Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife Chapter 762: Feng Yu Heng’s Hundred Herb Hospital


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Feng Yu Heng’s Hundred Herb Hospital

Feng Zhao Lian’s words caused Fen Dai to realize that the other side knew where Feng Jin Yuan was, thus she urgently asked: “What do you know? Speak quickly, where exactly is my father?”

Feng Zhao Lian glanced at her then shrugged with a smile. He thought to himself that this little girl really was still young. Previously, she had used the seventh prince to try and get him to be unhappy with Xiang Rong. Before the warm feelings could even dissipate, she herself expressed her displeasure. If it was not for Feng Yu Heng entrusting him with this matter, he really could not be bothered to speak with this girl, but since he had already come, he would cause Feng Fen Dai a bit more vexation. It was almost the new year, thus he would treat it as giving her a gift.

“Fourth Young Miss Feng returned to the capital before I did. What is it, you’re even less clear on the situation than I am?” Feng Zhao Lian fiddled with his fingernails while asking Fen Dai: “During the time of a Winter Hunt, Feng Jin Yuan was not the only person to go missing. Do you know who the other person is?”

Feng Fen Dai frowned, “You’re talking about Yao shi?” She had also heard about this, but she did not think much of it, “How is her disappearance related to my father?”

“Oh!” Feng Zhao Lian laughed, “It’s very related! Feng Jin Yuan and Yao shi were once a married couple. The two even had a son and a daughter together. Now that Yao shi has repeatedly said that she has found her real daughter, parading around some fake as the real young miss. Based on what I know, it’s not just Feng Jin Yuan and Yao shi that have gone missing. Even the fake Feng family’s second young miss has also disappeared. Think about it, the disappearance involves all three members of the family. How could it be considered a disappearance. It’s clear that they went to enjoy the happiness of family.”

“Nonsense!” Fen Dai shrieked, “How could those three get together? What family happiness is there to think of? Where do those familial bonds come from?”

“Young Miss Feng, don’t panic!” Feng Zhao Lian slowly spoke, “I will tell you like this. In regards to the disappearance of the three, I heard a bit of information. Of course, where Feng Jin Yuan and Yao shi have gone, I do not know, but the fake young miss has truly gone toward the South. Also, this was arranged by Noble Lady Yuan. You know about Noble Lady Yuan, right? The former Imperial Concubine Yuan Shu and the eighth prince’s birth mother. The eighth prince has been stationed in the South, and Noble Lady Yuan intends to have her son and that fake young miss enjoy a long life together, thus she happily sent the fake young miss down to the South. And it’s at this critical juncture that the one playing the father, Feng Jin Yuan, and the one playing the mother, Yao shi, also disappeared. Young Miss Feng, even if you used your toes to think about it, you should be able to understand the situation, right? Put plainly, the fake young miss intends to turn the pretend family into a real one, and she has the ambition to curry favor with those in power. As for Yao shi, she would naturally support the daughter that she has acknowledged. As for your father, Feng Jin Yuan, are you still not able to understand at this time? It’s natural that he’s chosen the eighth prince as a pillar of support, and he would rather perform in this play as a part of a happy family of three.”

While he spoke, he looked toward Feng Fen Dai. Although there were some things that he still had not revealed, Feng Fen Dai would not be so stupid as to believe that her father would obtain some benefits just by currying favor with the eighth prince. She was still able to remember that she would be marrying the fifth prince. Feng Jin Yuan doing this, what would be the end result?

“Ah!” Suddenly, Wu Li Sheng reacted, “Then isn’t that to say that Fu Ya will become the Feng family’s real second young miss? And she will become the young miss of the first wife?”

Feng Zhao Lian nodded, “Naturally.”

Feng Fen Dai finally collapsed, as she was completely dazed in place. She could neither stand nor sit, as she just bounced and paced around the middle of the hall. She was like a crazy person, and she did not even know when Feng Zhao Lian and Wu Li Sheng had left. At this moment, there was only one thought in her mind: She could not defeat Feng Yu Heng! Regardless of whether it was the real Feng Yu Heng or the fake Feng Yu Heng, she could not defeat either!

But how could it be like this? She was supporting this family on her own power, and she had provided the family’s servants with their salaries, and she provided money for the family to eat. Not only was Feng Jin Yuan not grateful to her, he actually went to pretend to be a family with a fake daughter while ignoring his real daughter. It had to be known that this real daughter was also engaged to a prince! She would also be the official princess! That old bastard Feng Jin Yuan, what exactly was going through his mind? In the past, he had helped the third prince, and now he was going to help the eighth prince. She, Feng Fen Dai, had never been looked upon fondly by that father in her entire life. Even now when she was having a rapid rise to success, she was nothing more than a daughter of a concubine that could not be brought into the spotlight to that father.

Fen Dai angrily sat on the ground and willfully refused to get up, despite He Zhong’s advice until a maidservant went to support her, saying: “Young Miss, the young master was carried away by a hidden guard. They said that it will not be carried back from this day forward.”

Feng Fen Dai finally let out a cold laugh, but the laugh caused those that heard it to tremble. It really was quite extreme. “It’s good if it’s been carried away. From this day forward, the residence will be quiet.” She told He Zhong, “Go prepare the carriage. I will be going out.”

Fen Dai stood up and went to change her clothes. With a resolute expression, she exited the residence and went straight toward the Li Palace. When she arrived, the fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan was listening to a secret report. The contents of this secret report were also related to Feng Jin Yuan and Yao shi. Even for a prince that had never had any aspirations for the throne, he could not help but become furious from hearing about it. But before he could become furious, the housekeeper had led in the furious Feng Fen Dai. Xuan Tian Yan was given a fright and quickly had his guard leave. He thought that he absolutely had to make sure that Feng Fen Dai did not know about Feng Jin Yuan’s movements; otherwise, who knew how angry this girl would get.

Unfortunately, his thoughts were good, but he was a step too late. When Feng Fen Dai set foot inside the study, the first thing that she did was loudly shout: “Xuan Tian Yan! I’ll ask you, what methods do you have to take back the Feng family’s residence?”

Xuan Tian Yan was given a fright and asked in a confused tone: “Why would it be taken back? If it’s taken back, where would you live?”

“There’s no need to worry about anyone else. You just need to worry about me. If I don’t have anywhere to live, just give me a new place to live. Either way, the members of the Feng family must not be allowed to live there! If Feng Jin Yuan has the ability, just have him never return to the capital. Otherwise, I will definitely leave him without a home to return to!” Fen Dai gnashed her teeth and said: “Also, immediately send someone to the South. I’ll tell you that that old bastard Feng Jin Yuan has gone to the South with Yao shi. It was for the sake of supporting that Fu Ya as the real Feng family’s second daughter. After that, she will be given to His Highness the eighth prince. From there, she will marry His Highness the eighth prince as Feng Yu Heng. This scheme definitely cannot be allowed to succeed. Do you understand?”

Xuan Tian Yan’s heart chilled from hearing this. He desperately asked Fen Dai who had told her, but Fen Dai would not tell. She just repeatedly emphasized that she wanted to move out, the current residence had to be taken back, and that people had to be sent to the South to kill Feng Jin Yuan to settle all problems. Xuan Tian Yan understood that based on Fen Dai’s personality, Feng Jin Yuan doing this sort of thing was the same as poking her reverse scale, and there was nothing that could be done to be forgiven. “But that residence was given to Feng Jin Yuan. The deed is already in Feng Jin Yuan’s name. To take it back, unless we cancel the engagement and the marriage is canceled, this deal between him and myself must be honored. Do you feel that this…”

“Just dream on!” Feng Fen Dai’s eyes became fierce, “Xuan Tian Yan, stop thinking of using this sort of excuse to try and cancel this engagement!”

Xuan Tian Yan smiled bitterly, “Who said that I want to cancel it? Even if you agreed to that, I would not. Forget it, I still have an empty residence in my name. Later on, I will have someone to go and tidy it up. You can move into it today. You can bring the Feng family’s servants if you want. If you don’t, just give them the money and have them leave. Without anyone to pay them their salary, they will not stay. Without any servants to take care of it, gradually, it will become uninhabitable. Just ignore it. In the end, I will only concern myself with you alone. As for anything else, I can’t be bothered.”

Fen Dai nodded, “That’s also fine. Then it will be handled like that. Don’t forget to send someone South. If you don’t take care of this, I will think of a way to get it done. Xuan Tian Yan, I definitely will not allow anyone to get in my way, not even my father. Even if he is my father, I will cleanly get rid of him from this world.”

Feng Fen Dai had become savage, and Xuan Tian Yan felt that Feng Jin Yuan had gone too far this time. He really did send people to the South. When Feng Fen Dai left, an aide in the palace asked: “Has my Lord truly decided to go down the path chosen by Young Miss Feng?”

Xuan Tian Yan was startled, “What path?” He then reacted and waved his hand, “No, this prince is not sending people to the South because this prince wants the throne. Instead, it’s because that Feng Jin Yuan definitely cannot be allowed to mess around like this. With a fake imperial daughter going over and bringing along her father and mother, the court in the South will very quickly parade around the fact that Imperial Daughter Ji An has canceled her engagement with the ninth prince and has turned around to choose the eighth prince. If this was anyone else, it would be fine, but Imperial Daughter Ji An is a pillar of support for Da Shun. Her medical abilities are unmatched, and her steel production has allowed Da Shun to obtain the best weapons in the world. With this sort of person supporting the eighth prince, the situation in court will also become chaotic. This prince definitely does not want to see a perfectly fine country become like that. Moreover… Old Eighth is a person that is far worse than Old Third. Once he is in an advantageous position, it is not a good thing for any prince.”

The aide also let out a sigh of relief upon hearing him say this. He finally found that his prince had not been led by the nose by a woman, and that woman was one that did not have a brain; otherwise, the road ahead would be bleak.

Han shi’s child was carried back to Feng Yu Heng by the hidden guard, and she was told about all of the people that took care of it being chased out by Feng Fen Dai. Feng Yu Heng did not say anything, only calling Wang Chuan to receive the child. Of course, she could not keep this child in the imperial daughter’s manor. It just so happened that she was preparing to head over to the Hundred Herb Hall, thus she brought the child along.

The Hundred Herb Hall in the capital had been expanded numerous times, and it was already nearly ten times larger than it was at first. Half of the shops on the street had been obtained by Wang Lin, including the upper stories. They all became part of Hundred Herb Hall. At present, the entirety of Hundred Herb Hall’s second floor had become a place for patients that needed to be hospitalized. This was founded after Feng Yu Heng had told them about the effects of hospitalization. It would allow for those more seriously ill to be observed. At the same time, there were many departments opened up on the first floor, including registration, payment, triage, examination rooms, a pharmacy, everything was changed to match a modern hospital. The current Hundred Herb Hall had already completed setting up its medical system. The citizens of the capital had become more accustomed to it, despite not understanding it at all at the beginning. Especially the hospitalization department on the second floor, the people thought at first that it was a waste without anyone living up there, but within a few days, the second floor was already filled with people. There were many people that could not get a spot and would need to line up each day.

At present, Feng Yu Heng stood in front of Hundred Herb Hall’s entrance and looked at the results of her own efforts. She could not stop herself from smiling brightly.

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