Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 552: Bad Manners


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Groaning once, Yuwen Ye's hair danced in the air while that protective Zhen yuan in front of his body crystallized, infusing the light black and the dark blue together perfectly. Meanwhile, the glove on his right hand shone with a dark green light. As it appeared, more dark green light poured out of his body and gathered on top of his fist gloves, preparing to attack at any second.

With all of that done, Yuwen Ye had one hundred percent confidence.

A couple of hundred meters in front of him, Ye Chen's eyes were locked onto Yuwen Ye, with a silver light appearing within them. In his sight, Yuwen Ye was no longer Yuwen Ye, but only a target for him to hit with his full power; simple as that.

At the same time, in everyone else's eyes, Ye Chen's body seemed to grow bigger; but it was not a physical change. Instead, it was more of a psychological shift. It was the mental pressure that appeared along with the Void Shattering Finger Art attacks, which had caused the hallucination.

As the world was "moving upside down", Ye Chen pointed out his finger.

No one could describe how horrifying that finger attack was. With that attack, the space between seemed to have turned to nothingness. The space pattern had also been sucked in; a huge blue finger appeared in front of Yuwen Ye all of a sudden, pressing hard onto his protective Zhen yuan layer.

"So fast! It is even faster than my Demon Flash Gold!"

Yuwen Ye did not even have the time to wave his fist. All he could do was slightly lift up his arms to block with them in front of him.


With Yuwen Ye being the center, a pattern spread out in all directions. The protective Zhen yuan layer in front of his body sank in quickly; it was like leaving a palm print onto the muddy ground. The next second, the print had been pressed even deeper. That dark green shine was put out under that blue finger attack without even a chance to fight back. And without the protection of the dark green light, Yuwen Ye's basic defense had no chance to take on the power of the Void Shattering Finger Attack.


The attack landed on Yuwen Ye and the right arm that was right in front of the attack went numb; he could no longer feel a thing from there. Meanwhile, his chest felt like it had just been struck by lightning as he puked out a huge amount of blood.

With the Void Shattering Finger Attack, Yuwen Ye's defense had been broken instantly. The powerful finger power had made everyone present gasp.

'No way! There is absolutely no way! The protective Zhen yuan layer had been enhanced under the special power and the whole set of great items. It should be able to reach beyond master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors easily! How could he break through with one single attack! What have I done wrong! What kind of finger art is this after all!'

Yuwen Ye freaked out. Before, he had never thought about the possibility that he might lose. During the whole battle, there had been close calls, but he had his ace attack protecting him each time. Right then, he had used up all of his hidden power, but Ye Chen still had more left. The continuous shock had made him extremely sensitive and vulnerable, and he was at a breaking point right now.

"Haha! He does still have hidden power!" Murong Wu mumbled to himself.

Murong Zhishui was frozen completely. He could not believe what kind of a man Ye Chen was - at every critical moment where his opponent was going to kill him, he managed to reverse the situation. Even if it was him in that opponent's position, he would have lost his temper as well; not to mention Yuwen Ye, who was famous for his short temper.

"Being the number one warrior of the Hidden Dragon Region at the age of eighteen, being extremely famous in the whole of Southern region by the age of twenty-one, and even managing to be ranked as one of the top four young warriors…At twenty-three, he was already the top warrior of the young generation in the Southern regions. And now, at twenty-four, he has beaten Yuwen Ye, who is an older warrior at the next level. Is this his true power?"

Murong Zhishui had finally realized it why this young man always managed to break out with such powerful abilities each time it was needed. It was not only because he was full of talent and potential; what was more important was that he knew how to keep everything in. Without the most dangerous situation appearing, he would not reveal his last hand. But so far, he seemed to always have another card, so no one really knew how much exactly he needed, and how much more he had not used.

"Scary! The young warriors who live in the same era as him will have a lot to worry now."

Right then, Murong Zhishui had been thoroughly impressed by Ye Chen. It had nothing to do with his power or social status. What won his heart over was Ye Chen's frighteningly calm mind and that scary potential. He had a vague feeling that even if he walked up there, he might not be able to do much to Ye Chen at all. Ye Chen was a young man full of mysteries for him, like a hidden dragon that would attack anyone who provoked it.

"Our brother Ye is not a normal warrior!"

Wang Shi and Yan Kui were both spirit realm warriors. The first time they met Ye Chen was when he was only at Astral Reaching Realm, and the second time they did, Ye Chen was already not that far away from their cultivation.

All of a sudden, the two started to be glad that they had treated Ye Chen well right from the beginning, without any other thoughts at all. But obviously, it would be impossible to have zero personal agenda at all. Since Ye Chen was this strong sapling growing at such a rapid speed, it would not be futile for them if they made a good relationship with him. Of course, they did not think about rewards or benefits at all.

"Yao Yifeng is going to have a sh*tty time." Wang Shi glanced at Yao Yifeng while empathizing.

Speaking of which, Yao Yifeng as the second leader of the Yellow Dragon Palace should have tried to build a good relationship with Ye Chen, but he decided to do the opposite for his own benefits. He had not only disrespected the latter, he had even been giving him an extremely hard time, despite the fact that he was actually the warrior of choice. Both Wang Shi and Yan Kui knew that it would not take him long to regret his decision.

"Why would he do it in the first place though? Too greedy after all." Yan Kui smiled cruelly.

Without actually noticing Wang Shi and Yan Kui's expression, Yao Yifeng was highly agitated. In fact, ever since Ye Chen beat Yuwen Hao, he had started to feel uncomfortable. The more powerful Ye Chen turned out to be, the more hate he felt for him. It was indeed coming from the fear that was growing in the deepest part of his soul. He feared that Ye Chen would reach beyond him and take revenge for what he had done to him. It all had made him worry. Right now, seeing that Ye Chen was controlling the whole battle with Yuwen Ye again, displaying his power that did not belong to the normal master level anymore, his agitation had reached its maximum level. At the same time, a killing intent had grown from the bottom of his heart.

'Ye Chen, I admit that I was a bit short-sighted before. But, if you decide to make this a problem for me, then you cannot blame me for being cold-hearted. Now, the opportunity to live on will be in your hands.' Yao Yifeng looked gloomy and evil as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

"Ye is wounded…!"

Yuwen Jin's mood was just like the battle; it had been a rollercoaster ride for him. That feeling of everything being under control before had disappeared completely. All he felt now was anxiety and anger.

"If I knew this would be the case, then I should have tried everything I had to stop him."

Yuwen Jin was really regretful right now; he regretted that he did not pay more attention to Ye Chen before. He thought that if he had used every connection he had the second he knew that Ye Chen was here in the Gu Lan Region, it would not be like this now. All in all, he knew that he had made a mistake in underestimating the other's power.

"Damn! Ye, you cannot lose!" Tightening his fist, a sharp cold light shot out of Yuwen Jin's eyes.


Another huge chunk of blood was puked out as Yuwen Ye's face was the palest it would be.

"I have still not lost yet. This finger art of yours, it must cost a lot of Zhen yuan! Let's see who will last until the end!"

After using his special power and enhancing his defense, Yuwen Ye's body was still very tough and powerful. The wounds that had been caused by that Void Shattering Finger Art attack should not affect his battling power. So, it was only equivalent to a scratch. He also knew that once reaching this stage, he could not allow himself to lose; it would be too much of a failure to handle mentally, since he had literally said not that long ago that he had one hundred and twenty percent of confidence in killing Ye Chen, just like killing dogs. Right now, the tables had turned, but it would be impossible for him to just give up and call it an end this easily.

He could tell that the attack Ye Chen used would cost a lot of Zhen yuan. He thought that as long as he endured another couple of them, he would be able to beat Ye Chen completely, and perhaps even stand on his face to make a point.

"That finger attack was only for testing. If you chose to continue, then you will have to handle even bigger consequences."

Ye Chen had thought it through very clearly. If he killed Yuwen Ye right here, then the whole thing would become very tricky. Therefore, he had not pushed the power of his Void Shattering Finger Attack to its limit yet. He was afraid that he might accidentally disable Yuwen Ye, or worse, kill him. So, he had decided to test him out first.

Without talking further, Ye Chen pointed out his index finger again, performing his Void Shattering Finger attack again.


The blue finger broke through space, easily breaking through Yuwen Ye's protective Zhen yuan that was slowly forming together again. Once the finger touched the defensive layer, the crystallized layer was left with a deep finger hole within.

The power of the finger attack was even more potent than the last one.

Seeing that his defense that he tried so hard to form back had been cracked open again, an evil hatred was born in Yuwen Ye's heart.

He hated everything right now.

If he lost to Ye Chen, then it meant he had lost it completely on the battle with his woman. It would be a huge embarrassment if the news spread out. And this kind of mental shock was driving him crazy.

"Lose now!"

Ye Chen did not use his Void Shattering Finger, because he knew that Yuwen Ye would die if he used it the third time, which would not be necessary, and frankly bad for him. Therefore, his body flashed once as he took out his gold sword and stabbed out.

"Ye Chen, give our Yuwen family some honor…Fake a loss in the battle. We will thank you very well after the battle for sure. I believe that you would not want to have a bad relationship with us for sure."

As that sword of Ye Chen was just about to stab into Yuwen Ye, Yuwen Jin's voice crawled into his ears. It was a hurried anxious voice, but there was still a hint of threat within as well.

Ye Chen sneered. 'Even now, you still want to threaten me?'

Letting out his Zhen yuan, he stabbed right into Yuwen Ye's chest. The sword light went through and shoot out of the back.

Still sitting in his seat, Murong Zhishui let out a long breath. It was finally over!


Even Yuwen Jin's eyes were going red. At that critical moment, he had let go of his dignity and even made a huge promise to reward Ye Chen, but the latter did not want to back out at all! The sword had defining gone through his son's body, which would require Yuwen Ye to rest in bed for a couple of months.

Since Ye Chen had rejected him, he had decided that it was not the right time for him to put up pretenses.


Yuwen Jin shot up into the sky, reaching toward Ye Chen at an unbelievable speed.

"Ye Chen, this was just supposed to be a testing battle…I cannot believe you would be so cruel! I will teach you a lesson for the Dragon God Heaven Palace! Piss off!"

"Elder Yuwen! You really don't know what shame is, do you?"

Murong Zhishui frowned while anger burned in his eyes. It was almost the second that Yuwen Jin made a movement that he had followed behind, water shadows appearing right behind it.

"How dare you! Get back!"

The powerful warriors of the Yuwen family jumped out, blocking Murong Zhishui, who was furious. The leading ones were master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors who exchanged an attack forcibly with Murong Zhishui, which successfully slowed him down.

"Damn it! You dare to bully our brother Ye!"

Wang Shi and Yan Kui could no longer stay calm and they jumped up as well, attacking toward the powerful warriors of the Yuwen family. Powerful aura appeared on their body.

All of a sudden, the Yuwen family plaza turned chaotic, with qi flows rumbling everywhere.
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