Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 551: Void Shattering Finger Attack


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King Sword Intent was indeed the kind of sword intent a king warrior would possess, also known as a rank 5 sword intent. If a Sea of Souls Realm warrior wanted to form a rank 5 sword spirit, it would just be slightly easier for him or her than reaching the Life and Death Realm. Therefore, it would not be that hard to imagine people's reaction after they had seen what just happened.

"It is indeed the King Warrior Sword Intent! But, it should not be a sword spirit though. Inside this sword intent is contained the slaughter element, which can increase the sword intent's power. But even if that is the case, it is already quite horrifyingly powerful. Moreover, his slaughter sword spirit would be at least rank 4."

Some of the master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors were only there as observers, but right now, all of them had their eyes wide open, and their face filled with shock and denial.

The dark golden ray was very fast, and as that surprise appeared in everyone's mind, it had already arrived in front of Ye Chen. It attacked with the kind of power and determination that could puncture through everything.

As for Ye Chen, he had already started to prepare for his Gold Resonant Radiance Art attack when he released his slaughter sword intent. Right then, it was completely ready, so he held his gold sword with both of his hands, waving it out with a calm expression along with a hint of killing intent. But, it was a peaceful killing intent, without any anger or excitement, as if he was just doing an extremely normal thing like drinking and eating.


It was a normal attack which only looked like a slight dot of golden light. But, half of that beam of light was shattered the second it touched the sword attack. Once the complete sword attack arrived, that powerful sword power followed through. That was when the dark golden ray had been shattered completely, turning into two weakened, scattered beams of light that shot past Ye Chen's sides. It looked like he was a rock in the river where the water would travel naturally through its sides.

Obviously, the rock would not have any attacking power, but Ye Chen did. That sword had cut open the incoming ray before shooting toward Yuwen Ye at an extreme speed.

"Not good!"

Yuwen Ye had already sensed the danger when Ye Chen revealed his power. He knew it clearly how horrifying the king warrior sword intent could be. Ye Chen was already quite powerful himself in terms of cultivation and profound sword attacks. But, even if he were just a normal Sea of Souls Realm warrior, with the king warrior sword intent, he could not be underestimated.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Patterns continued to appear outside Yuwen Ye's body as the light black protective Zhen yuan layer of his shone with a dark green light all of a sudden. The light seemed to turn into a halo which had overlapped on top of Yuwen Ye's protective Zhen yuan, making it look like it was solidified.

Once the two finally became one, Yuwen Ye's defense seemed to reach its peak condition.


A beam of sword light that was completely golden landed on Yuwen Ye's protective layer which felt like reinforced steel. A crack appeared down in the middle, and it continued to spread toward all direction. Then, the crack sank inwards.

The sword light still had plenty of power left, continuing to drill in as if it wanted to break through the protective Zhen yuan with all it had got and crawl inside Yuwen Ye, who was behind it. Meanwhile, Yuwen Ye also pumped up all of his Zhen yuan, trying his best to fight back.

Soon, the sword light faded away while Yuwen Ye was unharmed.

"What? It did not get to him?"

Ye Chen was rather surprised, since he had already tried his best on that sword attack. Even master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior's protective Zhen yuan layer could be broken into easily. No matter how powerful Yuwen Ye's defense was, it would be impossible to be that much more powerful than a master level warrior. Therefore, it was strange to see that the attack did not break through the defense.

"No! That dark green light seems to come out of a great item!" Ye Chen squeezed his eyes as he released his soul power.

Through Yuwen Ye's clothes, Ye Chen saw a lot of different powerful items. There were the dark green chest piece, arm and wrist protectors, fist gloves, and even leg and waist pieces, which made up six of them in total. Amongst them, the fist gloves were attacking items, and the rest were all for defensive ones. All six of them shone with the same green color and shared the same frequency of vibration. They were so similar and worked so perfectly well that they looked like they were one set.

…A complete set.

"A whole completed set!"

Ye Chen had finally understood why Yuwen Ye was able to block out that sword attack; it was indeed because he wore a whole set of protection. Normally, a whole set of items meant everything that could cover one's whole body. A lot of warriors would have to mix and match, but they could still put together a whole set; however, that would definitely not be the same as an actual designed set, since some of the items would have counteractive elements, which would cancel out their power. Therefore, even if one could assemble a whole set, its power would only be slightly more powerful than their most powerful single item.

However, the set that Yuwen Ye was wearing was actually a whole set, a complete set with the same style and manufacturer. They were all connected with one another in some ways. Wearing them all on the body, Yuwen Ye would be able to activate its true power, making them work together perfectly.

Not only was Ye Chen surprised, everyone else present was as well. It was not hard for them to tell how powerful Ye Chen's sword attack was. Yuwen Ye being able to block it out was indeed way out of their expectation.

"Perhaps, Ye had gone to the Treasury Holy Tower, and managed to get a whole set of top rank great items!" Yuwen Jin was actually very worried before. But right now, that concerned expression on his face had disappeared completely, replaced by a satisfied, joyous one.

After canceling out the sword light from Ye Chen, Yuwen Ye laughed hysterically, "Ye Chen, you are indeed powerful, making my use my great items as my advantage. But, I guess it would not be hard for you to realize that I have been to the Sky Martial Region and gotten a whole set of water element great items from the Treasury Holy Tower. Even though every single item is only a normal top rank item, with all of them combined as a set, its defensive power would be as powerful as half-step extreme item. Even its attacking power has increased drastically, dragging right into master level."


Everyone in the crowd suddenly realized it and could not help but gasp.

A whole set of top rank items were extremely rare, and its value would be equal to a half-step extreme rank item. Everyone knew that the Treasury Holly tower was a mysterious place, with an unknown origin. It was not like the normal forbidden places; the tower was not hidden in the surreal place, but at a particular place where people could find and enter it at any time. But, there were a lot of restraints within the tower-only Sea of Souls Realm warriors could enter. Anyone below would be turned into ashes the second they entered, and people above Sea of Souls Realm could not enter either. Although the Life and Death Realm warriors were extremely powerful, they had never been able to break through the restraints and enter with Life and Death Realm level cultivation.

Besides that, people older than forty years could not enter either. This tower had a power to detect age; even if it were just one day older, one would be killed within a second.

As for what was inside the tower, it was just as obvious as its name-it was a tower with all the treasures. According to rumors, it had something to do with the Treasure River Island inside the Star Regional Lake, as they both seemed to come from the same source. But, although the island was just as appealing to all the warriors, once compared to the holy tower, it would be like a shabby house made with only bamboos. There would be no comparison.

Among the reasons why the Sky Martial Region could be a holy place for the martial geniuses, the Treasure Holy Tower would be one of them. Only with the existence of the tower would a lot of the martial geniuses want to go there when they were about to break through to the Sea of Souls Realm.

"This Yuwen Ye had actually been inside the Treasure Holy Tower, and even managed to get out with a whole set of water element top rank items! What a good luck!"

"Too bad that I am way older than forty years. Otherwise, I would go in there to test out my luck. With my master level Sea of Souls Realm, I would very likely survive, I guess."

"Without age restriction, it would not be our turn to get some nice items for sure. That place would have been invaded ages ago in the mid ancient era, since there are not unlimited treasures in there after all."

"That's true too."

A lot of master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors chatted passionately.

"Not good! Yuwen Ye actually has a whole set of top rank great weapons!" Murong Zhishui did not feel well.

"Perhaps, Ye Chen would have some other hidden power…?" Murong Wu said uncertainly.

Murong Zhishui said unwillingly, "He has even exposed his king warrior sword intent. What else would he have…? I just wish Yuwen Ye's attacking power has not been increased to too high a level."

"Ye Chen, take my fist again!"

As everyone was still chatting, Yuwen Ye had threw out another Killing Water Fist attack toward Ye Chen. It was clear that as he threw out the attack, there were countless dark green light beams leaking out of his body and infusing into his fist aura. All of a sudden, the fist power increased drastically.

Ye Chen did not back out at all as he went back up with his gold sword.


Their Zhen yuan exploded as the two backed out.

"It is only slightly weaker than my attack, and his set of items can even cancel out my power." Ye Chen frowned, Yuwen Ye's attack was actually still slightly weaker than his, but he actually wore a whole set of times which would cancel out more than twice the power. So, Ye Chen knew that his attack would not wound him at all, and would only be an equal blow.

"Haha…I hope you will not be hit by my attack!"

With his attacking power chasing right after Ye Chen and his defense more powerful than the latter's, Yuwen Ye did not have anything to worry about. Ye Chen's attack could not make him afraid. As long as he could hit the latter once, Ye Chen would lose for sure. So, he thought that he was invincible right now, and it would be impossible for him to lose this battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two continued to exchange attacks as qi flow shot out in different directions.

Murong Zhishui and Murong Wu were looking rather down in their spirits. They could see that Yuwen Ye's attacking power had also increased. Although it was not as obvious an increase in his defensive power, his attacking power was already rather powerful. And now, it was even more horrifying, to the extent where even Ye Chen could not do anything to him.


In the sky, the two separated again.

"Ye Chen, it will be impossible for you to beat me. Just leave now…Otherwise, I will destroy your reputation forever." Yuwen Ye was secretly very surprised at Ye Chen's attacking technique. During that short period of time, they had already exchanged a couple hundreds of attacks, but he had still not hit Ye Chen even once. On the contrary, he was actually hit a couple of times. If it were not for his whole set of items, even if he did not end up with severe injuries, it would be a hard time for him.

Also, maintaining the condition of a whole set of items was actually quite exhausting due to burning so much Zhen yuan constantly. Although his cultivation was actually higher than Ye Chen's, he might not be able to last until the end.

Ye Chen said with a cold voice, "Is this all of your power?"

"What? You still think there is a chance for you to win?" Yuwen Ye laughed.

"Whether I am wrong or not, I think we will see the result very soon."

Actually, in order to beat Yuwen Ye, Ye Chen would have two options: one would be to take out his half-step extreme rank sword, the Thunder Disaster Sword. With it in his hand, even if his opponent had a whole set of items, it would be impossible to block it out. The second option would be to perform his Void Shattering Finger Art, since it could do wonders in breaking through defensive Zhen yuan layers.

But, after some thoughts, he decided that it was not the right time to expose the fact that he had the half-step extreme rank sword, since he could not be certain how many people would be intrigued by the sight of it. It could potentially cost him even bigger troubles. Although using the Void Shattering Finger Art might expose his most powerful ace attack, it would not have much consequences.

With his mind made up, he put back his gold sword and reached out his right index finger, pouring his Zhen yuan within.


That finger of his was extremely lean and long, and a pattern in the air suddenly appeared on the tip of his finger. It seemed as if even the surreal space could not handle its power.

"What kind of finger art is this?"

Yuwen Ye squeezed his eyes. His instinct told him that that finger was extremely dangerous and that he should not underestimate it. But, his logic told him it would be impossible for anything to break his defense. So, he started to chuckle instead.

"Come on!! Let's see how I shatter your faith."
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