Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife Chapter 764: If You Don’t Listen, I Will Cut You Open for Surgery


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If You Don’t Listen, I Will Cut You Open for Surgery

Zhang Yuan’s fall was not light. Even given his young age, he could not stand up for quite some time. When he finally managed to catch his breath and could speak once more, he quickly asked the Emperor: “Your Majesty, what did you say? What’s going to be done?”

The people of the hall had already been dismissed. Normally, the Emperor was accustomed to keeping only Zhang Yuan behind when there were no pressing matters. After all, it would be more convenient for a conversation. The old emperor stood up and personally went to help the eunuch. While helping him, he said: “Say, what are you kicking up a fuss over? We just said a few words, yet you were in a rush to roll down the stairs. What sort of appearance is this? So irritating!”

How could Zhang Yuan be in the mood to listen to his scolding, as he anxiously asked: “What did you just say that you wanted to do at the Winter Moon Palace?”

The Emperor helplessly said: “We were thinking about it like this. We haven’t seen her in over 20 years, and last time, it was a fire that allowed us to meet. If Winter Moon Palace caught fire once more, would Pian Pian see me once more?”

“She won’t!” Zhang Yuan angrily said in a loud voice: “She definitely won’t! Just give up on that idea!”

“How do you know that she won’t? Don’t curse Us.”

“Who is cursing you!” Zhang Yuan was also extremely angry, “Last time, that was someone else that started the fire, and Imperial Concubine nearly suffered. This time, you say that you want to start the fire yourself? Are you not afraid that you’ll really end up burning Imperial Concubine? If she really does get burned, or she gets frightened, not to mention seeing you, I fear that based on Imperial Concubine Yun’s personality, her slap won’t land on you. Instead, she’ll slap herself to death. When that time comes, just go ahead and cry! Once the slightest bit of something happens to Imperial Concubine Yun because you started a fire, His Highness the ninth prince will definitely flip against you. When that time comes, he will sever ties with you, making a complete break. He will no longer be close and will instead become more and more of an enemy! Many years into the future, there won’t be anyone to take the throne, and you’ll just randomly pick someone. That person won’t be able to support Da Shun, and the country will become chaotic, and its people will no longer be safe. The centuries of Da Shun’s rule will come to an end as a result of you starting this fire. I’ll see how you face the previous emperor once you arrive in the underworld. How you will face the successive generations of ancestors!”

Zhang Yuan had really become furious, as he leaped around while cursing at the Emperor. The words left the Emperor’s face alternating between red and white. After a long time, he finally managed to react and let out a strange “ao” yelp. Pointing at Zhang Yuan, he said: “You brat, you dare to curse at Us?”

“Cursing at you is considered light!” Zhang Yuan had also become frantic, “I just don’t have a long whip in my hands; otherwise, I would definitely strangle you to death! Haven’t you thought about it, the world is so big, and Da Shun controls a large territory. The princes are all out there protecting Da Shun’s territory with all that they have, yet you just spend your days sitting here, thinking about how to fool around with Imperial Concubine Yun. Who are you treating fairly? Are you treating those princes fairly, or are you treating the citizens fairly? Your Majesty! Can we not mess around? Little Yuan has been taking care of you from a young age at master’s side until master passed away and left this servant alone. From that moment until now, it has been over a decade, and there hasn’t been a single day where I don’t see you hurting yourself by thinking about Imperial Concubine Yun. This servant knows that your feelings for Imperial Concubine are not the usual, and they are not something that a normal person can match, but you are still the Emperor. Normal citizens can speak about such feelings; however, you cannot! You are the protector of this world, and it’s inevitable that you will lose a great number of things. In the past, you could mess around when you were young, and the officials did not dare say anything. But look at yourself now, just how old are you? This servant will say something that sounds bad, but an emperor of this age is unable to freeze anyone with fear! The princes are ready to make their moves, and the border regions are getting chaotic. With each generation, when the emperor reaches their waning years, there will be a few years of chaos. Instead of keeping a close eye on the situation at a time like this, you actually spend your days yearning for a woman. Why can’t you just be a little more considerate?”

Zhang Yuan spoke earnestly and with good intentions. Shouting and frightening, he caused himself to begin tearing up. The Emperor, however, froze in place and did not know what sort of thing he should say, thus he did not make a sound. The two just stood face-to-face while glaring at each other. This lasted for a full stick of incense in time.

Finally, the Emperor spoke up in a stammer: “What you said… We understand it all, but We are getting older and older. We keep feeling that if We do not see Pian Pian a few more times, We might never meet again. Little Yuan, in Our heart, she is Our only wife! For many years, We lived for the sake of this world and finally began living for myself after meeting Pian Pian, but… why is it harder to live for myself than it is to live for the sake of the world? We don’t have many years left. Can you not let Us be willful one more time?”

Zhang Yuan shook his head, “I cannot. You should also think for Imperial Concubine Yun. The ruler of the country neglects the country for a beautiful woman. What exactly would be the ending for that beautiful woman?”

With him saying it like this, the Emperor was given a start. The ending for that beautiful woman was enough to have him give up on messing around before the new year, thus he turned around and returned to the imperial throne; however, who knew that from standing in one position for too long, his hip would become twisted when he turned around. The pain caused a cold sweat to appear on his brow, and he dropped to sit on the ground.

Zhang Yuan was scared silly and quickly went forward to support him, urgently asking: “What happened?”

“Hip! Our hip feels like it broke.” The Emperor barely managed to squeeze out these words; however, he was already sitting the stairs and could not move.

Zhang Yuan quickly called for people to enter. A strong eunuch carried the Emperor back to the inner hall of Heavenly Hall to rest. Zhang Yuan wanted to call for an imperial physician to take a look at him, but the Emperor said that the imperial physicians were quack doctors and could not treat anything. He just had Zhang Yuan massage him a bit. There was nothing that Zhang Yuan could do and could only listen to him; however, while he massaged his back, tears streamed down his face.

The Emperor had sprained his hip. This sort of news was neither big nor small in the palace. Although Zhang Yuan had already advised the servants to not spread it, and imperial physicians were not called, the news still quickly reached Winter Moon Palace. At this time, Imperial Concubine Yun was elegantly eating some fruit. A hidden guard had come to report that the Emperor had sprained his hip and had immediately collapsed in the hall. He was carried into the inner hall by the servants. Imperial Concubine Yun furrowed her brow and said with some anger: “He really won’t let people stop worrying. He doesn’t even take a look at his own age. If he doesn’t have the body to do it, don’t twist around so much. Does he still think he’s in the prime of his life?” She waved her hand in irritation and had the hidden guard leave. After a while, however, she was worried and said to a palace servant: “Send someone out of the palace and call A-Heng in to treat the old man. The quack doctors in the palace are not good for much. Aside from knowing how to prescribe some medical soups, they don’t know how to do anything else. A-Heng has a few more techniques. Quickly go and invite her!”

The palace servant complied and quickly left the palace to invite Feng Yu Heng. At this time, Feng Yu Heng had just returned to the imperial daughter’s manor, and she had not even had a chance to change her clothes before being called into the palace.

Along the way, she heard about the Emperor’s injury. Arriving at Heavenly Hall, she could not worry about saluting, as she quickly went to examine him. The Emperor saw her come and could not help but be stunned. He then asked Zhang Yuan: “Did you call the girl in?”

Zhang Yuan shook his head, “You didn’t even want to call the imperial physicians. How could this servant dare to invite an imperial daughter.”

“What is there that you don’t dare to do?” The Emperor did not believe him then said to Feng Yu Heng: “There isn’t much wrong with Us. Don’t listen to what the other people are saying. It’s fine.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, helplessly shook her head and told him: “A lumbar disc herniation is the same illness that the Feng family’s matriarch had back then. It’s just that it’s not as serious as what she had. But if this illness of old age is not treated properly, it will be more serious the next time around. In the end, it will lead to being unable to get out of bed. Father Emperor must not look down on this illness. Twisting it, bumping it, catching a cold or lifting heavy things will all cause the illness to flare up. It’s very hard to heal. Also, once it has been injured, unless surgery is performed, it’s very difficult to cure it once and for all.”

When Feng Yu Heng mentioned surgery, the Emperor trembled. Feng Yu Heng’s Hundred Herb Hall had become quite famous, and he had invested quite a bit of money into it. He could be considered a shareholder, but he never saw this girl give him his share. But in regards to the word “surgery,” he was already very understanding. He already understood what surgery meant. Upon hearing that he would also need surgery, wave after wave of cold sweat appeared, “Cutting open the flesh and reaching into the muscles then sewing it closed after everything is completed.” This was the Emperor’s understanding of surgery. He asked Feng Yu Heng, “Can you choose a different method for Us?”

“Is Father Emperor afraid?” Feng Yu Heng sat at the side of the imperial bed and asked him with a smile.

The Emperor had wanted to put on a strong front and say that he was not afraid, but the idea of modern surgery to the ancient people carried a type of horror that he could not simply put a strong front on for. Thus he just mumbled for a bit then helplessly nodded. He then negotiated with Feng Yu Heng: “Can you not cut through the flesh?”

Feng Yu Heng told him: “If you want to avoid going through that suffering, you need to take good care of yourself from this day forward. You can’t do rigorous exercise. No matter what you do, you can’t move too fast. Even the act of standing up and sitting down, you need to do it slowly and can’t rush. There’s no other option with this sort of illness. Aside from slowly recovering, there is only surgery. Since you have chosen recovery, you need to listen to A-Heng’s words. Do you understand?” She asked the Emperor as if she was coaxing a young child. Seeing the Emperor nod his head, she felt at ease. She then stood up and personally performed acupuncture or the Emperor, which finally alleviated his pain.

Seeing that the Emperor was about to fall asleep while laying on his belly, Feng Yu Heng did not continue to remain. She gave Zhang Yuan some medical plasters and some medicine to ward off cerebro and cardiovascular diseases. After telling him how they should be taken, she relaxed and left Heavenly Hall.

Wang Chuan had accompanied her into the palace. When the two exited Heavenly Hall, Wang Chuan reminded her: “It was one of Imperial Concubine Yun’s servants that informed Young Miss to enter the palace. Now that Young Miss has finished with your work, you should be going to Winter Moon Palace to say a few words.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Naturally, with His Highness the ninth prince away from the capital, I have also been busy with things on the outside and have not had much time to come into the palace to accompany her. I really have been neglectful as a daughter-in-law.”

Wang Chuan said to her: “There’s no need for Young Miss to blame yourself. First, you are already different from the other young misses. You also have more things to take care of, and the burden that you are shouldering is not something others can compare to. Also, Imperial Concubine Yun is a person that likes the quiet and does not like having people frequently going into the palace to disturb her.”

“But based on what the people in Winter Moon Palace have told me, they told me to accompany her when I get the chance.” Feng Yu Heng’s voice carried a tone of self-blame, “I already promised them, but as soon as I leave the palace, all sorts of things keep popping up, and I can’t even avoid them nor push them off. Just thinking about it is annoying.”

While the two talked, they quickly walked toward Winter Moon Palace. When they turned onto a small path to the Winter Moon Palace they saw a figure standing and facing Winter Moon Palace. That figure belonged to a woman and was dressed in palace clothes. It looked like it was one of the imperial concubines.

Feng Yu Heng squinted her eyes and looked for a while then said in confusion: “Why would she be here?”

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