Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife Chapter 972


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Being Forced to the Brink Helps Bring Out Survival Instincts

Today in the Imperial Palace, the lake that had frozen over attracted many people. Feng Yuheng had just thrown three people in, but this was not all. Now, there was news that had come saying that Feng Zhaolian had broken through the ice to fish. The end result was that he himself fell into the water.

She felt extremely powerless upon hearing this. She could only have Xuan Tiange and the others leave the palace first. She then followed that palace servant and headed in the direction of Feng Zhaolian’s accident.

When they arrived, Feng Zhaolian had just been pulled out by some servants. He looked very in a very poor condition. There were ice shards in his hair, and his entire body was soaked. He had even lost one of his shoes. Looking at him once more, he was in a bit of a daze. One of his eyes was partially closed, and they were completely without vigor. The palace servant at his side said: “We did not know if this one came in with Princess Yu. Only Zhang Ning Palace had a banquet today. Thinking about it, reporting this matter to that side should be correct, right?” After saying this, they looked up and saw Feng Yuheng quickly walk over, and they could not help but let out a sigh of relief, quickly moving to salute her.

Feng Yuheng waved her hand: “No need to be so courteous.” She then quickly arrived in front of Feng Zhaolian. Squatting down, she looked him over for a bit then reached for his wrist. She felt that his pulse was steady, and his vitals were normal. It was just that he looked a bit haggard. There had been no problems stemming from falling into the water.

But Feng Zhaolian did not think this to be the case. Seeing that Feng Yuheng had come over, he weakly asked: “A-Heng, am I about to die? Being able to see you before I die is really good.”

Feng Yuheng frowned and quietly said: “Feng Zhaolian, don’t pretend. Quickly get up! What is a measly frozen lake in Da Shun to someone who grew up in the frigid Qian Zhou? Just based on your cold-resistant body, you could strip down and swim many laps around this lake. Don’t think that I don’t know this.”

Feng Zhaolian, however, acted as though he could not understand. Weakly holding her with one hand, he repeatedly shook his head, “I really am about to die. I’m so cold. My entire body feels weak. A-Heng, quickly save me. Bring me to a warm room! I don’t want to die outside.”

The palace servants surrounding them also chimed in: “That’s right! Her entire body is completely soaked. If she continues to remain lying down in the snow, her life really might be at risk.”

Feng Yuheng suddenly began to smile. Looking at Feng Zhaolian, she asked: “There are many palaces in the Imperial Palace. Speak, where do you want to recover?”

Feng Zhaolian let out a sigh, “A-Heng, anywhere is fine. I’m just weak. It seems that I will need to spend a period of time in the palace to recover. I know that you can definitely do something, and the people in the palace will all give you some face. Finding a place for a patient like me won’t be difficult. How about…” He thought for a bit then said: “I recall that your relationship with the Empress was quite good. How about we go to the Empress’ place! Don’t worry. I won’t cause her any trouble. I will leave the palace after getting better.”

Feng Yuheng nearly burst out laughing upon hearing this. Going to the Empress’ place to recover? Did this person think that the Empress’ palace was a refuge that anyone could enter as they pleased? But after thinking a bit, she felt that Feng Zhaolian came into the palace with a goal. He had come in using Imperial Concubine Li’s name to get in but did not set a single foot in Zhang Ning Palace. She had even forgotten about the gift that she was entrusted with giving, but he did not ask about it. After turning around, he went and fell into a frozen lake and asked to go and live in Jing CI Palace for a period of time… A look of suspicion nearly appeared on her face, as she leaned over and quietly asked: “One surnamed Feng, what sort of plan are you acting on this time?”

Feng Zhaolian did not respond. Instead, he rolled his eyes back and fainted.

In truth, Feng Yuheng really wanted to poke him with a needle to wake him up. To pretend to faint in a doctor’s lap, this was truly something that Feng Zhaolian could do. But she did not do this. Instead, she went along with Feng Zhaolian’s request and informed the palace servant at her side: “Go and call over a sedan then bring this person to Jing Ci Palace. This princess’ friend accidentally fell into the water and is truly very weak. There’s nothing that can be done and can only remain in the palace to recover for a while. Would Her Highness the Empress please take her in for me.”

After she said this, she looked at the “fainted” Feng Zhaolian and felt that the corners this person’s lips were slightly curling up. A look of success lingered on his face, and it was extremely infuriating.

Feng Yuheng would definitely need to accompany him for this trip. She trusted that Feng Zhaolian had his own reasons for wanting to remain in Jing Ci Palace. Just like this visit to the Imperial Palace and just like his initial request to be brought to Da Shun’s capital, Feng Zhaolian had his own ideas and secrets. Even just giving consideration to the 100 thousand troops, she needed to help out with this. Moreover, through the matter with lu Yan, Feng Yuheng wanted to know what sort of unspeakable secret the lofty Empress had.

On this side, Feng Yuheng went to Jing Ci Palace. On the other side, Zhu Kongshan brought the three half-dead young misses from Zhang Ning Palace to Cun Shan Palace. Just after setting foot inside the palace, she heard Noble Lady Yuan’s angry voice. It sounded as though she was scolding and punishing a palace servant; however, the overall message was directed toward the banquet in Zhang Ning Palace.

She had the three young misses settled in first before entering Noble Lady Yuan’s side hall. Noble Lady Yuan saw her arrive and immediately dismissed the palace maid who was being cussed out. Only then did she pull Zhu Kongshan over and ask: “What’s the situation over there?”

Zhu Kongshan thought for a bit then said: “There’s not much else. It’s just a bit of an argument between young misses, no harm no foul. As for second aunt…”

“Don’t bring up your second aunt here! I don’t have that sort of a younger sister!” No matter how much face she gave Imperial Concubine Li in front of others for the sake of her son, when she returned to her own place, she could no longer hold it in. All of the grievances that she had suffered while in Zhang Ning Palace would be vented about back here. Just punishing a servant was not enough. Hearing Zhu Kongshan refer to Imperial Concubine Li as second aunt was something that she especially did not like.

Zhu Kongshan could understand Noble Lady Yuan’s feelings, nodding and saying: “Yes, it’s Imperial Concubine Li. I feel that her attitude toward Princess Yu was very strange. Not only was she exceedingly warm, but also…” She pondered for a bit then continued: “Also, I paid attention to the contents of their conversation. Well, it can’t be called a conversation. It was mostly just Imperial Concubine Li speaking on her own, while Princess Yu casually responded from time to time. Imperial Concubine Li was mostly talking about things related to His Highness the sixth prince, stuff like how His Highness the sixth prince is a literary genius and how he is able to share His Majesty’s burdens or how filial and understanding he is. That feeling was as if… as if she was desperately trying to have Princess Yu understand how good His Highness the sixth prince is. Aunty, say, isn’t this matter really strange? If Princess Yu was still an unmarried girl, this matter could be understood, but in the end, she is a married woman. No matter how much she understands how good His Highness the sixth prince is, what good is that?”

Although Zhu Kongshan did not understand, she had a faint inkling of the situation. It was just that the very idea of it was too frightening, and she did not dare think about it too deeply.

But Noble Lady Yuan was different. She always had many takes. Having spent many years in the Imperial Palace, her thoughts were unfathomably profound. In practically the instant that Zhu Kongshan finished speaking, she understood what Imperial Concubine Li was thinking. It was just that she could not help but laugh once this idea came to mind, “She is wanting to find a wife for her son? It’s truly something that she could come up with. Even with as much ability as Feng Yuheng has, she has already married old ninth. What is she getting in on the party for? But…” Noble Lady Yuan thought quickly, “That’s also good. It’s best if she has some ideas. It would be worrying if she did nothing and was just satisfied with her lofty position. That would leave us with nothing to make use of.”

Zhu Kongshan asked her: “Does aunty have a good idea? I heard cousin Mo say that the sixth prince has the right to 30 thousand troops, and they are very important to him. Moreover, those 30 thousand troops were secretly brought back to the capital by His Majesty. They’re there just in case something happens in the capital. If the right to those 30 thousand troops can be claimed by him, adding in the imperial guards in the palace, the capital would be cousin’s domain.”

“That’s right!” Noble Lady Yuan nodded, “Indeed, it is like this. That’s why we need to think of a way to have Imperial Concubine Li do herself in. Then we pull her back when she is on the brink of destruction. This is called forcing someone to find the will to survive.”

“Do herself in?” Zhu Kongshan was unable to figure it out, “How can we have her do herself in?”

Noble Lady Yuan smiled, “To have taken a fancy to Princess Yu, is this demise not grand enough?”

When Zhu Kongshan left the palace, Feng Yuheng happened to have just climbed into her imperial carriage, and the curtain had not yet been lowered. Who knew what she was thinking, as she ran a few steps over to Feng Yuheng. Saluting, she asked: “Is princess returning home?”

Feng Yuheng nodded, “That’s right! Why is the Zhu family’s young miss in such a hurry?”

Zhu Kongshan said: “I need to hurry and notify the family members of the three young misses who fell into the water. It was I who brought them into the palace. Now that something has happened, I have no way of giving them an explanation. The imperial physicians said… it’s likely that things aren’t looking good.”

“Oh.” Feng Yuheng did not have any special reaction, “Then quickly go! If things really do not go well, in any case, it would be best if they could see their families one last time.”

Huang Quan also chimed in from the side: “That’s right! If young miss Zhu has the time to speak with our princess, it would be better to get in your carriage and leave a moment sooner.”

Zhu Kongshan looked at the two with a frown. She could not stop herself from asking: “Is princess really not afraid of offending people? In any case, those three young misses are from families of government officials. Why is it that their lives are worth so little in your eyes?”

Feng Yuheng asked: “Then why is it that a child’s life is so worthless in their eyes?”

“That… that’s different! Moreover, the child did not die!”

“Actions and original intent are the same. Whether or not one dies is just a matter of eventuality.” Feng Yuheng said: “As for whether or not to offend people, hmph, we were always incompatible. Their families would have been offended long before this. This won’t change anything.”

“You must leave yourself some wiggle room.” Zhu Kongshan quietly said, “It’s impossible that Princess Yu would not understand this logic.”

“That’s right!” Feng Yuheng blinked, “One must leave wiggle room when acting. Placing all of your money on the eighth prince, Zhu family’s young miss, don’t forget your roots, and don’t forget what your surname is.” After saying this, she glanced at A-Huan and A-Ruo without being noticed. She then ordered the curtain to be lowered. The driver raised his whip, and the carriage quickly disappeared.

This left Zhu Kongshan standing alone, looking in the direction that she had left while thinking about the last thing that Feng Yuheng had said. At this time, she heard the servant from the Sheng Palace say: “Young miss, don’t listen to the things meant to scare you said by Princess Yu. You are someone favored by His Highness the eighth prince. Your nobility is yet to come!”

Zhu Kongshan nodded, “I understand.” She turned around and returned to her carriage, while A-Huan and A-Ruo exchanged a glance and had some ideas of their own…