Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 290: The Green Lotus Sword Spell


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Chapter 290: The Green Lotus Sword Spell

Translator: 3heryl Editor: AntiGod
With no time to think, dozens of sword Qi had already shot out towards this way. Ye Chen took a deep breath, then shook his wrists. A bright sword light shone out of the Star Scar Sword, which melted into the air and attacked back.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

Countless sword Qi shattered. Ye Chen was already expecting it, as he turned his body and flew out at a tilted angle. From the corner of his eyes, he saw that the last sword Qi had drawn a special angle before landing where Ye Chen was standing.

As a cracking sound was heard, a sharp sword mark appeared on the ground.

"Such a sharp sword movement! Each move is so fatal!" Ye Chen was still a bit concerned about that last attack. He stared at the lake and the lotuses in the lake with all of his attention.

This time, the lake took its time before attacking again. After a time of three blinks, three lotus leaves floated up to the surface of the lake. However, they had not turned into sword Qi. Instead, they attacked right at Ye Chen themselves. But in Ye Chen’s eyes, these three pieces of leaves were even more horrifying than the sword Qi. The edge of the lotus leaf turned into extremely sharp blades that sliced the air like water.

"Sky Shattering Clouds!"

Ye Chen would not dare to underestimate it at all, as he performed his ace attack, the Sky Shattering Clouds. His sword Qi turned into thunder light. It landed like a thunder strike on a lotus in the middle of the lake, bringing up some splashes which blew away the two lotus leaves on the side. Each one of them got embedded into the wall of the valley. After the first and the second level of the secret realm, Ye Chen’s poetic perspective of thunder and clouds had increased drastically, including its attacking power.


Three lotus leaves had been taken care of, but then, another six leaves flew out from the lake. The leaves did not stop for a second, cutting right towards Ye Chen. After the six leaves, another nine had floated to the surface of the lake. They started to melt together, forming a huge lotus leaf with a lotus flower on top.

"Interesting! A trick within a trick!"

Ye Chen gasped. That leaf with the flower had not attacked yet, but Ye Chen could already sense the pressure coming from it, which was way more powerful than those six leaves from before. What frightened him more was that there was sword intent coming out from the flower. It felt like there was a great sword hidden within, and once the sword was taken out of the scabbard, it would be ready to kill.

‘One thing at a time… Let me take care of that six lotus leaves first.’

Holding the sword with both of his hands, Ye Chen performed his Sky Shattering Clouds with all of his power. That intensive sword aura caused huge changes in nature. Lightning appeared in the Qi flow, bringing up horrifying thunder sounds.


His sword Qi had turned into thunder light, which had attacked towards those six leaves. The explosion had brought out countless sword Qi, shooting out towards different directions, leaving holes on those leaves.


That huge leaf with the flower finally made a movement. After a flash, it appeared suddenly ten meters away from Ye Chen. Countless beams of sword Qi along with a powerful sword intent shot out towards him. It was almost like rain drops, covering every corner where Ye Chen was standing and leaving him nowhere to hide.

"Fast sword!"

His body shifted while he performed his sword art to its extreme. The sword light was invisible but was present everywhere, fighting against that horrifying sword Qi.


All of a sudden, a petal of the lotus flower fell down and attacked towards Ye Chen.


Under the indescribable pressure, Ye Chen had unleashed his seventy percent sword intent. It was combined with the sword aura, which had both landed on that petal accurately. The flower petal was even more frightening than the sword Qi. The good thing was that Ye Chen’s sword intent had contained the immortal mentality, which made its sword Qi extremely hard to destroy. The flower had been cut in half by force.

However, the next second, more flower petals appeared. The lotus flower was no longer covered with any petals.

"What a horrifying sword art!"

Ye Chen thought to himself as he placed an electrical sword Qi web in front of him. His left hand pointed at that flower without all the petals. It was indeed the Void Shattering Finger Art that he had not performed for a long time.

Suddenly, he could hear the cracking sound from his sword Qi web. But then, a finger-sized hole appeared on the flower, its root and leaf had been completely destroyed.

After the sword Qi had all disappeared, Ye Chen finally let out a breath.

It had been a while now since he got the Void Shattering Finger Art. However, as an Astral Realm finger art, it was extremely hard to train. He could barely understand its meaning, and even now, he had only figured out barely half of it. No wonder the Thunder Freer had said that it would be more appropriate for Seas of Souls Realm warriors to train Astral Realm martial arts. In other words, it would be almost impossible for the other warriors who were below the Seas of Souls Realm to train it. Perhaps the Astral Realm martial arts required more than just the understanding of the poetic perspective. One day when he reached beyond the poetic perspective, he would probably be able to train it fully.

Of course, he still had plenty of time for that, and there was no need to hurry.

Looking towards the lake, Ye Chen had decided that if the attacks got too intense, he would use his Minor Blood Demon Separating Art. Even his zhen yuan was ready to be used, because he really did not want to be transported out of the secret realm.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

A storm-like sound was heard. All of the lotus leaves in the lake had floated up into the sky, covering all of the space above the valley. On the outside, there were bucket-sized leaves, while the ones in the middle were about two to three meters big. There were huge leaves with huge flowers on top. Combined with the sharp sword aura, the valley seemed to be sinking.

"It looks like I will have to use my two hidden cards."

Seeing the changes in the lotuses, Ye Chen looked more and more serious. His seventy percent sword intent combined with the immortal mentality had been completely unleashed. It had spread out in the air while a pile of bloody light started to boil inside of his body. It was indeed a sign of him preparing his Minor Blood Demon Separating Art. Also, inside of his inner zhen Qi tornado, that tiny pile of zhen yuan was also moving. It looked like it was about to be absorbed by his meridians.

After everything had been prepared, Ye Chen was no longer worried.

Out of his expectation, the lotus did not attack. Instead, it just kept combining and melting together, eventually forming into a small-mountain-sized lotus leaf. There were nine flowers on top of it, each one of them larger than a normal living room. On top of each petal were rain drops. It was just quietly floating above in the air.

"This is a secret manual?"

Ye Chen was intrigued. He carefully reached out his hand to make a grabbing gesture.


A secret manual shot out towards him and landed in his hand.

He looked down at it, there were four huge characters written on top of the manual – "Green Lotus Sword Spell". Ye Chen had a hunch that the martial art would not be as simple as those four characters. He sensed that it might be an extremely powerful sword art.

"I hope it is not an Astral Realm sword art!" Although judging from the attacking power of the lotus, it would be very unlikely to be an Astral Realm sword art, but there was still a small possibility which concerned him a little. If it were indeed an Astral Realm sword art then, it would be too annoying. He could only see but not really train, not to mention using it in battle…

Opening the first page, there was a sentence written within.

"Top Rank Earth Realm Sword Spell

Green Lotus Sword Spell

It contains the sword skill and sword art of Green Lotus Sword Spell. Combining the two, its power would have no limitation. They both were top of the top rank Earth realm martial arts when trained separately.

"Note: This sword spell is only a foundation. Warriors with high comprehension ability would be able to figure out its meaning and train it towards Astral Realm sword spell."

A top rank Earth Realm martial art! It contained both the skill and the art itself, and it could be trained to the Astral Realm?!

Ye Chen looked very satisfied. The result had turned out way better than he had expected.
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