to use a low rank defensive profound martial art, which was still slightly weaker in front of Yuwen Jin's mid rank one. Of course, the former had still some concerns at n the bottom of his heart; otherwise, even if it were Murong Zhishui, he would not be able to block out.

"Murong Zhishui!" Yuwen Jin did not look friendly.

Murong Zhishui said without fear, "Yuwen Jin, what you have done today…how much of troubles it will cause, I really hope you know."

"This man had been trying to mess around with the wedding so many times. He has now badly wounded two of my sons. Why can't I teach him a lesson? It is actually you! How dare you to talk back to our Yuwen family!"

"The demi demon family is not your Yuwen family's property. You do not have the right to control our Murong family."

"Huh! Whatever you want to say! This time, I will hold you in our Yuwen family. If you dare to fight back, I will kill you!"

Even if Yuwen Jin did not dare to kill Ye Chen, it did not mean the same for Murong Zhishui. Since the latter still belonged to the demi demon family jurisdiction, even the Dragon God Heaven Palace would not mingle in.

Ye Chen flew right next to Murong Zhishui as he stared right into Yuwen Jin's eyes and said with a cold voice, "Yuwen Jin, you had agreed with the battle between your sons and I. Is it true or not?"

"So what if it is?"

"Now, you have suddenly attacked me…What is that supposed to mean? Do you really think that I am that easy to push around? Or, do you think I will not blame any of it on you?"

"Those battles should be at pure academic level. It should be stopped the second it gets too serious. I did not say that you can wound each other that badly! What you have done…don't you think that was even crueler?"

Yuwen Jin was a great negotiator. He sounded just like an old fox who was furious, but also calm at the same time.

Ye Chen sneered, "I apologize, but I have to admit that it was a battle instead of competing session. Since it was more like battles, there would be wounds and injuries. So, all in all, it is just that you Yuwen family are bitter losers."

"Brat, although you are the martial genius that the Dragon King himself handpicked, as long as you have not become a Life and Death Realm warrior, I suggest you not to be so arrogant and reckless."

Yuwen Jin stared at Ye Chen with a strange expression; a powerful mental power had been hidden behind his eyes.

Ye Chen ignored it completely since it was more like a child's play for him, "Reckless? I think only your people from the Yuwen family could own up to the word. You father and sons had never realized what kind of a cruel thing you guys are doing?"


Yuwen Jin hated the fact that the Dragon King appreciated Ye Chen so much with a burning passion, such that he had even started to hate the Dragon God Heaven Palace. If it were not for the Dragon King and the Dragon God Heaven Palace, for him to kill Ye Chen would be akin to killing a dog. There would be no need to put in efforts and try to stop him with all those tricks.

"Martial geniuses are easy to be killed. You better be careful!" Mumbling to himself, Yuwen Jin flew down toward the palace. Ye Chen and Murong Zhishui exchanged a look before following behind.

Wang Shi and Yan Kui saw that Ye Chen had come back, so then also stopped with their brawl. Around them were a couple of people staring at the two with angry looks; they were all slightly wounded.

"Brother Ye, are you okay?" Wang Shi asked.

Ye Chen shook his head, "Thank you both for your help!"

"Haha, we are brothers after all." Wang Shi laughed.

On the side, Yan Kui spat on the ground, "Huh! This Yuwen Jin is so messed up. His son could not beat you, so he actually decided to fight you himself."

Ye Chen had a deep look at Murong Qingcheng, then said to Yuwen Jin, "Yuwen Jin, do you remember the deal you made before? Let go of the secret spell on Murong, right now!"

"Huh! Of course, I remember."

With all those people present, even if Yuwen Jin did not care for it, he could not eat his own words. Otherwise, it would not take long to have his bad reputation spreading around the land.

Glancing at Yuwen Ye who was still in a coma, Yuwen Jin walked behind Murong Qingcheng and pressed his palm in the air once. Countless golden qi spheres appeared before disappearing again into Yuwen Jin's body.


With a soft moan, Murong Qingcheng recovered her consciousness.

Lifted up her red veil, Murong Qingcheng saw Murong Zhishui and Ye Chen, and a joyous expression flashed past on her face, "Father, Ye Chen!"

Murong Zhishui asked with a worried tone: "Qingcheng, they didn't do anything to you, right?"

Murong Qingcheng shook her head.

"Oh, right! Where is your mother?"

Murong Qingcheng frowned and said, "Before my Zhen yuan and intelligence had been blocked, mother had been invited by a woman from the Yuwen family."

"A woman…" Murong Zhishui seemed to think of something.

Looking away from her father, she looked back at Ye Chen. Although her ability to move and talk had been restrained before, she could still hear and feel. She knew about everything Ye Chen had done. When Yuwen Jin was attacking him, she was extremely worried and anxious; it was lucky that nothing happened, she thought.

Ye Chen smiled at Murong Qingcheng. As she was about to say something, a woman's voice came through, which was rather crisp.


Not far away from the corner of a building, two extremely beautiful ladies walked over. The one on the left wore a dark green dress and had a very sophisticated aura; she was in her late-thirties. The one on the right wore a light yellow colored dress; she was just as beautiful as the former. But, there was a lack of fanciness, and a hint of extra brightness. It was indeed her who had called out Murong Zhishui.

Seeing the latter, Murong Zhishui froze.

"Yan Xiner!"

He would never forget this woman. This woman used to be the love of his life. Even now, she would pop up in his head and his dreams now and then. Perhaps, her looks had changed a bit, and her a voice had become smoother and deeper. But, he recognized her at first sight. He took a deep breath, feeling rather complicated.

In front of him, a cold, evil smile appeared on Yuwen Jin's face.
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